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Marianne de Pierres was born in 1961 in Australia. She is a science fiction author. She did her undergraduate studies at Curtin University in Perth and later studied a Postgraduate Certificate of Arts in Writing, Editing and Publishing at the University of Queensland. She has been actively involved mostrar mais in promoting Speculative Fiction in Australia and is the co-founder of the Vision Writers Group, and ROR wRiters on the Rise, a critiquing group for professional writers. In 2004, her series of novels with the protagonist Parrish Plessis,[2] a postapocalyptic bodyguard and bounty hunter, was published in the United Kingdom through Orbit Books .The novels in this series include Nylon Angel, Code Noir, and Crash Deluxe and have been adapted into a role-playing game.[3][4] Her second series, Sentients of Orion comprises four books: Dark Space, Chaos Space, Mirror Space and Transformation Space, published in the United Kingdom through Orbit Books.[5] Transformation Space won an Aurealis Award for Best SF novel in 2011. In 2014, Angry Robot Books published her Peacemaker urban fantasy, crime, Western series. Her title Peacemaker won the Aurealis Award in 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Image credit: Marianne de Pierres (photo by Amanda Greenslade, 2007) By Photo by Amanda Greenslade, www.AmandaGreenslade.com - Photo by Amanda Greenslade, [1], CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5327401


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Nylon Angel (2004) 401 exemplares
Code Noir (2004) 248 exemplares
Dark Space (2006) 218 exemplares
Crash Deluxe (2005) 164 exemplares
Burn Bright (2011) 121 exemplares
Sharp Shooter (2016) 89 exemplares
Chaos Space (2008) 79 exemplares
Peacemaker (2014) 72 exemplares
Sharp Turn (2016) 59 exemplares
Mirror Space (2009) 55 exemplares
Angel Arias (2011) 51 exemplares
Transformation Space (2010) 48 exemplares
Shine Light (2012) 33 exemplares
Mythmaker: Peacemaker #2 (2015) 27 exemplares
Glitter Rose (2010) 22 exemplares
Too Sharp (2012) 14 exemplares
Sharp Edge (2017) 5 exemplares
Big Rad (2019) 3 exemplares
Nikei Love 2 exemplares
Serious Sas & Messy Magda (2013) 2 exemplares
The Cure 1 exemplar
The Flag Game 1 exemplar
Transformation 1 exemplar
Glimmer-by-Dark 1 exemplar

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Shelf Life: Fantastic Stories Celebrating Bookstores (2002) — Contribuidor — 248 exemplares
Periphery: Erotic Lesbian Futures (2008) — Contribuidor — 30 exemplares
Agog! Fantastic Fiction (2002) — Contribuidor — 24 exemplares
Forever Shores (2003) — Contribuidor — 20 exemplares
Agog! Smashing Stories (2004) — Contribuidor — 18 exemplares
Agog! Terrific Tales (2003) — Contribuidor — 17 exemplares
One Small Step: An Anthology of Discoveries (2013) — Contribuidor — 16 exemplares
Relics, Wrecks and Ruins (2021) — Contribuidor — 7 exemplares
Insert Title Here (2015) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares
Australis imaginarium (2010) — Contribuidor — 3 exemplares


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Naif has spent her whole life following the rules, restricted in her thoughts and actions. All that changed however during her stay on Ixion, she changed, but she was not the only one. Not only had she discovered freedom on Ixion, she had discovered a horrifying secret. But to uncover its meaning she first has to discover the link that exists between Ixion and Grave. Only then will she find the truth behind the Night Creatures.

Torn between a her greatest fear and a desire to save those she loves, Naif finds herself back in the place where she grew up and, like herself, nothing is the same. With only two days to find a way to stop a war, save her friends and discover a pirates traitor, Naif goes deep undercover and underground as she uncovers more then she ever bargained for. But discovering the truth is just the start, what she does with that truth with change her world.

Angel Arias sing out through the air waves calling to all who are lost, restless or looking for escape. With an ever present threat of danger, non stop action and endless excitement is found new horrors and tragic revelations. Grave robbing, secret meetings, alliances, betrayals and constant threats from wardens are just the beginning in a tale that continues to impress and capture those who are drawn to the dark.
… (mais)
LarissaBookGirl | 3 outras críticas | Aug 2, 2021 |
"Cuando el infierno se llene, los muertos caminarán sobre la tierra".
Dawn of the Dead, 1978

¿Qué sucedería si un día al levantarse descubrieses que la civilización se está cayendo en pedazos?
Aido2021 | 12 outras críticas | Apr 10, 2021 |
Holy fuck! The sentence structure. And punctuation. I! can't! take! it! any! longer!

Yes, that's kind of an example of how bad it is.
apotheon | 12 outras críticas | Dec 14, 2020 |



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