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Mirjam Pressler was born on June 18, 1940 in Darmstadt, Germany. She is the author of several novels that have won awards in her native Germany and also received high praise from critics after being translated into English. In Malka and Halinka Pressler focuses on young Jewish protagonists who have mostrar mais been forced by fate to endure the Holocaust, while in Shylock's Daughter she returns readers to fifteenth-century Italy as she attempts to answer haunting questions surrounding the motivations of characters in a popular play by William Shakespeare. While receiving notice for her novels, Pressler is most well known for her work revising the diaries of Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank, and she is considered an expert on Franks's life and writings. She made the finalist for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2016 in the author category. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
Image credit: German author and translator Mirjam Pressler and the Israeli author Amos Oz. Mirjam Pressler gets the "price of Leipzig book fair" for her translation of the novel "Judas" by Amos Oz. By Amrei-Marie - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39174206

Obras por Mirjam Pressler

Malka (2001) 297 exemplares
Anne Frank: A Hidden Life (1992) 212 exemplares
Chocolate Amargo (1980) 115 exemplares
Shylock's Daughter (2000) 111 exemplares
Halinka (1994) 101 exemplares
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (2003) 74 exemplares
Nathan und seine Kinder (2009) 30 exemplares
Novemberkatzen (1982) 24 exemplares
Ein Buch für Hanna (2011) 24 exemplares
Stolperschritte (German Edition) (1984) 21 exemplares
Golem stiller Bruder (2007) 18 exemplares
Rosengift. Roman (1955) 14 exemplares
Nun red doch endlich (1983) 12 exemplares
Für Isabel war es Liebe (2002) 11 exemplares
Kratzer im Lack (1981) 10 exemplares
Dunkles Gold: Roman (2019) 8 exemplares
Nickel Vogelpfeifer (1991) 8 exemplares
Guten Morgen, gute Nacht (2005) 7 exemplares
Tanden brengen geluk (1990) 7 exemplares
Leselöwen Omageschichten (1991) 6 exemplares
Katharina y todo lo demás (1989) 5 exemplares
Goethe in der Kiste. (1990) 5 exemplares
Schattentier, tausch mit mir! (2001) 5 exemplares
Zeit am Stiel. ( Ab 14 J.) (1994) 5 exemplares
Spukgeschichten (2004) 4 exemplares
Geschichten von Jessi (1999) 4 exemplares
Ben und Lena gehen zum Arzt (1999) 4 exemplares
Sieben und eine Hex. ( Ab 8 J.) (1998) 4 exemplares
Ben und Lena und das Kätzchen. (1997) 4 exemplares
Jola und Nickel im Verkehr (1998) 3 exemplares
Schlaf gut, Nora. ( Ab 6 J.) (1995) 3 exemplares
Nora ist mal so, mal so (1999) 3 exemplares
Leselöwen-Gutenachtgeschichten (1998) 2 exemplares
Bär Brumm Bär (1992) 2 exemplares
Neues von Jessi (Gulliver) (2000) 2 exemplares
Y por fin habló (1988) 2 exemplares
Amiche (1996) 1 exemplar
Nora in het warenhuis (1995) 1 exemplar
Lass uns zusammen spielen (2007) 1 exemplar
Ben und Lena gehen einkaufen (1998) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

The Diary of a Young Girl (1947) — Editor, algumas edições28,414 exemplares
Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition (1947) — Editor, algumas edições5,777 exemplares
Hana's Suitcase (2002) — Übersetzer, algumas edições1,569 exemplares
Memories of Anne Frank: Reflections of a Childhood Friend (1997) — Tradutor, algumas edições956 exemplares
I Am a Star: Child of the Holocaust (1986) — Tradutor, algumas edições768 exemplares
Judas (2014) — Tradutor, algumas edições738 exemplares
The Kiss That Missed (2002) — Tradutor, algumas edições389 exemplares
The Literary Murder (1991) — Tradutor, algumas edições373 exemplares
Suddenly in the Depths of the Forest (2005) — Tradutor, algumas edições347 exemplares
Murder on a Kibbutz (1991) — Übersetzer, algumas edições336 exemplares
Love Life (1997) — Tradutor, algumas edições274 exemplares
Rhyming Life and Death (2007) — Tradutor, algumas edições266 exemplares
The Diary of Petr Ginz (2004) — Prefácio, algumas edições227 exemplares
Husband and wife (2000) — Tradutor, algumas edições182 exemplares
Katerina (1989) — Tradutor, algumas edições146 exemplares
The House (2009) — Tradutor, algumas edições79 exemplares
De tweede familie (2005) — Tradutor, algumas edições72 exemplares
I Didn't Imagine It Would Be This Way (1994) — Tradutor, algumas edições30 exemplares
Lokalausgabe (1989) — Übersetzer, algumas edições24 exemplares
Of Mice and Men and Short Stories (1937) — Tradutor, algumas edições23 exemplares
Paper Bride (2003) — Tradutor, algumas edições8 exemplares
Mord in der Knesset (1995) — Tradutor, algumas edições3 exemplares
Sandkastengeschichten. Und andere Tag-für- Tag- Geschichten von Hannes und Kati (1988) — Tradutor, algumas edições1 exemplar
Anne Frank, l'intégrale (1947) — Contribuidor, algumas edições1 exemplar


a ler (949) Alemanha (184) Amsterdão (265) Anne Frank (510) Arte e cultura clássicas (412) Autobiografia (1,191) Biografia (1,602) biography-memoir (104) clássico (336) coming of age (132) concentration camps (101) Diário (1,310) Família (150) Ficção (306) Ficção histórica (102) goodreads (100) Guerra (478) história (1,526) histórico (222) Holanda (163) holandês (161) Holocausto (2,627) Israel (115) Jewish (437) journal (127) Judaísmo (170) Judeu (336) lido (399) Literatura (164) Memórias (1,056) Nazis (215) Nazismo (96) Não ficção (2,527) own (121) Países Baixos (364) Romance (171) Segunda Guerra Mundial (2,383) Século XX (222) Ya (211) Ya (106)

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BooksInMirror | 3 outras críticas | Feb 19, 2024 |
Halinka lives in a "home," an orphanage, of sorts, in post-WW2 Germany. Her mother was abusive, but she longs to live with her aunt, whom she describes as loving and wanting to take care of Halinka but can't until she finds a husband. Halinka hesitates to make friends in the home because she believes opening up to people will lead to pain, but she slowly learns that that's not always the case.

This is not exactly a happy story, but it does end on a hopeful upturn. It's well-written, despite Halinka being a little too observant and articulate for her age (a constant issue with middle grade books written in the first person), and the characters are very nicely drawn. I love that certain plot points are left unresolved when resolving them would have made the ending too pat and saccharine. As it stands, the story is perhaps a bit darker than it would have been, but much more realistic and satisfactory. Halinka is a complicated little girl, and I love her for it.… (mais)
electrascaife | 4 outras críticas | Jul 29, 2021 |
lcslibrarian | 3 outras críticas | Aug 13, 2020 |
Die siebzehnjährige Isabel verliebt sich - in Daniela, die mit ihr den Kunst-Leistungskurs besucht.
Fredo68 | May 18, 2020 |



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