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Author Emilie Richards was born in Bethesda, Maryland in 1948 and grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida. She received an undergraduate degree in American studies from Florida State University and a master's degree in family development from Virginia Tech. Before becoming a full-time author, she worked mostrar mais as a therapist in a mental health center, a parent services coordinator for families enrolled in Head Start, and for several pastoral counseling centers. Her first book, Brendan's Song, was published in 1985. Since then she has written over fifty books. She writes the Shenandoah Album series and the Ministry is Murder series. She has received numerous awards including the 1994 Romance Writers of America RITA Award for Dragonslayer and the Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times magazine. She currently lives with her husband in Northern Virginia. Her latest novel is entitled Fortunate Harbor, the second book in her Happiness Key series. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Wedding Ring (2004) 343 exemplares
Lover's Knot (2006) 256 exemplares
Endless Chain (Shenandoah Album) (2005) 236 exemplares
Happiness Key (2009) 215 exemplares
Iron Lace (1996) 213 exemplares
The Parting Glass (2003) 189 exemplares
Sister's Choice (Shenandoah Album) (2008) 189 exemplares
Prospect Street (2002) 184 exemplares
Whiskey Island (2000) 180 exemplares
Touching Stars (Shenandoah Album) (2007) 176 exemplares
When We Were Sisters (2016) 169 exemplares
Fortunate Harbor (2010) 157 exemplares
Rising Tides (1997) 157 exemplares
Let There Be Suspects (2006) 141 exemplares
Fox River (2001) 136 exemplares
Beware False Profits (2007) 121 exemplares
Sunset Bridge (Happiness Key) (2011) 89 exemplares
A Family of Strangers (2019) 87 exemplares
A Lie for a Lie (2009) 78 exemplares
Beautiful Lies (1999) 64 exemplares
The House Guests (2021) 63 exemplares
The Swallow's Nest (2017) 59 exemplares
More Than Words: Stories of Courage (2008 Publication, 3-in-1) (2008) — Contribuidor — 57 exemplares
Duncan's Lady (1996) 45 exemplares
Iain Ross's Woman (1995) 37 exemplares
From Glowing Embers (1988) 37 exemplares
More Than Words: Volume 1 (2004 Publication, 5-in-1 Anthology) (2004) — Contribuidor — 35 exemplares
The Trouble With Joe (1994) 32 exemplares
MacDougall's Darling (1996) 32 exemplares
Somewhere Out There (2002) 29 exemplares
The Christmas Wedding Quilt [Anthology 3-in-1] (2013) — Contribuidor — 26 exemplares
Woman Without A Name (1996) 25 exemplares
Once More With Feeling (1996) 24 exemplares
Mail-Order Matty (1997) 23 exemplares
From a Distance (1992) 19 exemplares
Runaway (1990) 18 exemplares
Dragonslayer (1993) 18 exemplares
The Way Back Home (1990) 18 exemplares
Fugitive (1990) 16 exemplares
Lady of the Night (1986) 16 exemplares
A Mother's Gift (1998) — Contribuidor — 16 exemplares
Twice upon a Time (1997) 15 exemplares
One Moment Past Midnight (1999) 14 exemplares
Outlaws and Lovers (3-in-1) (1996) 14 exemplares
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Rainbow Fire (1989) 12 exemplares
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Out of the Ashes (1992) 10 exemplares
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Smoke Screen (1988) 8 exemplares
Desert Shadows (1991) 8 exemplares
A Classic Encounter (1988) 8 exemplares
All Those Years Ago (1991) 8 exemplares
Outback Nights (1987) — Autor — 7 exemplares
Home for Christmas [2007, Anthology] (2007) — Contribuidor — 6 exemplares
Island Glory (1989) 5 exemplares
All The Right Reasons (1988) 5 exemplares
Something So Right (1986) 3 exemplares
Brendan's Song (1985) 3 exemplares
Sweet Mockingbird's Call (1986) 3 exemplares
Gefährliche Nächte (2005) 2 exemplares
Promesse d Irlande (2004) 2 exemplares
Sydämen maisema 2 exemplares
Sweet Georgia Girl (1985) 2 exemplares
Note d'Irlanda (2004) 2 exemplares
Home for Christmas [2009, Anthology] (2009) — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares
Elämän tilkkupeitto (2006) 2 exemplares
The Surprise of a Lifetime (2019) 2 exemplares
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Le voile du passé (2004) 1 exemplar
Laços de Ferro 1 exemplar
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Amori appesi a un filo (2005) 1 exemplar
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L'amant du deuxième monde (1999) 1 exemplar
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Un été en Virginie (2005) 1 exemplar
Traveling Class 1 exemplar
A Home for the Holidays (2018) 1 exemplar

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I really enjoyed the first half of this book. The story moved along at a decent pace, the characters were great, it was a delightful read. However, I only gave this book four stars because I felt the second half of the book was just way too long. I felt like it could have been about a third of the length it was and we still would have gotten all the pertinent information.

Our characters are all very strong-willed women. One of them doesn’t seem as strong-willed, but she finds her way and finds her backbone along the way. I enjoyed the interactions between the women and between the men in their lives for the most part. I’m not big on conflict, so of course those pieces weren’t so fun, but strong-willed women make some of the best characters in the world because they know what they want and they go for it with no punches pulled and no holds barred.

The setting descriptions were enough that I was able to imagine the places where the story took place and weren’t too overdone. I’m not always easy to please in this area, so it was nice to see these done well.

As I said above, the pace in the first half of the book was great. We moved along steadily and yet we weren’t moving along so fast that we missed important details. However, I really felt like the second half of the book dragged on and on. I felt that the second half could’ve been cut down to even a third of its original size and we still would have had enough details about the custody struggle.

The overall writing style is good. The prose flows well from section to section, chapter to chapter. I still recommend this book for those who like to read women’s fiction. Perhaps your view on the second half of the book will vary from mine!

… (mais)
Valerie.Michigan | 10 outras críticas | May 1, 2024 |
This story was okay, but it bugged me that Joshua was being so patronizing to Maggie, telling her she was a good person even if she was a prostitute, instead of believing in her enough to believe that she wasn't one in the first place.
amandabeaty | 1 outra crítica | Jan 4, 2024 |
I received this book from NetGalley for an honest review.
My only complaint was I thought the book was a bit long and could have cut some of the scenes. But the story itself is so good, so heartfelt, and a story that needed to be told about foster care (both good and bad.) I liked the two "sisters" coming to terms with their past, and as with all great books, there were a few surprising twists toward the end.
JillHannah | 10 outras críticas | Nov 20, 2023 |
Wow, where to begin? This book is one of the best novels that I have in awhile! I'm an avid reader and average 2-3 books per week. "When We Were Sisters" follows the complicated lives of Cecilia and Robin who met in foster care, and were able to stay together as they moved through the foster care system. Now grown up with lives of their own, Cecilia is a world renowned singer/songwriter and Robin is married with children and a still photographer with talent that has yet to be pursued. Due to an accident that almost takes her life, Robin and Cecilia reconnect and so their story continues. Emilie Richards did an outstanding job of creating an intriguing plot, complicated and interesting characters and settings that keep the reader entranced. "When We Were Sisters" makes the reader realize that sometimes, blood is not necessarily thicker than water. I definitely recommend this read!… (mais)
AndreaHelena | 10 outras críticas | Dec 4, 2022 |



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