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The Lost Boy (2013) 241 exemplares
Indeh: A Story of the Apache Wars (2016) — Ilustrador — 126 exemplares
Coming Home (1768) 73 exemplares
Sudden Gravity (2006) 46 exemplares
Conan Omnibus Volume 1: Birth of the Legend (2016) — Ilustrador; Colorist — 38 exemplares
Sweetheart 2 exemplares
The 52 Weeks Project (2011) 2 exemplares

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Before They Are Hanged (2007) — Artista da capa, algumas edições4,716 exemplares
Last Argument of Kings (2008) — Artista da capa, algumas edições4,320 exemplares
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The Chosen and the Beautiful (2021) — Artista da capa, algumas edições829 exemplares
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Binti: The Complete Trilogy (2020) — Artista da capa, algumas edições619 exemplares
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Noor (2021) — Artista da capa — 398 exemplares
City of Lies (2018) — Artista da capa, algumas edições322 exemplares
The Big Book of Urban Legends (The Big book Series) (1995) — Ilustrador — 314 exemplares
Creepy Creatures (2006) — Ilustrador — 288 exemplares
All About Eve [1950 film] (1950) — Artista da capa, algumas edições286 exemplares
Notorious [1946 film] (1946) — Artista da capa, algumas edições255 exemplares
This Is How You Die (2013) — Ilustrador — 255 exemplares
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The Death of Me (2013) — Ilustrador, algumas edições55 exemplares
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Stepping Stone / Love Machine: Crosstown to Oblivion (2013) — Ilustrador — 48 exemplares
The Sea Wolves (2012) — Ilustrador, algumas edições33 exemplares
The Best We Can (2013) — Artista da capa, algumas edições18 exemplares
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Dragonkin: A Tor.Com Original (2013) — Ilustrador, algumas edições5 exemplares
The Dune Sketchbook: Music from the Soundtrack (2021) — Artista da capa, algumas edições4 exemplares
Freaks of the Heartland # 6 — Ilustrador — 1 exemplar
Freaks of the Heartland # 3 — Ilustrador — 1 exemplar
Freaks of the Heartland # 1 — Ilustrador — 1 exemplar
Alabaster: The Good, the Bad, and the Bird #1 (2015) — Artista da capa, algumas edições1 exemplar


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filbo_2024 | Apr 24, 2024 |
On apprend l’histoire par la bouche des vainqueurs et longtemps la parole des peuples premiers est restée invisible derrière les westerns hollywoodiens. Choqué, Ethan Hawke souhaitait faire un film de cette histoire et tenter de rétablir une part de vérité… Le film n’a jamais vu le jour mais, grâce à la rencontre avec Greg Ruth, il est devenu cette bande dessinée. L’histoire de Geronimo.

Mais si l’idée est belle et séduisante, et si le rendu et les dessins monochromes sont magnifiques, l’histoire m’a semblé confuse.

Une bande dessinée avec des très belles planches et partant d’une belle intention, pour un rendu hélas un peu brouillon. Mais était-ce possible de raconter tout ça sur un seul album ?
… (mais)
Assinalado | 7 outras críticas | Dec 14, 2023 |
I definitely questioned why Jack would bring his son with him that day, knowing what was to come he wouldn’t just leave a teenager at home alone or drop him off somewhere safe instead? The book does refer to Jack repeatedly as a screw up and there’s certainly examples of that throughout the story so maybe it is possible that this particular father really would have been reckless enough to bring his child in contact with all of that.

There was one instance where it seemed that dialogue was attributed to the wrong character, and a couple times I went in the wrong direction as far as which panel I was meant to read next (maybe that was reader error?), but generally I thought this was really well put together, and the art truly impressive, particularly the faces, Jack being an absolute ringer for Ethan Hawke really added to the action movie-like feel of this.

While there was the aforementioned plausibility issue and I would have preferred more closure in the end, I really did like the father-son relationship especially in the more intense emotional moments, and overall this was an entertaining and memorable page turner.
… (mais)
SJGirl | 4 outras críticas | Mar 12, 2023 |
This was okay! Very much gave Netlfix movie adaptation with a quick turn-around, and felt a bit incomplete. But if you have time for a very violent coming-of-age father/son story, go for it.
ACLopez6 | 4 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2023 |


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