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Peter Robinson (2) (1938–)

Autor(a) de The Practical Rock and Water Garden

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Obras por Peter Robinson

The Practical Rock and Water Garden (2002) 282 exemplares, 1 crítica
Water Gardening (1997) — Autor — 153 exemplares
RHS Practical Guides : Containers (1999) — Autor — 51 exemplares
RHS Practical Guides : Ponds & water features (1999) — Autor — 36 exemplares, 1 crítica
AHS Practical Guides : Containers (1999) — Autor — 33 exemplares
Rock and Water Gardening (2001) 29 exemplares
Pool and Waterside Gardening (1987) 21 exemplares
AHS Practical Guides : Ponds & water features (1999) — Autor — 21 exemplares
AHS Practical Guides : Water-wise gardening (1999) — Autor — 18 exemplares
RHS Practical Guides : Drought-resistant gardening (1999) — Autor — 17 exemplares


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Nome canónico
Robinson, Peter
Data de nascimento
horticultural consultant

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Peter Robinson is a horticultural consultant, specialising in designing and installing water features, whose career extends over 35 years. His books include the RHS titles Water Gardening and Ponds and Water Features. A fellow of the Institute of Horticulture, he has lectured across the world.



Water is a delightful element in any garden, having the power to soothe or excite. Combined with rocks, it brings a whole new dimension to garden design; whether you want a small water feature or a series of waterfalls. With its stunning photographs and clear practical advice, Water & Rock Gardening is perfect for the beginner as well as for the more ambitious gardener who wishes to create complex rock and water designs.
PSZC | May 20, 2019 |
Mooi boekje met veel informatie over de aanleg van vijvers en waterpartijen. Bevat informatie over o.a. uitgraven, aanleg,dieren,waterplanten,problemen en behandeling van de vijver het hele jaar door.
Anne51 | Feb 29, 2008 |


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