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The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (2018) 426 exemplares
The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding (2022) 81 exemplares
The House That Joy Built (2023) 3 exemplares


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I struggled with this novel from the start. I kept hoping it would improve, and it did in places but overall the plot dragged. While I felt sorry for Esther having lost her sister a year ago, I didn't like her 'woe is me' attitude. It was as though she was the only person who was allowed to mourn Aura. The way she spoke and treated her friends and family was rude and extremely irritating!

In my opinion," The Seven Skins of Esther Wilding" was too long and even though the writing and settings were beautiful, this novel never held my attention the way "The Flowers of Alice Hart" did. Overall, a disappointing read.… (mais)
HeatherLINC | Mar 22, 2024 |
I thoroughly enjoyed "The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart". From the first page, I was captured by Alice and felt I was beside her as she journeyed through life. At times it was heartbreaking but she always found solace amongst the local plants.

Women and their stories played a vital role in this novel as did the sense of place, whether it was the can fields, the ocean, the river with its gigantic gum, Agnus' garden, the flower farm or the harsh beauty of the Northern Territory. They were brought alive by the talented penmanship of the author. The descriptions of Kililpitjara (Earnshaw Crater) fascinated me, especially with the Sturt desert peas growing in its centre. I desperately wanted to visit it and see this magical sight.

I liked how each chapter started with a description of a native Australian flower. While I knew a number of them, there were some I didn't know and had to Google them to see what they looked like. I would love to have seen a photo or coloured illustration included with the descriptions. I think that would have added charm to this novel.

Dealing with family, loss, love identity and secrets, "The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart" was a fabulous debut.
… (mais)
HeatherLINC | 10 outras críticas | Feb 10, 2023 |
There is so much sadness and so much beauty in this book. I loved that there was no tying together of different threads and characters in different places. There was no neat resolution because that’s not how life works, but there was hope. I felt bad for June.
1 vote
Amzzz | 10 outras críticas | Jul 30, 2022 |



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