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This was a quick read that at times felt like it was going nowhere special. It felt like it was born to set a strange stage created with pretty words. Other times it felt like the action was too brisk and jumped, disjointedly, about without real depth.

Now, I am a (not so) undercover lover of all things Arthurian... especially tales of Merlin and his ilk. And yes, this book had both characters (kind of), and then some. There was just a teasing of Arthur in the beginning (not a deal breaker though), and the rest was all trippy and Merlin filled. Sounds amazing, right?? Wellll... I'd love to answer that categorically in the affirmative, BUT it just wasn't in depth, Braised Short Ribs Rich and Savory... it was more like Chips (yumm) and slightly expired salsa (also possibly yumm but most likely zappy (in not a great way) + blech)! It did give us some (slightly disturbing and highly implausible) background info on Merlin and his origins, but that too was skimpy skimpy. You might argue that it could've come off that way because it serves as a foundation building book... here to set up the big goings-on in future books, BUT why then did it fail to lay down a cleanly paved, comprehensive & cohesive foundation? The plot had gaping potholes with flinsy character development... it definitively came off like it wanted to be more... much much more... its eyes were bigger than its stomach-- as my mother used to say. It was full of pretty prose and a brief exploration of (a couple of) unique locations BUT what it was not so hefty on was the nitty gritty details. The details were more like a suggestion... boiled chicken strips when I came for the Hibachi Special... weird comparisons? Yes. Am I really hungry? Also YES! BUT, sadly, my analogies are accurate.

What this book, about one of my favorite literary Magical peeps, tried to accomplish was impressive in breadth but emaciated in scope. In essence, it bit off more than it could chew. Sounds rough right? I agree! This is primarily a poor review mainly because it tried to tackle a subject I feel extremely passionate about and overprotective of, and it failed to deliver. Its premise promised us a magical multidimensional biblio-buffet but fell victim to its own antagonist... Famine.

I have read an incredible amount of literature centered on (many of) these characters and their plights/trials/successes... so much so they feel like family now AND if you are going to create a whole universe around my favorite magically centered, (multidimentional) trope/ genre/characters/ plot... it kind of has to hit hard in order to wow me... or even satiate me.

I loathe giving poor reviews about someone's brain baby, but at the end of the day, I'm mostly writing this review to alert possible readers about what they are in store for. AND, to that end, I would've skipped this one had I known then what I know now.

Last 2 cents: it saddens me to say it but this one was great in theory but not so great in actuality.

~ Sorry

*** I received an advance review copy for free from BookSirens, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. ***
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BethYacoub | Dec 11, 2023 |
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While this is a good story with world building, etc, it is a little too heavy for my tastes
dulegstmiramherzen | 1 outra crítica | Dec 11, 2023 |
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Well written with interesting premise...
Benboo | 1 outra crítica | Jul 30, 2023 |
Esta crítica foi escrita no âmbito dos Primeiros Críticos do LibraryThing.
This genre is a stretch for me, not my favorite, but the author made a compelling case in this book for me to expand into the fantasy world a little more. The story has a level of intrigue as a new world awaits. The author builds a world (and scenario) that really made me reflect on what I would do in a similar situation. I felt I could relate to some characters, and really despise others, so it was easier to follow than I expected. The pace was fast and I had to go back a couple times to understand the scene a little better. Overall, I was impressed and ready to perhaps read a next part of the story since the author says this is book 1. I appreciate the author's ability to keep me invested in the story and characters. Recommended for anyone interested in the genre or willing to give it a try.… (mais)
PaulaSeeger | 1 outra crítica | May 17, 2023 |


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