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Anna Sewell, March 30, 1820 - April 25, 1878 Anna Sewell was on March 30, 1820 in Yarmouth, Norfolk, England. She was raised a Quaker by her father a bank manager and her mother, a children's novelist. At the age of fourteen, Sewell hurt her knee during a fall and the injury never healed right. mostrar mais Even though she could not walk well, she could still ride horses and drive a horse drawn buggy. It was this form of freedom that sparked her concern for the welfare of horses. She wrote "Black Beauty" when she was in her fifties, but died a year after it was published in 1877. While she never earned much from the book while she was alive, after her death, the novel snowballed into a something extraordinary. The book was about the abuses horses sustained in their lifetimes, but was told from the unique viewpoint of the horse. Even though the book was intended for children, it impacted all generations and caused everyone who read it to take a look at the inhumane treatment horses received. In the one hundred plus years since "Black Beauty" had been published, over 30 million copies have been printed. At least eight motion pictures have been made based on the novel and it is a well known children's classic. Anna Sewell died on April 25, 1878 in Old Catton, Norfolk. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Quaker Burial Ground, Lammas, Norfolk, England, UK
País (no mapa)
England, UK
Local de nascimento
Yarmouth, England, UK
Local de falecimento
Old Catton, Norfolk, England, UK
Locais de residência
Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK (birth)
Old Catton, Norfolk, England, UK (death)
Wick, England, UK
Dalton, England, UK
Lancing, West Sussex, England, UK
Brighton, Sussex, England, UK
at home
Sewell, Mrs. Mary (mother)

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Anna Sewell was the daughter of popular English poet and children's writer Mary Sewell and her husband Isaac, devout Quakers. Anna was disabled as the result of a childhood injury and was confined to home for much of her life. She helped edit her mother's works. In 1845, the family moved to Lancing in West Sussex, and it may have been here, with the acquisition of a pony chaise, that Anna developed her love of horses. Her only published novel was Black Beauty (1877), but its lasting fame and popularity is so great as to make her one of the all-time bestselling writers. It was published when she was 57 years old, and she died five months later.



Possible Children's Story From Horse's Perspective em Name that Book (Janeiro 2017)


Black Beauty is a well told, heart-wrenching story. No wonder it’s a classic. I think it was read to me as a child, so I knew I would shed tears. At times it’s almost too heart-wrenching to read. Yes, it’s very Victorian in its concerns (but not sententious) and utterly anthropomorphic in the telling, but it works as well as it did in 1877. If it was just a didactic piece condemning the bearing rein, it would probably have faded into oblivion. It is about our approach to the world in the face of economic pressure and the importance of calling out what is wrong when we see it. This is a great story that cleverly enfolds other stories (Ginger’s story and the Old Captain’s story) with profound consequences as to how animals (all creatures) are perceived by humans.

Somewhere I kept a newspaper clipping about how the men of the Australian Light Horse were ordered to shoot their horses after WW1 ended because the army could not afford to bring them back from the theatres of war in Europe and the Middle East. Most of the cavalry men found this harder and more tragic than anything they’d encountered in the fighting.
… (mais)
simonpockley | 204 outras críticas | Feb 25, 2024 |
473 / 8 - 'Ενα παιδικό βιβλίο που περιγράφει τις περιπέτειες ενός αλόγου μέσα από τις συμπεριφορές κάθε καινούργιου ιδιοκτήτη του. Υπάρχουν άλλοι που του συμπεριφέρονται καλά και άλλοι άσχημα .
Στο τέλος καταλήγει με τον αγαπημένο του Τζο Γκριν
Will_Trent | 204 outras críticas | Jan 30, 2024 |
Black Beauty is a handsome, sweet-tempered colt with a strong spirit. As a young colt he is free to gallop in the fresh green meadows with his beloved mother, Duchess, and their kind master. But when his owners are forced to sell him, Black Beauty goes from a life of comfort and kindness to one of hard labor and cruelty. Bravely he works as hard as he can, suffering at the hands of men who treat animals badly. But Black Beauty has an unbreakable spirit and will, and is determined to survive.
PlumfieldCH | 204 outras críticas | Dec 15, 2023 |



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