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The Coming Storm (1999) 331 exemplares
War Against the Animals: A Novel (2003) 163 exemplares
Sea of Tranquillity (1994) 156 exemplares
The Salt Point (1990) 152 exemplares
Boys of Life (Plume) (1991) 138 exemplares
Immaculate Blue: A Novel (2015) 21 exemplares
Best Gay Erotica 2013 (2012) — Editor — 9 exemplares

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Men on Men 4: Best New Gay Fiction (1990) — Contribuidor — 196 exemplares
Queer 13: Lesbian and Gay Writers Recall Seventh Grade (1998) — Contribuidor — 183 exemplares
The Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica (1997) — Contribuidor — 73 exemplares
The Lost Library: Gay Fiction Rediscovered (2010) — Contribuidor — 41 exemplares


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The story of seduction and the resulting experiences of a somewhat unconventional teenager. The labyrinthine paths that the protagonist, young Tony Blair, takes lead to adventures that become twisted and very dark. This makes for an interesting and often riveting read.
jwhenderson | Aug 18, 2022 |
The Coming Storm is a sensitively and brilliantly depicted narrative set against the backdrop of a conventional boys' school in upstate New York that uncovers the most carefully kept secrets of the human heart. Louis Tremper, the headmaster at the Forge School; his wife Claire; Tracey Parker, a 25-year-old gay man and recently hired teacher at the Forge School; and Noah Lathrop III, a troubled student - all struggle with their own inner demons, desires, and conflicted loyalties in Russell's award-winning novel. When Tracey and Noah start having an affair, dark episodes from the school's past collide with the current state of confusion that they are all dealing with.… (mais)
jwhenderson | 2 outras críticas | Mar 9, 2022 |
I love this book and re-read it every few months. Jonathan and Stayton have a true love story which changes over time, but is stronger than ever in the end. Bembo sums it up beautifully.
taffygold123 | Aug 18, 2012 |
Most people who like to read know who Vladimir Nabokov was. Until this book, almost no one had heard of Sergey Nabokov. Sergey was Vladimir’s brother, younger by only 11 months. Throughout childhood the stuttering Sergey stood in the shadow of his charismatic brother, largely ignored by parents that had two children too close together. He was gay, something that his famous brother was not happy with. Born in Russia in 1900, his early life was one of comfortable wealth but uncomfortable emotions. All too soon, the Russian Revolution scattered his family and destroyed the wealth, leaving Sergey with only his talent for languages to fall back on. He eked out a bare living by giving language lessons and doing translations. Despite his poverty, his life was rich in artistic acquaintances- Cocteau, Diaghilev, Stein, Toklas, poets and dancers and composers were among his friends and lovers. Eventually, he died in a Nazi concentration camp, having committed the two crimes of being gay and speaking out against the Nazi régime.

This book is a novel, not a biography although it is very well researched. Sergey speaks to us in first person, alternating between telling us of his youth and the tense days that build up to his arrest by the Nazis. He comes across as an appealing man, one who craves the love of his family and a stable relationship. While possessing no great talents himself, he loved the avant garde art that was current in Europe at the time, giving up food to be able to attend shows. The book is a marvelous look at the art crowd, with all its foibles and flamboyance. Sergey’s search for happiness, which eludes him for so many years before finally being rewarded, is all the more poignant for knowing that it will end all too soon.
… (mais)
lauriebrown54 | Nov 19, 2011 |



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