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Nancy Pickard is best known for her Jenny Cain mysteries. Her first novel was "Generous Death", and she began writing the culinary adventures of Mrs. Potter when the creator of the character, Virginia Rich, passed away in the mid 1980's. Rich's husband found a box of notes and newspaper clippings mostrar mais that were related to books that Virginia had hoped to write and they included a few first drafts of chapters. Pickard's relationship began with Rich when, as a fan, she wrote a letter to her after finishing "The Cooking School Murders." They were both mystery writers married to cattle ranchers. After her death, Rich's husband wanted to find another writer to continue Virginia's work, which eventually led to Pickard. The unfinished manuscript for "The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders" was continued by Pickard and published in 1993. Before her death, Rich wrote "The Cooking School Murders" (1982), The Baked Bean Supper Murders" (1983), and The Nantucket Diet Murders" (1985). The other Eugenia Potter novels written by Pickard were "The Blue Corn Murders," which turned the character Mrs. Potter into a more vigorous older woman, followed by "The Secret Ingredient Murders." Pickard is the past president of Sisters in Crime and received the Anthony, Macavity and Agatha awards for five of the ten novels in her popular Jenny Cain series. She was also a two-time Edgar Award nominee and a winner of the American Mystery Award. (Bowker Author Biography) Virginia Rich and her heroine, Eugenia Potter, were beloved by mystery fans for years. Now Nancy Pickard, the Edgar-nominated author of the Jenny Cain series, has taken up the mantle. A great fan of Mrs. Rich, Nancy Pickard is the co-author of The 27-Ingredient Chili Con Carne Murders and the author of The Blue Corn Murders. (Publisher Provided) Nancy Pickard lives in Kansas with her family. "Ring of Truth" is the second Marie Lightfoot novel. (Publisher Provided) mostrar menos
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Obras por Nancy Pickard

The Scent of Rain and Lightning (2010) 1,045 exemplares
The Virgin of Small Plains (2007) 821 exemplares
The Whole Truth (2000) 269 exemplares
Generous Death (1984) 254 exemplares
I.O.U. (1991) 241 exemplares
But I Wouldn't Want to Die There (1993) 235 exemplares
Twilight (1995) 230 exemplares
Confession (1994) 226 exemplares
The Blue Corn Murders (1998) 222 exemplares
Bum Steer (1989) 222 exemplares
Marriage is Murder (1987) 215 exemplares
Dead Crazy (1988) 202 exemplares
No Body (1986) 193 exemplares
Say No to Murder (1985) 184 exemplares
The Secret Ingredient Murders (2001) 168 exemplares
Ring of Truth (2001) 167 exemplares
The Truth Hurts (2002) 141 exemplares
Malice Domestic 3 (1994) — Editor & Introduction — 73 exemplares
Mom, Apple Pie and Murder (2000) — Editor — 60 exemplares
The First Lady Murders (1999) 43 exemplares
Storm Warnings (1999) 22 exemplares
Afraid All the Time (1992) 8 exemplares
It Had To Be You 1 exemplar
Afraid of the Dark 1 exemplar
Pocket 1 exemplar
Cinayetin Sifresi (2016) 1 exemplar
Noodweer 1 exemplar
[No title] 1 exemplar
Jenny et le vandale (1999) 1 exemplar
Trois morts pour Jenny (1998) 1 exemplar
Bigger Better Braver (2020) 1 exemplar
Firtina Kokusu (2012) 1 exemplar
The Whole Trith 1 exemplar

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Sisters in Crime (Past president)

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Nancy Pickard, creator of the acclaimed Jenny Cain mystery series, won the Anthony Award for Say No to Murder, a Macavity Award for Marriage is Murder, and two Agatha Awards for Best Novel, for Bum Steer (1990) and I.O.U. (1991). A former reporter and editor, she is a past president of Sisters in Crime. She splits her time between Kansas and Florida.



A Marie Lightfoot novel. We learn the truths of two murders- one of a girl on her first night in her own apt and the second of the wife of a minister. Good read.
bentstoker | 2 outras críticas | Jan 26, 2024 |
6yr old found hanging from a bridge in Bahia, FL. The murderer turns out to be a victim himself who was taken when he was six and sexually abused. Good read.
bentstoker | Jan 26, 2024 |
Real crime writer must write a book about her own murder and try to find her killer before she dies. Suspenseful.
bentstoker | 1 outra crítica | Jan 26, 2024 |
Pretty good. Story of family whose son was murdered and D-I-L goes missing leaving a 3 yr old to raise. A story of beliefs and redemption.
bentstoker | Jan 26, 2024 |



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