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Magic Lost, Trouble Found (2007) 898 exemplares
Armed & Magical (2008) 538 exemplares
The Trouble with Demons (2009) 435 exemplares
Bewitched & Betrayed (2010) 333 exemplares
The Grendel Affair (2013) 301 exemplares
Con & Conjure (2011) 238 exemplares
All Spell Breaks Loose (2012) 181 exemplares
The Dragon Conspiracy (2015) 164 exemplares
The Brimstone Deception (2016) 134 exemplares
The Ghoul Vendetta (2017) 110 exemplares
The Myth Manifestation (2018) 61 exemplares
Wedding Bells, Magic Spells (2016) 52 exemplares
The Phoenix Illusion (2018) 48 exemplares
Wild Card (2018) 44 exemplares
Treasure and Treason (2016) 40 exemplares
The Solstice Countdown (2021) 34 exemplares
Ruins & Revenge (2017) 30 exemplares
The Gorgon Agenda (2023) 23 exemplares
The Entity Game (2020) 16 exemplares

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Night Shift (Anthology 4-in-1) (2014) — Contribuidor — 405 exemplares


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I liked this book, but was able to put it down for days at a time; it just didn't keep me like the previous installments. I think part was due to the fact that I felt the author chickened out of the 'darker' relationship between Raines and Tam in favor of the 'good guy' Mychael, by making him more mysterious and with some shade to his past. That was just a cop-out in my opinion.
I would also like to see some more satellite character development and not just descriptions.
Okay--this sounds like a harsh commentary on the book, but in general its a fast read with lots of action and it was well written.… (mais)
jazzbird61 | 11 outras críticas | Feb 29, 2024 |
I love Lisa Shearin's Raine Benares books, but I was off-put by The Grendel Affair "The first in a new series." I stopped reading it because to me, this book seems like an early writing attempt, unearthed and brought forth, on the success of the Benares books. I don't know if that's the case, but there are a couple of annoying shortcuts employed in this book, that I've encountered with newbie novelist before.

First, The character introduction feels truncated... We're brought in to the story after that protagonist has made The Big Life Change. We're quickly told how the protagonist came to be in the new life circumstance that drives the plot, rather than reading through the change with her. I prefer to read boos in order, so whenever I run in to this it leaves that bothersome itch in my brain- "Hey you've accidentally started reading the second book in the series. Put it down! All the backstory you're missing is in the first book!"

Then there's the "baldly state that your character looks like actor X " approach to character description. One example, "Kinda like Mr. T without the bling." supports the theory that this book wasn't written in this decade. I don't mind that an author has an actor in mind for the character and intimates the resemblance to the reader. But I found the approach to be clumsy and a bit of a jarring shortcut in this book.

Basically, I think Lisa Shearin is a talented story teller and has done better work. I'm actually rather hoping that The Grendel Affair IS a revamp of an early manuscript, published now that she's established a following. In that case, the next book will be much better than this first in the series.
Perhaps, I'll fight my sequential book preference and give it a try.
… (mais)
djambruso | 17 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
A magical prequel featuring pirates, goblins, elves and stolen souls. Raine Benares is the only (or at least mostly) law abiding member of a criminal family. Distancing herself from the family business sees her making a living as a seeker - a person who finds and retrieves stolen goods, missing items or kidnapped people.

In this first case, Raine is charged with finding some stolen jewellery and teams up with her cousin, Captain Phaelan Benares - second most feared pirate of the seven kingdoms - and newcomer to the city, the infamous Tamnais Nathrach - the ex right hand and magical enforcer of the goblin queen. And Raine needs all the help she can get because it's not just stolen jewellery she's after - but stolen souls.

I really liked this. The banter between Raine and Phaelan and Tam and the rest is snarky and hilarious. The mystery was interesting and the world building was well done - even if not anything particularly original. It was full of action and adventure and a great start to a new urban fantasy series. 4 stars.
… (mais)
funstm | 3 outras críticas | Feb 2, 2023 |
I absolutely loved the first three books in the Raine Beanres series, but I hadn’t discovered them until just before the third book in the series was to be published. I like to read fantasy in trilogies so it worked out perfect for me. With the sixth book due out in May it’s time for me to get caught up with the soon to be sextet.

I loved this novel, at times I felt like I was in the streets of Waterdeep and was sneaking around looking to settle a score. Mid feels like a great place to RPG in, like Lankhmar or Sanctuary, but the protagonist Raines is so likable and believable it propels the world be so much more.

Most of the characters from the first three books are back, and with the addition of my favorite new character, Imala Kalis. My biggest complaint she didn’t have enough scenes in this novel for my taste but I hope that is rectified in books five and six. Imala is the dimpled head of the goblin secret service and an old acquaintance of Tams.

If you like the first three books you should get going on this volume soon. Even though you could hop in here enough is explained in the opening chapters that you don’t have to read the first three volumes why deny yourself the pleasure.

1st read 2012, reread 2017
Character List

Bewitched & Betrayed (Raine Benares #4)
Sid necromancer from the college’s necrology department
Vidor Kalta Nachtmagus (can control the dead)
General Aratus, dead
Eamaliel Anguis - RB's father a Conclave Guardian
Imala Kalis head of the goblin secret service, cute
Kester Morrell magic user
Maire Orla magic user
Karl Cradock hires Orla and Morrell to kidnap Duke Markus Sevelien

Characters that appeared in earlier volumes

Armed & Magical (Raine Benares #2)
Raine Benares elf and a seeker
Phaelan cousin, Captain, pirate
Guardians from the Conclave - Vegard Rolfgar and Riston were both big and human
Loran Abas, professor emeritus of chanting
Archmagus Justinius Valerian - had absolute authority over the Isle of Mid and everyone on it.
Mychael Eiliesor was the paladin and commander of the Guardians
Banan Ryce was commander of the Nightshades (elves—also assassins, kidnappers, blackmailers,)
Eamaliel Anguis - RB's father a Conclave Guardian, trapped in Sagherd
Sarad Nukpana was a goblin and the high priest of the Khrynsani, trapped in Sagherd
Giles Keril - The elven ambassador to Mid
Maestro Ronan Cayle - spellsinging master. The legend who only taught future legends
Piaras Rivalin - elf,landlady’s grandson, and the little brother I’d always wanted
Sedge Rinker - Mid's chief watcher
Janek Tawl - chief watcher of the Sorcerers District back home in Mermeia
Megan Jacobs kidnapped student
Ailia Aurillac kidnapped rich student, mirror magic
Lucan Kalta. The chief librarian
Rudra Muralin’s journal -had been a spellsinger. A young, talented, powerful spellsinger
Nelek - librarian
Carnades Silvanus, senior mage on the Seat of Twelve, Ailia Aurillac’s faculty advisor, elf
Darshan goblin Khrynsani shaman
Tamnais Nathrach (Tam) old title Primaru Nathrach - goblin bar owner
Talon Tandu. He works in Tam’s nightclub as a spellsinger.
Taltek Balmorlan. He’s with elven intelligence
Duke Markus Sevelien, the elven intelligence agency’s chief officer in Mermeia

The Trouble with Demons (Raine Benares #3)
Vegard Rolfgar, Conclave Guardian, my bodyguard
Professor Berel killed by a demon Volghul
Sora Niabi, human,she's professor of demonology.
Reapers - collect the dead
Uncle Ryn - pirate Commodore
Dalis - older woman wearing healer’s robes, Justinius's healer
Katelyn Valerian - Justinius's granddaughter
General Aratus reports to Markus Sevelien

… (mais)
kevn57 | 11 outras críticas | Dec 8, 2021 |



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