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Image credit: Portrait of Christina Rossetti, by her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti (Public domain ; Wikipedia)

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Goblin Market (1862) 751 exemplares
The Complete Poems (1979) 517 exemplares
Rossetti: Poems (1993) 262 exemplares
Poems and Prose (1994) 182 exemplares
Sing-Song (1872) 175 exemplares
Poems (Everyman Poetry) (1996) 81 exemplares
Selected Poems (Fyfield Books) (1984) 67 exemplares
Christina's Carol (2021) 67 exemplares
Goblin Market and Selected Poems (2004) 67 exemplares
Wombat (2018) 53 exemplares
What Can I Give Him? (1985) — Autor — 51 exemplares
Commonplace (1870) 47 exemplares
Color: A Poem (1992) 44 exemplares
Fly Away, Fly Away Over the Sea (1991) 36 exemplares
What Is Pink? (1963) 35 exemplares
Blooming Beneath the Sun (2019) 35 exemplares
The Poetry of Christina Rossetti (2019) 22 exemplares
Verses (1895) 15 exemplares
Maude (1976) 13 exemplares
A Voice within: Three Women Poets (1993) 11 exemplares
Love Poems (1994) 10 exemplares
Doves and Pomegranates (1969) 9 exemplares
Remember Me When I Am Gone Away (1989) 8 exemplares
Speaking likenesses (2006) 7 exemplares
Florilegio (1997) 5 exemplares
New Poems by Christina Rossetti (2018) 5 exemplares
The Skylark (First Poems) (1991) 5 exemplares
Who Has Seen the Wind? (2000) 4 exemplares
Cin Pazari ve Secme Siirler (2011) 4 exemplares
Trollmarknad : och andra dikter (2014) 4 exemplares
Nostalgia del cielo (2001) 3 exemplares
Adding: a poem (1964) 3 exemplares
Mix a Pancake (2001) 3 exemplares
A Christmas carol 2 exemplares
Poems (1876) 2 exemplares
Il cielo è lontano (1995) 2 exemplares
Liefdessonnetten (2004) 2 exemplares
Adding: A Poem 2 exemplares
Christina Rossetti 2 exemplares
The Poetry 1 exemplar
El mercado de los duendes (2004) 1 exemplar
Donne d'amore (2011) 1 exemplar
Story Clouds 1 exemplar
Rossetti Poetry 1 exemplar
How Many Seconds? 1 exemplar
Hurt No Living Thing (1987) 1 exemplar
Sonnets 1 exemplar
A Mother's Song 1 exemplar
Three Plum Buns 1 exemplar
In the Meadow 1 exemplar
Clouds 1 exemplar
The Rainbow 1 exemplar
Healing Poetry (2013) 1 exemplar
Christmas Short Works Collection 2014 — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar
Sing Song 1 exemplar
Collected Poems 1 exemplar

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English Poetry, Volume III: From Tennyson to Whitman (1909) — Contribuidor — 622 exemplares
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The Illustrated Treasury of Children's Literature, Volumes 1-2 (1955) — Contribuidor — 462 exemplares
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The Germ: Literary Magazine of the Pre-Raphaelites (1850) — Contribuidor — 10 exemplares
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Spring World, Awake: Stories, Poems, and Essays (1970) — Contribuidor — 9 exemplares
Men and Women: The Poetry of Love (1970) — Contribuidor — 8 exemplares
Poetry anthology (2000) — Contribuidor, algumas edições6 exemplares
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In The Bleak Midwinter — Autor — 2 exemplares
Aarteiden kirja. 5 : Nooan arkki — Contribuidor — 2 exemplares
In the Bleak Midwinter — Compositor — 1 exemplar


Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Rossetti, Christina
Nome legal
Rossetti, Christina Georgina
Outros nomes
Alleyne, Ellen
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Highgate Cemetery, London, England, UK
País (no mapa)
England, UK
Local de nascimento
London, England, UK
Local de falecimento
London, England, UK
Locais de residência
London, England, UK
private tutors
artist's model
Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (brother)
Rossetti, William Michael (brother)
Rossetti, Maria Francesca (sister)
Rossetti, Gabriele (father)
Polidori, John William (uncle)
Angeli, Helen Rossetti (niece) (mostrar todos 7)
Polidori, Gaetano (maternal grandfather)
Oxford Movement

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Christina Rossetti's popularity grew after her death and she is now considered one of the leading English Victorian poets. She was born in London, one of four children of aristocratic Italian parents who had emigrated to the UK after her father Gabriele Rossetti was forced into political exile. At age 12, she wrote her first poems, which were printed in the private press of her grandfather. In 1850, under the pseudonym "Ellen Alleyne," she contributed seven poems to the Pre-Raphaelite journal The Germ, founded by her brother William Michael Rossetti and his friends. By the 1880s, Christina had become an invalid from recurring bouts of thyroid disease, which ended her attempts to work as a governess. However, she continued to write. In 1891, Christina apparently developed cancer, and died three years later. Her work influenced that of other writers such as Virginia Woolf, Gerard Manley Hopkins, and Philip Larkin. Although not a member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Christina was engaged for a time to the painter James Collinson, who was a founder of that group with her brothers Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Michael, and she sat as a model for several of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's most famous paintings.




The illustrations for this were fantastic! And the compilation was my favorite, as well.
pianistpalm91 | Apr 7, 2024 |
There are many books and editions named "Goblin Market and Other Poems", and they are all mixed up on the LT work page, so I want to clarifiy what I read.
My edition is a bit peculiar: It is a kindle edition that I could not find a publisher for and it does not have page numbers. Well, it was one of the first kindle books I ever bought, or I would have looked out for these details. It consists of three parts. The first one seems to be the original Goblin Market and Other Poems as published in 1862. The second part is The Prince's Progress and Other Poems, originally published in 1866. Then there is a third part called Miscellaneous Poems which includes poems that have originally been published in magazines such as the Macmillan Magazine or Lyra Eucharistica. All of these were first published in the 1860s with the exception of the first three poems, two of which are from 1848 and one from 1850.

Many of the poems are utterly dark, they refer to death and even suggest a death wish, they speak of decay, the voidness and emptiness of the world. There are poems from the perspectives of dead persons, longing to be with the living or predicting their unavoidable fate. But there are also love poems, although many of them are marked by disappointment, longing and separation as well. Despite all of this sorrow, there is also wit, though, and sometimes the lyrical I shows a surprising confidence and strength of character.
Many poems include Christian themes as well, often alluding to the Bible, to the love of Jesus and the hope for Paradise.

The title poem, Goblin Market, reads like a fantasy tale: Two girls are lured by some dubious goblins who sell fruit. The sisters react to them differently and danger abounds. I read it several times because I found it so interesting. Its themes of sexual desire are hard to overlook, but there are also many other layers and symbols to unravel.

I do not have a lot of reading experience with Victorian poetry, but although it took me so long to read this collection I am glad that I did so. It was fascinating and rewarding, even if a bit repetitive.
… (mais)
MissBrangwen | 10 outras críticas | Mar 29, 2024 |
This is a collection of poems about love, lust, sex, betrayal, and death. So, who decided this was for kids?
eurydactyl | Jul 20, 2023 |
Aterrorizada por el desolado destino de la soltería, Jane Charlmont, la menor de tres hermanas, se lanza sin el menor miramiento a un matrimonio por interés con un viejo y rico viudo, suegro por lo demás del hombre del que estuvo enamorada una de sus hermanas.
Natt90 | 1 outra crítica | Nov 22, 2022 |



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