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MJ Rose is a former advertising executive who used her expertise working on major accounts, such as Harlequin Books, to propel her self-published debut novel, Lip Service in to the public eye. She lives in Greenwich, CT. (Bowker Author Biography)

Inclui os nomes: Rose M J, M J Rose, Melisse J. Rose

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(eng) There appears to be another author with this name who wrote the following two titles in the mid 1970s: "Reduction of aerodynamic lift force and rolling moment on road vehicles" and "A preliminary study of the control of spray from light vehicles by aerodynamic design".

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Connecticut, USA
Syracuse University
International Thriller Writers (Founding member, Board member)
AuthorBuzz.com (Founder)
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There appears to be another author with this name who wrote the following two titles in the mid 1970s: "Reduction of aerodynamic lift force and rolling moment on road vehicles" and "A preliminary study of the control of spray from light vehicles by aerodynamic design".



Jeannine’s job is on the line. Not only that, her father’s reputation is about to take a hit! Jeannine knows she has to stop all of this from happening. She is reviewing some antique pins for a display when she accidentally pricks her finger. This sends her falling through time and this changes her whole world. It also gives her the opportunity to develop a plan to save her job and her father’s reputation.

I love Jeannine in this story! She is a go getter! She is the only female that has ever been the “Keeper of the Metalworks” at the Victoria and Albert Museum. So, this is full of historical artifacts that I had no idea about. I mean, miniature eye portraits! Geez, never heard of this! And when she falls through time…I was really hooked!

To say I love this author is an understatement. I have been reading her books for years! I love her Reincarnationist series and, of course, this series, The Daughters of La Lune! My favorite book in this series is The Jeweler of Stolen Dreams.

I originally had this as a 4 star read in my head. But, as I was writing this review, I realized how much I truly loved this mystical tale! I upped it to 5 stars in a snap! You do not have to read these books in order. But, I would read them! Like NOW!

Need a good mystical, historical fiction…THIS IS IT!

I received this novel from the publisher for a honest review.
… (mais)
fredreeca | Mar 24, 2024 |
"The Last Tiara" alternates between two timelines - one in Rusia during the last days of the Romanov reign and the other in post-war Manhattan - and between mother and daughter.

I liked both storylines and enjoyed learning about Faberge's jewellery-making and the mystery behind the tiara Isobelle finds hiding in a wall after her mother Sofiya, passes away. Sofiya's story reveals her life in Russia and her friendship with Grand Dutchess Olga while Wsobelle's follows her journey to learn more about her mother's past.

"The Last Tiara" was an informative, entertaining read and the mystery of the tiara (based on an actual artefact) was the heart of the story. While the plot did get bogged down at times, overall, it was an enjoyable read.
… (mais)
HeatherLINC | 15 outras críticas | Mar 22, 2024 |
Probably not fair for me to say much about this book as I am not part of the intended audience. I. Have a lot of interest in victor Hugo and some interest in scents. I am more than skeptical of reincarnation or those who believe they remember past lives. If you are open to those things and don't have a problem with names like Ash and Hyacinth , or its French form,this may be the book for you
cspiwak | 24 outras críticas | Mar 6, 2024 |
(2007)Found this book while watching a forgettable new show on Fox, Past Lives, which in the credits was based on this book. Dealing with reincarnation, I quickly found that this book had nothing to do with the TV show, thankfully. Here we find a photographer that is working with the Phoenix Foundation, which studies reincarnation stories of children. After a bad accident, he starts to have ?lurches? back to ancient Rome where he is having a forbidden affair with a Vestal Virgin. Funny how those with past lives never are peons slogging away in the fields to stay alive. Despite this, the book was fun and provided some suspense to the end. BooklistAfter a bomb explosion nearly kills photojournalist Josh Ryder, he begins experiencing flashbacksor, perhaps, memoriesÂ¥of events that seem to have happened to him 1,600 years earlier, in another life. Convinced these episodes aren't figments of his imagination, he enlists the aid of the Phoenix Foundation, a group that specializes in past-life research. Later, when he becomes involved in the unearthing of an ancient tombÂ¥and experiences a connection with its long-buried residentÂ¥Josh realizes he has a chance to right a wrong that happened a millennium and a half ago, not to mention an opportunity to solve a series of modern-day murders. This is one of those books that succeeds in spite of itself: even though the writing is merely competent, the story itself is so appealing that you can't stop reading. Josh Ryder is a difficult character to pull off (among other things, he's a man in love with a woman who lived 1,600 years ago), and at times he comes off a little loopy. But for the most part he, like the novel itself, is surprisingly well grounded in the real world.… (mais)
derailer | 36 outras críticas | Jan 25, 2024 |



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