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Young adult author Ann Rinaldi was born in New York City on August 27, 1934. After high school, she became a secretary in the business world. She got married in 1960 and stopped working, but after having two children she decided to try writing. In 1969, she wrote a weekly column in the Somerset mostrar mais Messenger Gazette and in 1970 she wrote two columns a week for the Trentonian, which eventually led to her writing features and soft new stories. She published her first novel Term Paper in 1979, but was ultimately drawn to writing historical fiction when her son became involved in reenactments while he was in high school. Her first historical fiction novel was Time Enough for Drums. She also writes for the Dear America series. She currently lives in Somerville, New Jersey with her husband. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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A Break with Charity (1992) 1,239 exemplares
Girl in Blue (2001) 787 exemplares
Numbering All the Bones (2002) 777 exemplares
The Secret of Sarah Revere (1995) 638 exemplares
An Acquaintance with Darkness (1997) 624 exemplares
In My Father's House (1993) 549 exemplares
Time Enough for Drums (1986) 543 exemplares
Wolf by the Ears (1991) 513 exemplares
The Last Silk Dress (1988) 436 exemplares
Amelia's War (1999) 406 exemplares
A Stitch in Time (1994) 392 exemplares
Mine Eyes Have Seen (1997) 351 exemplares
The Staircase (2000) 300 exemplares
Broken Days (1995) 275 exemplares
The Second Bend in the River (1997) 270 exemplares
The Blue Door (1996) 255 exemplares
The Redheaded Princess (2008) 193 exemplares
Brooklyn Rose (2005) 169 exemplares
Come Juneteenth (2007) 165 exemplares
Keep Smiling Through (1996) 164 exemplares
Sarah's Ground (2004) 148 exemplares
The Letter Writer (2008) 124 exemplares
Juliet's Moon (2008) 99 exemplares
Mutiny's Daughter (2004) 97 exemplares
The Ever-After Bird (2007) 96 exemplares
The Color of Fire (2005) 77 exemplares
My Vicksburg (2009) 61 exemplares
Millicent's Gift (2002) 58 exemplares
The Family Greene (2010) 55 exemplares
Leigh Ann's Civil War (2009) 54 exemplares
The Last Full Measure (2010) 46 exemplares
Term Paper (1980) 18 exemplares
But in the Fall I'm Leaving (1985) 14 exemplares
The Good Side of My Heart (1987) 7 exemplares
Promises Are for Keeping (1982) 5 exemplares
OR GIVE ME DEATH 1 exemplar


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New York, New York, USA
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Somerville, New Jersey, USA
columnist for The Trentonian



April 2013--Juliet's Moon em Missouri Readers (Abril 2013)


In the diary account of her life at a government-run Pennsylvania boarding school in 1880, a twelve-year-old Sioux Indian girl reveals a great need to find a way to help her people.
PlumfieldCH | 11 outras críticas | Mar 16, 2024 |
I read this a long time ago, and honestly all I can remember is that I cried like a baby when I finished it.
LibrarianDest | 6 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |
Sis Goose is a beloved member of Luli's family, despite the fact that she was born a slave. But the family is harboring a terrible secret. And when Union soldiers arrive on their Texas plantation to announce that slaves have been declared free for nearly two years, Sis Goose is horrified to learn that the people she called family have lied to her for so long. She runs away--but her newly found freedom has tragic consequences.

How could the state of Texas keep the news of the Emancipation Proclamation from reaching slaves? In this riveting Great Episodes historical drama, Ann Rinaldi sheds light on the events that led to the creation of Juneteenth, a celebration of freedom that continues today.

-Amazon description
… (mais)
CDJLibrary | 4 outras críticas | Nov 9, 2023 |
An historical novel about the childhoods of Mary Todd Lincoln and Elizabeth Keckley, two women coming from opposite ends of society prior to the Civil War.

Mary Todd came from a plantation owning family. She was brought up with fine clothes, housing and slaves, schooled in educational and social arts during an era where women were groomed to be more like background to their husbands, yet expected to run the household like a corporation.

Elizabeth’s mother was a slave, seamstress to the family. Elizabeth’s father was the plantation owner, which put her in the house staff and not in the fields. Nothing more, but if she didn’t behave it could be much less.

Both had difficult childhoods. Mary Todd was the fourth of six children. Her mother died giving birth to Mary’s youngest brother. The following year her father remarried, which was too early for the mourning, but her felt the need to have someone to care for the children. The new wife brought “a new standard of elegance” to the family. From day one she was in charge of the home and children. She was the centerpiece and she had no love for Mary.

Elizabeth was light in skin but it didn’t make any difference in her position in her world. She was still and slave and as long as she was in the south she had no say in her life. Being a girl made it even harsher.

Both girls had dreams and they worked towards them. Mary’s was to marry a politician and live in the White House. Elizabeth’s was to be a free woman and run her own life. Interestingly they did accomplish their dreams, even though it was not easy.

This is a short read. The description of life in that era is harsh and difficult. The fancy dress, and the opulence of one life against the brutal treatment and hard labour of the other emphasizes the extreme differences between the two.
… (mais)
ChazziFrazz | 6 outras críticas | Nov 8, 2023 |



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