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Jean Plaidy was a British writer who wrote under various pen names. Her real name is Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert. She was born in London on September 1, 1906. Most of the books written as Jean Plaidy are historical romances based on English history featuring historical figures. The first, Beyond mostrar mais the Blue Mountains, was published in 1947. Hibbert also wrote five nonfiction histories and two children's books. Besides Jean Plaidy, Hibbert wrote under Victoria Holt, Phillipa Carr, Elbur Ford, Kathleen Kellow, Ellalice Tate, and her maiden name, Eleanor Burford. Hibbert died on January 18, 1993. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

Inclui os nomes: V Holt, J Plaidy, Jan Plaidy, Elbur Ford, Jean Plaidy, Jean Plaidy, Jean Plaidy, Victoria Hot, Phiippa Carr, Jeasn Plaidy, Phillipa Carr, Philippa Carr, Carr Phillipa, Carr Philippa, Anna Percival, Ellalice Tate, Phillippa Carr, Victória Holt, Vicotoria Holt, PHILLIPA CARRIS, Kathleen Kellow, Eleanor Burford, Eleanor Hibbert, Miss Jean Plaidy, Phiippa Carr Carr, pseud. Jean Plaidy, Victoria (P. Carr), Pseud.. Victoria Holt, Eleanor Alice Hibbert, Hibbert; Eleanor Burford, Jean Plaidy (Victoria Holt), Jean Plaidy = Victoria Holt, Victoria Carr Philippa; Holt, philippa (victoria holt carr, victoria Philippa; holt Carr, Philippa Carr (Victoria Holt), Victoria Holt aka Jean Plaidy, Jean Plaidy aka Victoria Holt, Jean AKA Victoria Holt Plaidy, Jean Plaidy aka Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy aka Eleanor Hibbert, Jean aka Eleanor Hibbert Plaidy, Jear (aka Victoria Holt) Plaidy, Carr Philippa und Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy aka Eleanor Hibbert, Philippa Carr aka Victoria Holt, Carr Phillippa und Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr aka Eleanor Hibbert, Victoria Holt aka Eleanor Hibbert, Philippa Carr (aka Victoria Holt), Victoria Holt -Philiippa Carr Pseud., Jean Plaidy who is also Victoria Holt, Jean Plaidy who is also Victoria Holt, Victoria Holt writing as Philippa Carr, who is also Victoria Holt Jean Plaaidy, Philippa Carr;Victoria Holt;Jean Plaidy, Philippa Carr who is also Victoria Holt, psevd. for Eleanor Hibbert Victoria Holt, Philippa Carr Holt, Jean Plaidy Victoria, Jean Plaidy (pseudonym for Victoria Holt), Victoria; Carr Jean; Holt Plaidy, Philippa, Philippa; Holt Jean; Carr Plaidy, Victoria, Eleanor Alice - Holt Victo Philippa [Hibbert Carr, Victoria Holt; Philippa Carr; Unknown-Jean Plaidy, Jean; Carr Victoria; Plaidy Holt, Philippa; Hibbe, Jean Plaidy~Victoria Holt~Philippa Carr~Eleanor Hi, Victoria (Also writes as Jean Plaidy Holt, and Philippa Carr. Pseudonym of Elea

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(spa) Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert comenzó firmando sus novelas como Eleanor Burford (su nombre de soltera), y es más conocida como Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt y Philippa Carr. Ella también escribió como Kathleen Kellow, Elbur Ford, Ellalice Tate, y Anna Percival. (Algunas de sus novelas han sido publicadas bajo diferentes títulos y seudónimos)

(eng) Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert was a British writer who began her career signing as Eleanor Burford (her maiden name), and is well-known as Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr. She also wrote under the pseudonyms Kathleen Kellow, Elbur Ford, Ellalice Tate, and Anna Percival. Some of her novels were later re-published under different pseudonyms or titles.


Obras por Jean Plaidy

Mistress of Mellyn (1960) 885 exemplares
The Lady in the Tower (1986) 679 exemplares
On the Night of the Seventh Moon (1972) 666 exemplares
The India Fan (1988) 623 exemplares
The Shivering Sands (1969) 585 exemplares
Bride of Pendorric (1963) 556 exemplares
The Black Opal (1993) 541 exemplares
The Rose Without a Thorn (1993) 528 exemplares
Lord of the Far Island (1975) 525 exemplares
The Pride of the Peacock (1976) 507 exemplares
The Thistle and the Rose (1963) 506 exemplares
The Captive (1989) 496 exemplares
The Sixth Wife (1953) 492 exemplares
The House of a Thousand Lanterns (1974) 479 exemplares
Mary, Queen of France (1964) 473 exemplares
Silk Vendetta (1987) 458 exemplares
My Enemy the Queen (1978) 454 exemplares
The Devil on Horseback (1977) 451 exemplares
Menfreya in the Morning (1966) 445 exemplares
The Time of the Hunter's Moon (1983) 443 exemplares
Queen of This Realm (1984) 433 exemplares
The Secret Woman (1970) 431 exemplares
The Road to Paradise Island (1985) 426 exemplares
Curse of the Kings (1973) 415 exemplares
Legend of the Seventh Virgin (1964) 414 exemplares
The Landower Legacy (1984) 409 exemplares
Royal Road to Fotheringhay (1955) 401 exemplares
Snare of Serpents (1990) 396 exemplares
The Queen's Confession (1968) 396 exemplares
Seven for a Secret (1992) 392 exemplares
King of the Castle (1967) 391 exemplares
The Judas Kiss (1981) 386 exemplares
The Mask of the Enchantress (1980) 383 exemplares
The Shadow of the Lynx (1971) 373 exemplares
Katharine of Aragon (1968) 372 exemplares
The Spring of the Tiger (1979) 371 exemplares
The Demon Lover (1982) 350 exemplares
Kirkland Revels (1962) 345 exemplares
Secret for a Nightingale (1986) 341 exemplares
Daughter of Deceit (1991) 336 exemplares
The Plantagenet Prelude (1976) 321 exemplares
The Captive Queen of Scots (1963) 306 exemplares
The Queen's Secret (1989) 295 exemplares
Madame Serpent (1951) 242 exemplares
Myself My Enemy (1983) 240 exemplares
The Miracle at St. Bruno's (1972) 235 exemplares
Gay Lord Robert (1955) 233 exemplares
The Spanish Bridegroom (1954) 226 exemplares
Madonna of the Seven Hills (1958) 219 exemplares
The Revolt of the Eaglets (1977) 214 exemplares
Katharine the Virgin Widow (1961) 213 exemplares
The Shadow of the Pomegranate (1962) 213 exemplares
The Italian Woman (1952) 198 exemplares
The King's Secret Matter (1962) 192 exemplares
The Bastard King (1974) 187 exemplares
Light on Lucrezia (1958) 186 exemplares
The Heart of the Lion (1977) 185 exemplares
Queen Jezebel (1953) 182 exemplares
Saraband for Two Sisters (1976) 172 exemplares
Hammer of the Scots (1979) 171 exemplares
The Queen from Provence (1979) 171 exemplares
The Battle of the Queens (1978) 170 exemplares
The Captive of Kensington Palace (1972) 170 exemplares
Lament for a Lost Lover (1977) 161 exemplares
The Prince of Darkness (1978) 159 exemplares
The Love Child (1978) 154 exemplares
The Black Swan (1990) 150 exemplares
Castile for Isabella (1960) 148 exemplares
The Changeling (1989) 147 exemplares
The Lion of Justice (1975) 147 exemplares
The Witch from the Sea (1975) 141 exemplares
The Lion Triumphant (1973) 139 exemplares
The Vow on the Heron (1980) 137 exemplares
The Follies of the King (1980) 136 exemplares
Daughters of Spain (1961) 131 exemplares
The Goldsmith's Wife (1950) 131 exemplares
The Passionate Enemies (1976) 127 exemplares
Daughters of England (1995) 125 exemplares
The Queen's Husband (1973) 122 exemplares
The Queen and Lord M (1973) 121 exemplares
The Pool of St. Branok (1987) 118 exemplares
Louis the Well-Beloved (1959) 115 exemplares
The Three Crowns (1965) 115 exemplares
Passage to Pontefract (1981) 114 exemplares
The Sun in Splendour (1982) 114 exemplares
We'll Meet Again (1993) 114 exemplares
The Star of Lancaster (1981) 112 exemplares
The Gossamer Cord (1992) 112 exemplares
The Song of the Siren (1980) 110 exemplares
Queen in Waiting (1967) 108 exemplares
A Health unto His Majesty (1956) 107 exemplares
Voices in a Haunted Room (1984) 106 exemplares
Epitaph for Three Women (1981) 106 exemplares
Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (1957) 105 exemplares
The Wandering Prince (1956) 104 exemplares
Caroline, the Queen (1968) 104 exemplares
The Queen's Favourites (1966) 102 exemplares
A Time for Silence (1991) 100 exemplares
Red Rose of Anjou (1982) 99 exemplares
Beyond the Blue Mountains (1947) 99 exemplares
The Adulteress (1982) 98 exemplares
Spain for the Sovereigns (1960) 97 exemplares
The Princess of Celle (1967) 96 exemplares
The Widow of Windsor (1974) 95 exemplares
The Road to Compiègne (1959) 94 exemplares
Will You Love Me in September (1981) 90 exemplares
The Prince and the Quakeress (1968) 90 exemplares
The Third George (1969) 88 exemplares
Victoria in the Wings (1972) 87 exemplares
Indiscretions of the Queen (1970) 85 exemplares
The Return of the Gypsy (1985) 85 exemplares
Knave of Hearts (1983) 82 exemplares
Here Lies Our Sovereign Lord (1957) 80 exemplares
The Regent's Daughter (1971) 80 exemplares
Midsummer's Eve (1986) 77 exemplares
Perdita's Prince (1969) 77 exemplares
Daughter of Satan (1952) 73 exemplares
Goddess of the Green Room (1971) 70 exemplares
Sweet Lass of Richmond Hill (1970) 63 exemplares
It Began in Vauxhall Gardens (1955) 60 exemplares
Evergreen Gallant (1965) 57 exemplares
Lilith (1954) 50 exemplares
Madame du Barry (1959) 44 exemplares
The Scarlet Cloak (1957) 42 exemplares
Defenders of the Faith (1956) 37 exemplares
The Young Elizabeth (1961) 25 exemplares
The Young Mary Queen of Scots (1962) 22 exemplares
The Queen of Diamonds (1958) 22 exemplares
Triptych of Poisoners (1970) 21 exemplares
The Complete Tudors (2010) 13 exemplares
The Last of the Stuarts (1977) 12 exemplares
Milady Charlotte (1959) 11 exemplares
Rochester: The Mad Earl (1957) 7 exemplares
The Bed Disturbed (1952) 6 exemplares
Who's calling? (1962) 5 exemplares
Poison in Pimlico (1950) 3 exemplares
Together They Ride (1945) 3 exemplares
Such bitter business (1953) 2 exemplares
The Landower Legacy, Part I (1986) 2 exemplares
Call of the Blood (1956) 2 exemplares
The Shadow of the Lynx, Part II (1997) 2 exemplares
The Landower Legacy, Part II (1986) 1 exemplar
Hči 1 exemplar
Queen's Confession 1 exemplar
The brides of Lanlory (1960) 1 exemplar
Rooms at Mrs. Oliver's (1952) 1 exemplar
Danse macabre (1952) 1 exemplar
Flesh and the Devil (1950) 1 exemplar
Sreča opoteča 1 exemplar
Otrok ljubezni 1 exemplar
Leave me my love (1953) 1 exemplar
Blaze of Noon (1958) 1 exemplar
Passionate Witness (1941) 1 exemplar
Daughter of Anna (1941) 1 exemplar
VIAJE AL CADALSO (1980) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Six Gothic Tales [Readers Digest Condensed Books] (1979) — Contribuidor — 141 exemplares
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1968 v03 (1968) — Autor — 25 exemplares
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1990 v05 (1990) — Autor — 22 exemplares
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1960 v04 (1960) — Contribuidor — 21 exemplares
Mistress of Mellyn [abridged] (1960) 4 exemplares
The Pride of the Peacock [abridged] (1977) — Autor — 1 exemplar


Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Burford Hibbert, Eleanor Alice
Outros nomes
Burford, Eleanor Alice (birth name)
Carr, Philippa
Ford, Elbur
Holt, Victoria
Kellow, Kathleen
Percival, Anna (mostrar todos 8)
Plaidy, Jean
Tate, Ellalice
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Mediterranean Sea
UK (birth)
País (no mapa)
England, UK
Local de nascimento
Canning Town, London, England, UK
Local de falecimento
Mediterranean Sea
Locais de residência
London, England, UK (birth)
Looe, Cornwall, England, UK
Sandwich, Kent, England, UK
business college
at home
writer of historical romances
Prémios e menções honrosas
Romance Writers of America (Lifetime Achievement Award, 1989)

Fatal error: Call to undefined function isLitsy() in /var/www/html/inc_magicDB.php on line 425
Eleanor Alice Burford was born in London. Her father, Joseph Burford, was a dock worker who passed on his great love of books to his daughter. She was an avid reader from the age of four onwards. In her early twenties, she married a leather merchant, George Percival Hibbert, about 20 years her senior, who also shared her love of books and reading. During World War II, the couple lived in Cornwall, which served as the setting for many of her works. She became one of the preeminent English authors of historical fiction for most of the 20th century. She used eight different pen names during her career and many of her readers never suspected her other identities. Her first romantic suspense novel, Mistress of Mellyn (1961), was published under the name Victoria Holt in order to keep her identity a secret as a publicity stunt – and a very effective one, as the book became an instant bestseller.
Nota de desambiguação
Eleanor Alice Burford Hibbert was a British writer who began her career signing as Eleanor Burford (her maiden name), and is well-known as Jean Plaidy, Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr. She also wrote under the pseudonyms Kathleen Kellow, Elbur Ford, Ellalice Tate, and Anna Percival. Some of her novels were later re-published under different pseudonyms or titles.



British Author Challenge March 2021: Eleanor Hibbert & Vaseem Khan em 75 Books Challenge for 2021 (Dezembro 2021)
Horror , Suspense , mystery .. em Name that Book (Outubro 2016)


It’s been along time since I read a novel by Victoria Holt. This one wasn’t my favorite. The protagonist is Anna Brett and she has a challenging childhood and is basically raised by her spinster aunt who deals with antiques. Anna is somewhat naive and definitely alone. Her only friend turns out to be the other main character in the book, Chantel Loman, the nurse. Chantel is an interesting woman who seems to get whatever she wants. Luckily for Anna, Chantel likes her. The love interest for Anna is Redvers, a married man. Lots of details and descriptions of scenery etc. Anna becomes a bit tiresome and the book drags in places. Definitely a clean story with intrigue and forbidden romance.… (mais)
LuLibro | 8 outras críticas | Jan 22, 2024 |
This wasn't her best story, but it was alright. The author takes a verrrrry sympathetic view of the king, which I just can't bring myself to consider. Henry's flirting with Katherine grossed me right out---him being old enough to be her father and quite bloated and unattractive. There was a lot of repetition in the narrative and dialogue ("troth-plighted"...ugh. So awkward and there are so many other synonyms for being engaged.) I must say though, she jumped right into the story and it grabbed my attention from the very beginning. This won't put me off Plaidy, by any means, but I just wasn't all that impressed with this story.… (mais)
classyhomemaker | 17 outras críticas | Dec 11, 2023 |



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