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Girls Burn Brighter (2018) 664 exemplares
An Unrestored Woman (2016) 103 exemplares
Atese Yürüyen Kadinlar (2022) 1 exemplar

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The Best American Short Stories 2015 (2015) — Contribuidor — 222 exemplares


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One thing that struck me was how the narrator voice seems to shift from simplisticly content, even in poverty and sorrow, in the earliest chapters (it felt almost like a YA novel at first) to something much colder and increasingly detached as the abuse and injury tally rises (and it rises quickly and never lets up). It's an utterly hopeless and cruel piece of literature, and it was also difficult to put down. Some of the timing maybe does not add up--things that are presented as happening concurrently (Poornima's arrival in Seattle, Savitha's departure) seem to be re-placed at different times as subsequent events play out. I found myself thinking after I'd finished the book and returned it to the library that it just didn't make sense, but perhaps I misread it. And I am still struggling to understand the point of the interlude about the unfortunate Arizona children--seriously what was that? Still it was artfully written hard to look away from any of it. I'm just not entirely sure that is a good thing.… (mais)
SusanBraxton | 35 outras críticas | Aug 15, 2023 |
3.5 stars. Beautifully written, but incredibly painful. And in the end, I can't decide if there's enough hope to slog through the pain. I don't need my endings tied up in a bow, but I need... something. This left me feeling just short of satisfied.
1 vote
CarolHicksCase | 35 outras críticas | Mar 12, 2023 |
Nachdem die 16-jährige Savita, ein gleichaltriges Mädchen aus dem Nachbardorf, nach dem Tod von Purnimas Mutter am nun freigewordenen, zweiten Webstuhl neben Purnimas Vater zu arbeiten angefangen hat, freunden sich die beiden Mädchen an. So unterschiedlich ihre Innenwelten auf den ersten Blick erscheinen, so egalisierend sind die - vor allem für Frauen und Mädchen - barbarischen Lebensumstände des indischen Dorf-Lebens, die geprägt sind von Armut, Hunger, häuslicher & sexueller Gewalt.
Nach der Vergewaltigung durch Purnimas Vater entzieht sich Savita der Zwangsverheiratung mit dem Täter durch Flucht, und ihre Freundin Purnima beschließt wenige Jahre später, dem Martyrium als zwangsverheiratete, mißhandelte Haus-Sklavin ebenfalls zu entfliehen und sich auf die Suche nach ihrer Freundin zu machen.
Aus abwechselnden Perspektiven erzählt, verleiht Shobla Rao, amerikanische Autorin indischer Herkunft, in ihrem Debut-Roman "Mädchen brennen heller" den tragischen Schicksalen der beiden Protagonistinnen eine beeindruckende literarische Stimme, und der bewegenden Geschichte einen pointierten Schluß: Empfehlung.-
… (mais)
Burkhard_Schirdewahn | Oct 12, 2022 |
In six pairs of short stories rooted in India and Pakistan in 1947, Shobha Rao explores the most painful parts of the human experience -- love thwarted, indifference magnified. These are young stolen mothers whose babies belong to the wrong country, gay and straight men and women who can't have their loves, trafficked prostitutes who attack their madam, and more in that vein.

I came into this expecting historical fiction about Partition, especially about the experiences of women and girls migrating across the India-Pakistan border to live in the country of the "right" religion. I didn't get Partition history at all -- this book is story after story of melodramatic hardship. Partition is part of the backstory, but only one story really needed Partition to provide its core -- the rest are just about impossible lives and trafficking. The book was too depressing and too ahistorical for me, so I was happy to return it without finishing the final 20 pages. That said, others seem to adore this book, so your mileage may vary.… (mais)
pammab | 7 outras críticas | Sep 5, 2022 |



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