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I was a huge fan of Selena when I was growing up. I was only five when she passed away. When I found out Chris had written their story I knew I had to read it, I decided to read the book in Spanish because I knew that a true love story like theirs needed to be in Spanish. When I read it, there was parts where I cried and parts when I realized that Selena was an actual person not just my favorite singer. It was a great insight to reading Chris' side of the story. I felt like I got to know Selena on a far more personal level. It was amazing to read just how much he loved her and their life together. This is a great read for Selena fans and if you can read it in Spanish. There are words in english that can't explain feelings like they can in Spanish.
tina_thebookworm | 1 outra crítica | Feb 12, 2016 |
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