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Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy (2013) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares


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Excellent book on the healing properties of fly fishing. The author, a Marine veteran suffering from PTSD, has found his peace in the rivers and streams of the Texas hill country. At times philosophical, at others almost poetical, Ramirez has a very good way of expressing the settings, the environment, and his feelings. It is great to find a kindred soul who has also found a way to deal with his demons through fly fishing.
1Randal | 1 outra crítica | Feb 9, 2021 |
If you don't like philosophical books about fly fishing, this is not the book for you. But then not all fishermen can quote Nietzche. Having lived in the Texas Hill Country for many years, I was very familiar with the locations described in the book, but I visited most of them either hiking or on horseback. I didn't start fishing until I moved out of Travis County, but I have still made fishing trios with my son to Canyon Lake and the Frio River. The COVID social distancing has actually created a surge in fishing as its a good way to get out of the house for a while and enjoy nature.… (mais)
kerryp | 1 outra crítica | Dec 7, 2020 |
Zombies? Check. Drama? Check. Fast-paced thrill ride? Hell, yes!

Steven Ramirez has created a post-apocalyptic landscape full of zombies that has everything The Walking Dead is trying to be. The biggest thing? Realism.

Dave is a great tortured hero who must live with the bad things he's done in his life. While trying to create a new life with his new girl, including an adopted daughter of sorts, Dave beats himself up because he can't be the perfect guy.

But, during a zombie apocalypse happens, you don't perfect, you need kick-ass. And Ramirez gives us this in droves.

So, for this awesome Halloween season, if you are in the mood for zombies, check out this series. You won't regret it.

… (mais)
DanielleDeVor | Feb 17, 2015 |
Revenge of the zombie ex-girlfriend - an instant cult classic

Steven Ramirez brings on a hard-hitting splattergore zombie thriller, told by the ultimate anti-hero, Dave. Dave's not brave, he's not honorable, he's not a muscle-bound MMA fighter or an ex-military sniper. He's a recovering alcoholic, with a past that just won't quit.

The one thing you learn about Dave, he's good with an axe.

Dave had it all going for him, Holly - the perfect wife, a good job at Staples, clean and sober, dumped his loser drinking buddy Jim. Two years without a relapse, and he had built a real life for himself. But Jim won't leave him alone. Jim doesn't know when the party ends.

Then Jim got the jimmies, and now he's a flesh-eating zombie.

And like many men who live with alcoholism and instant gratification, Dave couldn't settle for his perfect life with Holly, he had to get a little on the side with Missy. The zombie apocalypse comes home in a personal way for Dave, first with Jim and then Missy.

It's the zombie ex-girlfriend straight from hell. Missy doesn't just want revenge, she wants to eat him alive, starting with the soft, mushy underbelly, where all those yummy guts are found.

Every zombie knows it's the belly that's the most delicate part of the body.

Guts and gore and death galore.

This Zombie apocalypse is set in a home town environment, where you personally know each of the 'draggers' who are dying to eat your guts.

And if the draggers don't kill you, the militant, survivalist whackos will. Pandemonium and martial law equals survival of the fittest. No one can escape the quarantine zone and the widespread madness overtaking the survivors.

"People talk about survival. What they mean is killing the other guy."

And that is precisely what it takes to survive in Dave's hometown of Tres Marias. Don't hesitate to dive into this novel for your dose of splattergore-thriller-horror, and perhaps you'll learn a few things about human strength and frailty under duress.
… (mais)
Travis_Luedke | Sep 7, 2014 |


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