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Louise Penny

Autor(a) de Still Life

Inclui os nomes: Louis Penny, Louise Penny, by Louise Penny

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Louise Penny was born in Toronto, Canada in 1958. She earned a Bachelor of Applied Arts (Radio and Television) from Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now Ryerson University) in 1979. Before she turned to writing mystery novels in 2004, she was a journalist and radio host for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in various cities across Canada for 25 years. She writes the Chief Inspector Gamache Novel series. She has won numerous awards including the New Blood Dagger, Arthur Ellis, Barry, Anthony, and Dilys awards for Still Life and the 2007 Agatha Award for Best Novel for A Fatal Grace. Louise's title, The Long Way Home, made the Hot Mystery Title's List for Summer 2014. Her titles The Nature of the Beast made The New York Times best seller list in 2015 and A Great Reckoning made The New York Times best seller list in 2016. (Bowker Author Biography) — biography from Still Life… (mais)
Still Life 6,370 exemplares, 411 críticas
A Fatal Grace 3,837 exemplares, 219 críticas
The Cruellest Month 3,146 exemplares, 186 críticas
The Brutal Telling 3,018 exemplares, 266 críticas
A Rule Against Murder 2,903 exemplares, 156 críticas
Bury Your Dead 2,826 exemplares, 213 críticas
The Beautiful Mystery 2,683 exemplares, 187 críticas
A Trick of the Light 2,526 exemplares, 152 críticas
How the Light Gets In 2,502 exemplares, 164 críticas
The Long Way Home 2,067 exemplares, 127 críticas
A Great Reckoning 2,044 exemplares, 120 críticas
Glass Houses 2,019 exemplares, 118 críticas
The Nature of the Beast 1,984 exemplares, 118 críticas
Kingdom of the Blind 1,796 exemplares, 95 críticas
A Better Man 1,557 exemplares, 90 críticas
All the Devils Are Here 1,472 exemplares, 89 críticas
The Madness of Crowds 1,272 exemplares, 74 críticas
State of Terror 1,261 exemplares, 81 críticas
A World of Curiosities 941 exemplares, 49 críticas
The Hangman 660 exemplares, 42 críticas
The Best American Mystery Stories 2018 (Editor) 94 exemplares, 3 críticas
Still Life (#1) 2 exemplares
Sem título 1 exemplar
Still Life 1 exemplar
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Introdução, algumas edições) 9,461 exemplares, 303 críticas
Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery [2013 film] (Original novel) 9 exemplares
State of Terror / Never (Contribuidor) 1 exemplar

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I'd like to tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Toronto in 1958 and became a journalist and radio host with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, specializing in hard news and current affairs. My first job was in Toronto and then moved to Thunder Bay at the far tip of Lake Superior, in Ontario. It was a great place to learn the art and craft of radio and interviewing, and listening. That was the key. A good interviewer rarely speaks, she listens. Closely and carefully. I think the same is true of writers.

From Thunder Bay I moved to Winnipeg to produce documentaries and host the CBC afternoon show. It was a hugely creative time with amazingly creative people. But I decided I needed to host a morning show, and so accepted a job in Quebec City. The advantage of a morning show is that it has the largest audience, the disadvantage is having to rise at 4am.

But Quebec City offered other advantages that far outweighed the ungodly hour. It's staggeringly beautiful and almost totally French and I wanted to learn. Within weeks I'd called Quebecers 'good pumpkins', ordered flaming mice in a restaurant, for dessert naturally, and asked a taxi driver to 'take me to the war, please.' He turned around and asked 'Which war exactly, Madame?' Fortunately elegant and venerable Quebec City has a very tolerant and gentle nature and simply smiled at me.

From there the job took me to Montreal, where I ended my career on CBC Radio's noon programme.

In my mid-thirties the most remarkable thing happened. I fell in love with Michael, the head of hematology at the Montreal Children's Hospital. He'd go on to hold the first named chair in pediatric hematology in Canada, something I take full credit for, out of his hearing.

It's an amazing and blessed thing to find love later in life. It was my first marriage and his second. He'd lost his first wife to cancer a few years earlier and that had just about killed him. Sad and grieving we met and began a gentle and tentative courtship, both of us slightly fearful, but overcome with the rightness of it. And overcome with gratitude that this should happen to us and deeply grateful to the family and friends who supported us.

Eleven years later we live in an old United Empire Loyalist brick home in the country, surrounded by maple woods and mountains and smelly dogs.

There are times when I'm in tears writing. Not because I'm so moved by my own writing, but out of gratitude that I get to do this. In my life as a journalist I covered deaths and accidents and horrible events, as well as the quieter disasters of despair and poverty. Now, every morning I go to my office, put the coffee on, fire up the computer and visit my imaginary friends, Gamache and Beauvoir and Clara and Peter. What a privilege it is to write. I hope you enjoy reading the books as much as I enjoy writing them.
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