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Sara Shepard received an undergraduate degree from New York University and a MFA from Brooklyn College. The novels in her Pretty Little Liars series were inspired by her upbringing in Philadelphia's Main Line. Her other works include the Lying Game series, The Visibles (also titled All the Things mostrar mais We Didn't Say), and Everything We Ever Wanted. Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game have been made into TV series. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Pretty Little Liars (2006) 3,099 exemplares
Flawless (2007) 2,082 exemplares
Perfect (2007) 1,821 exemplares
Unbelievable (2008) 1,692 exemplares
Wicked (2009) 1,352 exemplares
Killer (2009) 1,266 exemplares
Wanted (Pretty Little Liars, Book 8) (2010) 1,106 exemplares
The Lying Game (2011) 1,095 exemplares
Heartless (2010) 1,072 exemplares
Twisted (2011) 756 exemplares
Ruthless (2011) 612 exemplares
Never Have I Ever (2011) 505 exemplares
Stunning (2012) 500 exemplares
Burned (2012) 455 exemplares
Pretty Little Secrets (2011) 382 exemplares
Two Truths and a Lie (2012) 382 exemplares
Pretty Little Liars (Books 1-4) (2009) 359 exemplares
Ali's Pretty Little Lies (2013) 343 exemplares
The Perfectionists (2014) 342 exemplares
Crushed (2013) 342 exemplares
Deadly (2013) 308 exemplares
The Lying Game #4: Hide and Seek (2012) 285 exemplares
Toxic (2014) 270 exemplares
Vicious (2014) 250 exemplares
The Amateurs (2016) 238 exemplares
The Heiresses (2014) 231 exemplares
Seven Minutes in Heaven (2013) 204 exemplares
The Elizas (2018) 192 exemplares
Everything We Ever Wanted (2011) 185 exemplares
The Good Girls (2015) 157 exemplares
Reputation (2019) 156 exemplares
Influence (2021) 129 exemplares
The Visibles (2009) 108 exemplares
All The Things We Didn't Say (2009) 73 exemplares
Follow Me (2017) 68 exemplares
The First Lie (2012) 57 exemplares
Pretty Little Liars (Books 5-8) (2010) 49 exemplares
True Lies: A Lying Game Novella (2013) 49 exemplares
Safe in My Arms (2021) 45 exemplares
Pretty Little Liars (Books 1-2) (2006) 43 exemplares
Wait for Me (2022) 27 exemplares
Last Seen (2018) 24 exemplares
Penny Draws a Best Friend (2023) 21 exemplares
Nowhere Like Home: A Novel (2024) 17 exemplares
Pretty Little Liars (Books 1-8) (2000) 12 exemplares
Memory Lane 7 exemplares
Penny Draws a School Play (2023) 4 exemplares
Bedrog (2016) 3 exemplares
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Al is de leugen nog zo snel (2011) 2 exemplares
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Pretty Little Liars. Lg̲ner (2020) 2 exemplares

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Found: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller “madox” em Name that Book (Setembro 2021)


I understand now why everyone was telling me to read the book and not just watch the show. So I will tell all of you now...The show is TOTALLY different from the book!!
Sutton Mercer is the narrator in the book, and as you will find out from the beginning; she's dead. So there is the first major difference from the show. We still get that Emma is in foster care and her foster brother is a jerk. Emma finds out that she has a twin due to a video showed to her and her foster mother by her foster brother. Emma then finds her on face book of all places and sends her a message.
After a little while Emma receives a reply from who she believes is Sutton and then heads to Arizona, to meet the twin she never knew. Emma arrives and goes to the designated meeting spot, but there is no Sutton. Emma is instead found by Sutton's friends. Emma is dragged to a party where she steps into pretending to be Sutton.
Emma continues the "game" as Sutton, going so far as to go to her house and take up being Sutton. Emma goes to school as Sutton, plays tennis as Sutton and pretty much just takes over her life. A little bit into the book ( I believe a few chapters) you learn the truth that Yes, Sutton is dead, and who ever killed her knows that Emma is there and wants Emma to continue to play Sutton.
As I said, Sutton is narrating the story, so when Emma is going through the days as her, you get little flashes of Sutton's death as flashbacks from Sutton, but since she can't remember anything specific you never do find out who it was.
With the book being narrated by the dead twin, I found myself lost more than once. And really, I understand being dead and not really remembering anything, but you would think that Sutton would remember a lot of more thing than she does. Like really, how could she not know why she is friends with the girls that are her BFFs? All you get from Sutton is feelings and that she knows that she should know such and such about this person. I found the whole thing a little hard to believe, how would a sister, parents, best friends and even a boyfriend not know that the person they are talking to isn't who it should be? I like to believe that even if I had a twin, my family and friends would know if it was actually me or not.
While I wasn't too thrilled with the book in itself, I will be getting the 2nd and 3rd one in the series just so i can find out exactly who killed Sutton, and if anyone ever figures out that Emma isn't really Sutton.
… (mais)
chaoticmel | 69 outras críticas | May 18, 2024 |
So far i am on Chapter 30 and let me tell you i just started reading this one on October 24th and I have been plowing through it. It's better than Ruthless so far. More action and more twists.
Mariafrendo | 13 outras críticas | Apr 6, 2024 |
So far it's moving kind of slow i am on chapter 10 IO am hoping it gets better. Well it didn't get better. it was okay.
Mariafrendo | 14 outras críticas | Apr 6, 2024 |
So far this serious is very creepy but a good creepy. Nothing at all like that the TV Show. I actually like the books a lot better. Just started reading this one today.
Mariafrendo | 16 outras críticas | Apr 6, 2024 |



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