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Beau Riffenburgh is a historian specializing in exploration, particularly that of the Antarctic, the Arctic, and Africa. He earned his doctorate at the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, where he is currently the editor of Polar Record

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Titanic: The Legend of the Unsinkable Ship (2008) 113 exemplares, 1 crítica
Cathedrals of the World (1997) 20 exemplares
The great explorers (2017) 10 exemplares
The Titanic Remembered [videorecording] (2011) 10 exemplares, 1 crítica
Great Ones (1989) 5 exemplares
Titanic (1752) 2 exemplares
MRUTYUSHI SHARYAT (2013) 1 exemplar
Explorations polaires (2009) 1 exemplar
"Titanic", 1912-2012 (2011) — Autor — 1 exemplar
Photographs of H.G.Ponting (1998) 1 exemplar
The Exploration Experience (2007) 1 exemplar

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100 Great Wonders of the World (1991) — Autor, algumas edições265 exemplares, 1 crítica


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Douglas Mawson was one of Australia's most influential explorers. And despite being featured on one of the banknotes, he is largely unknown.

The key event in his life occurred somewhat early on, when he trekked with two companions across the Antarctic ice. Both of his companions died on this horrendous mission, and Mawson had to endure lack of food and equipment, and falls in crevasses on his return journey - only to see the ship that was to take him back to Australia departing, forcing him to spend another year on the rudimentary base that he had set up. This has perhaps been over dramatised because the ship was able to return, but collecting men at another camp was a priority, and it would have dangerous to go back to collect him. Furthermore, he was not over-wintering alone; others stayed behind as well. For a more dramatic story of endurance in this region, that of Shackelton is hard to beat. However, that is not to minimise what Mawson ensured.

In fact this book does not really do a great job of covering this story. Of course, there is more to Mawson's life. There were further trips to Antarctica, journeys of fund raising and promotion, global politics, administration and academia. The authors also spends a fair bit of time describing the conflict between Mawson and the skipper of the Aurora (and a subsequent ship). Friends at the start, this degenerated into open and destructive conflict, and yet eventually what appears to be a constructive working relationship in advancing Antarctic research.

What I missed was a good explanation of the 'so-what' of all this effort, other than making claims on the landmass of Antarctica, and a protection of wildlife.

Suggestion: Put Leonard Bickel's book This Accursed Land on your reading list.
… (mais)
robeik | Oct 30, 2019 |
El libro contiene 30 facsímiles de documentos singulares de relevancia histórica, incluyendo las últimas investigaciones. Describe la mayor de las catástrofes marinas, desde el diseño inicial y la emoción de su primera travesía hasta la dramática colisión.
Mjjcollectors | Feb 18, 2016 |
I will fully admit that I do not usually like biographies; I find them very dry and I can't keep up with all of the facts that they throw in my face. But this book is an exception to that rule. I picked it up for the sole reason of it being about true crime, a subject that I love, and stayed with it for the writing, people, and story. Albeit the serious fact-dropping at times and loads of people involved, James McParland was a fascinating individual and thus makes a wonderful subject for a biography. The author clearly loves McParland's story and has set his heart and soul into describing every little detail of his life, though that does make it somewhat tedious at times. But otherwise, it was either action-packed or jaw-dropping, depending on the moment.… (mais)
1 vote
katsparks | 5 outras críticas | May 1, 2015 |
The writing here was so dry, and so over the top with details, it was a real killer. Too bad.
eenerd | 5 outras críticas | Jul 30, 2014 |


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