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Maria Concetta Scotto di Santillo

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I came across it just because my father gave it to me and I had already heard the author somewhere. Considering that I'm kind of fond of assassins... I gave it a try. It didn't go that well, as you can imagine.

>OdditiesMy first thought when I started reading was: what kind of weird names are these? Now, I don't know if it's the Italian translators' fault (probably not for once), but one of the reasons why I couldn't take this book seriously were those funny, silly names given to the characters. Seriously... Ape? Urtica? Rompicapo? They're suited for soft toys, not people.

>ChaosBut if I had to describe the novel in one word I'd say: puzzling. I suppose that, even if it's marked as the first of the series, there are more series that should be read before this one, because otherwise I can't explain to myself all those details (and there are many of them) which are completely taken for granted. However this should't be an excuse for leaving things so unexplained. Come on, I spent almost 100 pages just to fully understand the roles and relationships between the different characters! Are they relatives? Acquaintances? Enemies? Stepfather or real father? And so on.

>Guessing the endingSecond flaw: easily predictable. I wasn't even at the half of the story that I had already guessed what the outcome would have been. I went on just to check my assumption (which was 100% correct) and how it was described. Of course this made things much less entertaining.

>The paceI cannot forget to mention the pace. I'm the kind of reader who, having the possibility to choose, would always go for a fast pace full of action. But I must admit that there have been some cases when I enjoyed a slower pace because it allowed a particularly meaningful stream of consciousness or something similar. In this book there's nothing like that. You have either a couple of pages where the whole world seems to be collapsing or entire chapters when practically nothing happens. And this is something that I certainly do not like.

>Intriguing facts: the White ProphetThere is something that piqued my interest though, and it's the figure of the White Prophet. A man/woman capable of seeing all the possible future that could happen and knows how to make them happen is not entirely new in the history of literature, but it was how this figure was depicted that left me intrigued. I'd have loved to know something more about them and about the Fool (not sure the English name is this one), but the details were as few as usual.

>ConclusionFrom the title and the synopsis I had expected so much more, but in the end I simply remained with loads of questions without an answer. I can't really say I hated it, but at the same time I feel like the book didn't convey anything.
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Shay17 | Mar 30, 2018 |


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½ 3.4