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Sigrid Rausing is the publisher of Granta Books and editor of Granta magazine.

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Granta 128: American Wild (2014) — Editor — 75 exemplares
Granta 135: New Irish Writing (2014) — Editor — 72 exemplares
Granta 139: Best of Young American Novelists (2017) — Editor — 71 exemplares
Granta 126: Do You Remember (2014) — Editor — 65 exemplares
Granta 148: Summer Fiction (2019) — Editor — 61 exemplares
Granta 140: State of Mind (2017) — Editor — 58 exemplares
Granta 129: Fate (2014) — Editor — 58 exemplares
Granta 138: Journeys (2017) — Editor — 58 exemplares
Granta 133: What Have We Done (2015) — Editor — 58 exemplares
Granta 147: 40th Birthday Special (2019) — Editor — 57 exemplares
Granta 131: The Map is Not the Territory (2015) — Editor — 57 exemplares
Granta 137: Followers (2016) — Editor — 56 exemplares
Granta 144: Generic Love Story (2018) — Editor — 55 exemplares
Mayhem: A Memoir (2017) 54 exemplares
Granta 145: Ghosts (2018) 49 exemplares
Granta 132: Possession (1775) — Editor — 47 exemplares
Granta 136: Legacies of Love (2013) — Editor — 47 exemplares
Granta 134: No Man's Land (2013) — Editor — 45 exemplares
Granta 142: Animalia (2018) 45 exemplares
Granta 143: After the Fact (2018) — Editor — 43 exemplares
Granta 151: Membranes (2020) — Editor — 42 exemplares
Granta 149: Europe: Strangers in the Land (2019) — Editor — 40 exemplares
Granta 153: Second Nature (2020) — Editor — 37 exemplares
Granta 152: Still Life (2020) — Editor — 37 exemplares
Granta 154: I've Been Away For a While (2021) — Editor — 34 exemplares
Granta 156: Interiors (2021) — Editor — 34 exemplares
Granta 159: What Do You See? (2022) — Editor — 28 exemplares
Granta 158: In the Family (2022) — Editor — 27 exemplares
Granta 160: Conflict (2022) 27 exemplares
Granta 161 (2022) 25 exemplares
Granta 164: Last Notes (2023) 20 exemplares
Granta 165 (2023) 5 exemplares
Maalstroom memoires (2018) 3 exemplares
Maelstrom (2019) 3 exemplares

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Granta 157: Should We Have Stayed at Home? (2021) — Contribuidor — 32 exemplares


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A couple of haunting pieces from Cambodia. Recurring notes on notes, music qua music, that is lost on me.
kcshankd | Nov 25, 2023 |
Fine little dollops. Took a long while to get through, but they were fine.

I read them all but the first, which was so heavily accented that I couldn't make sense of it.
kcshankd | Nov 5, 2023 |
Definitive Narratives of Escape

Reproducing Paul discusses loss of a sibling & figuring out parenting

For the Love of Losing - professional gambling, and wanting to lose

What it Promised - photo essay of Black Americans Great Migration & remnants, in Syracuse NY

Deaf Body - Performance of Johnnie Ray

Long, Too Long America - photo essay of 1990 road trip.

Through the Smoke - photo essay of Black poet giving reading at Plantation Museum, boy's fingerprint on brick & cast out belongings… (mais)
kcshankd | Apr 9, 2023 |
Sibling issue.

Removing younger brother from life support. Plastic Mothers, with adult sisters and mother trading drinks and men. Brother from Sudan that ended up in prison in UK. Swedish science family with multiple half siblings from famous father's affairs. Ray and her sisters.
kcshankd | Mar 4, 2023 |



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