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What was most striking about the book to begin with was how much I empathised and understood the attitude Portia had toward her weight and toward food in general. While her actions may have been more extreme than mine, her thinking was not. I have not been anorexic or bulimic in my life - at least nothing passed a teenage flirtation with the "quick fix" idea behind the disorders - but I have definitely had many days where I have binged and been filled with guilt. When I have asked myself why I felt the need to keep eating passed hunger, keep eating passed fullness until I was bloated and feeling sick. This has not been the case for many years but having gone through these experiences I can fully understand some of Portia's feeling in relation to herself. I think that is where this book is most powerful.

Read my full review at my blog.
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rosienotrose | 55 outras críticas | Jul 11, 2023 |
I loved Ally Mcbeal, and I loved Portia's character Nelle Porter. It was mind-blowing to learn all of the things that had been going on in her head during the filming. Portia is a very good writer. Completely honest, very vivid, and definitely brings you right into the mind of the sick person, not the healthy one looking back. I've seen a few interviews of her talking about the book and you can tell just how emotional it was to write this (and still talk about it). If anyone ever wants to know just what body image and food can do to a person, they should read this book. She mentions more than once, anorexia and bulimia are horrible, but also people who live their lives on a diet, always focusing on their food etc. is horrible as well. I can relate to that part.… (mais)
banrions | 55 outras críticas | Dec 7, 2021 |
This book certainly gave me a lot to think about, and really educates the reader on the relationship between food, control and the external influence of others for a sufferer of a food and eating-related disorder.
Vividrogers | 55 outras críticas | Dec 20, 2020 |
Jean.Walker | 55 outras críticas | Sep 1, 2019 |



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