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Australian author, Emily Rodda grew up in Sydney, Australia. She attended the University of Sydney and graduated in 1973. Her degree in English literature brought her a career in publishing until she wrote her first book, Something Special, in 1984. She has since gone on to write numerous fantasy mostrar mais series including the Deltora Quest series and the Raven Hill Mysteries. She has won several awards in her native Australia and an anime series has been created based on Deltora Quest. mostrar menos
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(eng) Emily Rodda's adult novels appear under her real name, Jennifer Rowe.

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The Forests of Silence (2000) 1,280 exemplares
The Lake of Tears (2000) 1,029 exemplares
Dragon's Nest (2003) 979 exemplares
City of the Rats (2000) 952 exemplares
The Key to Rondo (2007) 839 exemplares
Shadowgate (2004) 813 exemplares
The Shifting Sands (2000) 809 exemplares
Dread Mountain (2000) 793 exemplares
Rowan of Rin (1993) 770 exemplares
Isle of the Dead (2004) 757 exemplares
The Valley of the Lost (2000) 735 exemplares
The Maze of the Beast (2000) 726 exemplares
The Sister of the South (2004) 720 exemplares
Return to Del (2000) 695 exemplares
Cavern of the Fear (2001) 584 exemplares
The Isle of Illusion (2002) 476 exemplares
The Shadowlands (2002) 452 exemplares
Rowan and the Travellers (1994) 451 exemplares
The Charm Bracelet (1994) 417 exemplares
Rowan and the Zebak (1999) 302 exemplares
The Golden Door (2011) 271 exemplares
The Flower Fairies (1994) 230 exemplares
Tales of Deltora (2005) 228 exemplares
Rowan and the Ice Creepers (2003) 220 exemplares
The Wizard of Rondo (2008) 198 exemplares
The Deltora Book of Monsters (2001) 189 exemplares
The Third Wish (1994) 184 exemplares
The Last Fairy-Apple Tree (1995) 162 exemplares
Finders Keepers (1990) 159 exemplares
Rowan of Rin : the Journey (2004) 147 exemplares
The Magic Key (1995) 144 exemplares
The Unicorn (1996) 144 exemplares
Shadows of the Master (2015) 143 exemplares
The shifting sands (2003) 140 exemplares
The Silver Door (2012) 133 exemplares
The Star Cloak (2005) 116 exemplares
The Water Sprites (2005) 112 exemplares
The Third Door (2012) 105 exemplares
The Peskie Spell (2006) 104 exemplares
The Rainbow Wand (2006) 103 exemplares
The Battle for Rondo (2009) 102 exemplares
Secrets Of Deltora (2008) 95 exemplares
Two Moons (2015) 93 exemplares
The Timekeeper (1992) 82 exemplares
Pigs might fly (1986) 81 exemplares
Grim Pickings (1987) 78 exemplares
The Towers of Illica (2016) 77 exemplares
Murder by the Book (1989) 75 exemplares
How To Draw Deltora Monsters (2004) 73 exemplares
The Best-Kept Secret (1988) 70 exemplares
Beware the gingerbread house (1994) 69 exemplares
The Ghost of Raven Hill (1994) 68 exemplares
Dirty Tricks (1997) 68 exemplares
The Hungry Isle (2016) 61 exemplares
Stranglehold (1993) 57 exemplares
The Makeover Murders (1992) 56 exemplares
Lamb to the Slaughter (1995) 48 exemplares
Something Wicked (1998) 45 exemplares
The Glimme (2019) 45 exemplares
Green for danger (1994) 45 exemplares
Deadline (1997) 42 exemplares
Fuzz, the famous fly (1999) 39 exemplares
Cry of the cat (1994) 39 exemplares
Dog Tales (2001) 39 exemplares
Death in Store (1991) 37 exemplares
Bob the builder & the elves (1998) 36 exemplares
His Name Was Walter (2018) 36 exemplares
The Disappearing TV Star (1994) 36 exemplares
The fairy realm (2002) 35 exemplares
Something Special (1984) 30 exemplares
Dead end (1999) 28 exemplares
Poison Pen (1994) 23 exemplares
Power and Glory (1994) 23 exemplares
Bungawitta (2011) 23 exemplares
Breaking point (1994) 23 exemplares
Where do you hide two elephants? (1998) 23 exemplares
The bad dog mystery (1994) 21 exemplares
The Secret of Banyan Bay (1994) 21 exemplares
The missing millionaire (1995) 21 exemplares
Crime in the picture (1995) 20 exemplares
The Shop at Hoopers Bend (2017) 19 exemplares
The three doors (2013) 19 exemplares
The case of Crazy Claude (1995) 19 exemplares
Green fingers (1998) 18 exemplares
Dangerous game (1995) 16 exemplares
Haunted house (1995) 16 exemplares
Photo finish (1996) 15 exemplares
Eliza Vanda's Button Box (2021) 15 exemplares
Nowhere to run (1995) 15 exemplares
Yay (1996) 15 exemplares
Fear in fashion (1995) 15 exemplares
Fairy Tales for Grown-Ups (2002) 14 exemplares
Cry wolf (1996) 14 exemplares
Fee-Fee's holiday (2007) 13 exemplares
Crumbs! (1990) 12 exemplares
Old Bun and the burglar (2007) 11 exemplares
The Long Way Home (2001) 11 exemplares
Stage fright (1996) 10 exemplares
Bad apples (1996) 10 exemplares
The war of the work demons (1996) 9 exemplares
Squeak Street (2002) 9 exemplares
The Julia Tapes (1999) 9 exemplares
Pink Paw's Painting (2005) 8 exemplares
Lucky Clive (Squeak Street 5) (2005) 8 exemplares
Danger in rhyme (1995) 8 exemplares
Hot Pursuit (1998) 7 exemplares
The secret enemy (1999) 7 exemplares
Fashion Victims (Read 180) (1999) 6 exemplares
Deep freeze (1999) 6 exemplares
Tails and the twin spell (2006) 5 exemplares
One-Shoe's Wishes (2007) 5 exemplares
Hit or Miss (1998) 4 exemplares
Deltora Quest 10 (2013) 4 exemplares
Love Lies Bleeding: A Crimes for a Summer Christmas Anthology (1994) — Editor & Introduction — 4 exemplares
Addy and the pirates (2006) 3 exemplares
The Rondo Trilogy (2009) 3 exemplares
Beady Bold and the Yum-Yams (2022) 3 exemplares
Il Trono di Deltora (2016) 3 exemplares
Jazīrahʾi mardagān 2 exemplares
Segredo das Fadas 2 exemplares
Fairy Realm Set (2007) 2 exemplares
Fairy charm collection 3 (2008) 2 exemplares
Eau trouble 1 exemplar
Prière d'inhumer (1998) 1 exemplar
Rowan Of Robin 1 exemplar
Gobbleguts (2000) 1 exemplar
Game plan (1998) 1 exemplar
Ng̜len til Rondo 1 exemplar
Stories from Squeak Street (2014) 1 exemplar
Einmal Zukunft und zurück (2008) 1 exemplar
Canavar Labirenti (2011) 1 exemplar
Kattväktarens hämnd (2008) 1 exemplar
Rowan dos Bukshah 1 exemplar
Rowan e os Zebak (2006) 1 exemplar
Rowan e os Viajantes (2005) 1 exemplar
O Labirinto do Monstro (2010) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Dream Time: New Stories by Sixteen Award-Winning Authors (1989) — Contribuidor — 21 exemplares
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Conhecimento Comum

Nome legal
Rowe, Jennifer June
Outros nomes
Rodda, Emily
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Locais de residência
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia
Abbotsleigh School for Girls
University of Sydney
Rowe, Kate (dochter)
Ryan, Bob (echtg.)
Australian Women's Weekly
Prémios e menções honrosas
Dromkeen Medal (1995)

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Ms. Rowe grew up in Sydney with her two younger brothers, attended Abbotsleigh School for girls, graduated from the University of Sydney, is a world renowned published author, and has three children.
Nota de desambiguação
Emily Rodda's adult novels appear under her real name, Jennifer Rowe.



Found: 90s Childrens Fantasy Series em Name that Book (Março 2022)
Dream/reality to a land with flying pigs, etc. em Name that Book (Novembro 2010)


Secrets of Deltora is a companion volume to the Deltora Quest series. "Written" by Doran the Dragonlover - a Deltoran hero and adventurer - the book is in the style of a travel guide to Deltora and interspersed with various anecdotes and commentary.

Although this started out strong I lost interest as the commentary of Doran's quest to save the dragons abated and more time was spent on the geography and things to do in the various towns. That said for those who enjoy the more obscure companion texts that add to the world building, this is a treat. Unfortunately while I'm a fan of folklore and fairy tales and even the history of the world's I read about - I'm not so interested in the geography. So this was a bit of a miss.

An interesting addition to the world of Deltora but only really for die hard fans. 3 stars.
… (mais)
funstm | 1 outra crítica | Oct 28, 2023 |
Tales of Deltora is a companion volume to the Deltora Quest series featuring all of the mentioned myths and legends of Deltoran history. It focuses on the beginnings of the Shadow Lord and Shadowlands and the union of the seven tribes by Adin, the creator of the Belt of Deltora.

This was fantastic. Although concise this had many things I had been curious or fascinated by and filled in a lot of the details the stories had left out in the main books. Theoretically these are all individual tales and could be read in any order but I found it more enjoyable to read as is.

My favourite tales from the Tenna Birdsongs were The Seven Goblins and Opal the Dreamer, while my favourites from The Deltora Annals were The Bargain of the Mere and The Archer of Azzure. But I honestly loved all of them.

I was amused by the the tale of Adin in the Shifting Sands asking if he can take the head. Lmfao. And I also really enjoyed the councillors of Del.

Jealously, he wondered which of the other councillors had called this sudden meeting, and why he had not been informed of it in good time.
As it happened, all the other councillors were wondering the same thing. But, not wishing to seem foolish, or less important than their fellows, none of them asked the question aloud. As the ordinary folk around them murmured excitedly, glancing at them with questioning eyes, they all stroked their beards or folded
their arms, nodding thoughtfully and pretending to a knowledge they did not have.

Rodda, Emily. Tales of Deltora (p. 90). Scholastic.

While some of the tales are familiar, many are new or add further detail and all will be enjoyable to new and old fans alike. 5 stars.
… (mais)
funstm | 2 outras críticas | Oct 27, 2023 |
Lief, Jasmine and Barda have freed Deltora from the Shadow Lord's power, restored the Belt of Deltora and even rescued the Deltoran prisoners from the Shadowlands, but all is not well in Deltora. There is a growing shortage of food as crops fail, harvests lessen and the people starve.

But new information comes to light of a curse the Shadow Lord has left - Four Sisters - terrible servants of the Shadow Lord that are poisoning the land. The only hope is to set out on a new quest to find the only thing said to be able to defeat them - the Dragons of Deltora.

Three of the four Sisters have been defeated, leaving only the final threat - the Sister of the South. But Lief, Jasmine and Barda are stunned at the lengths the Enemy will go to succeed.

Plots woven into plots it's amazing how Rodda comes up with her books. This was another fast paced action adventure filled with magic, legends of old and fierce and terrible monsters. More history of the dragons is given and many smaller plots are wrapped up like why Lief looked like Bede from the Masked Ones troupe.

My favourite part though concerned Doom and Jasmine.

‘Ah, she was cunning,’ muttered Doom.
‘Why, you almost sound as if you admire her!’ growled Barda.
Doom grimaced. ‘If she had chosen to use her talents for good, she might have been a great asset to us,’ he said. ‘Lief and I found supplies of that yellow paper beneath her mattress, you know. She never stopped thinking and planning. I am sure that by the end she had convinced Josef that I was working secretly for the Enemy.’

‘I considered that myself, Doom,’ Jasmine said calmly.
‘Indeed?’ Doom said, raising an eyebrow. ‘And why was that?’
‘Lief said the guardian of the south was subtle, quick-thinking, and very clever,’ Jasmine answered, shrugging. ‘That sounded more like you than anyone else in the palace.’
‘Why, thank you,’ Doom said drily.
‘Also …’ Jasmine checked the points off on her fingers. ‘You have been in the Shadowlands. You are proud and ruthless. You mix with strange people. You are awake all hours of the night. You were one of the few to see Sharn the night she fell ill—’

‘Why, plainly Paff went to my room that first night and put poison in my lip balm while I was still downstairs!’ exclaimed Sharn, very shocked. ‘Doom was the one who realised the cream was poisoned, when he brought the royal emeralds and amethysts to my chamber. He was the one who saved me!’
‘And me,’ Zeean put in. ‘Jasmine, how could you think such a thing of your father?’

Jasmine shrugged again. ‘Doom is not an ordinary father,’ she said.
‘Very true,’ said Doom. ‘And you are no ordinary daughter, I am happy to say. If I had been in your place, I would have thought exactly as you did. We are more alike than we realised, it seems.’ He grinned broadly, and Jasmine’s tired face broke into an answering smile.

Zeean and Sharn both shook their heads, clearly bewildered by this strange example of family loyalty.

Rodda, Emily. DQ3 #4: SISTER OF THE SOUTH . Scholastic. Kindle Edition.

Lmfao. It was perfection. It was summed up everything I love about Jasmine and Doom and their relationship to each other. Although I was also pretty amused by Lindal of Broome when she was demanding the meeting be held at her sick bed. Her and Barda are perfect for one another. After all, he did the same thing in Return to Del. And the dragons were fantastic with their disdain for each other and Jasmine arguing against them.

A satisfying conclusion to a terrific fantasy quest with everyone living happily ever after. 5 stars.
… (mais)
funstm | 3 outras críticas | Oct 27, 2023 |
Lief, Jasmine and Barda have freed Deltora from the Shadow Lord's power, restored the Belt of Deltora and even rescued the Deltoran prisoners from the Shadowlands, but all is not well in Deltora. There is a growing shortage of food as crops fail, harvests lessen and the people starve.

But new information comes to light of a curse the Shadow Lord has left - Four Sisters - terrible servants of the Shadow Lord that are poisoning the land. The only hope is to set out on a new quest to find the only thing said to be able to defeat them - the Dragons of Deltora.

Lief, Jasmine and Barda have defeated the Sisters of the East and of the North and are on their way west to find the third Sister. But they are delayed in their journey when they become tangled up with Laughing Jack, Verity, Red Hans and a ghost ship.

The story of Red Hans, Verity and the ghost ship was fascinating. Verity was awesome. I loved her cursing Laughing Jack and the crew with their downfall. The only thing more epic was Jasmine using that vow to never take any of the crew's winnings to doom Laughing Jack to eternal servitude as a rower. I don't know why Lief was so judgey about it. Jasmine was right - she didn't make him steal the gold back. She just made sure the temptation was available. The other characters were interesting too. Tom and Ava made me laugh - I only wish we got to learn more about Ava - her appearance is kind of brief. Barda's outrage at Ava's prices was amusing. Although frankly I thought it was more outrageous that Tom sent gifts and then proceeded to ask for payment. I mean sure, they can afford it but seriously?

I liked the amethyst dragon as well. She was nicer than the others and a lot more reasonable. I definitely want to know more about the diamond dragon. I felt sorry for the mother dragon though. And Doran actually but at least he's now been put to rest.

A fast paced action packed adventure. I can't wait to read the conclusion to the quartet. 5 stars.
… (mais)
funstm | 4 outras críticas | Oct 27, 2023 |



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