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Good Little Wolf (2011) 112 exemplares, 8 críticas
Yeti and the Bird (2013) 105 exemplares, 3 críticas
Barbara Throws A Wobbler (2021) — Autor — 58 exemplares
The Baby That ROARED (2012) — Ilustrador — 53 exemplares, 3 críticas
The Bumblebear (2016) 42 exemplares
Hey, Presto! (2012) 26 exemplares, 2 críticas
Billy and the Beast (2018) 25 exemplares
Billy and the Dragon (2019) 15 exemplares
The Cow Who Fell to Earth (2017) 13 exemplares
Grimwood: Let the Fur Fly! (2022) 7 exemplares, 1 crítica
Billy and the Pirates (2022) 4 exemplares
Geoffrey Gets the Jitters (2023) 3 exemplares
Lola y el monstruo (2019) 2 exemplares
L'ours polaire (2016) 2 exemplares
Bienvenidos a Grimwood (2022) 2 exemplares, 1 crítica
Le manchot empereur (2016) 1 exemplar
Benvinguts a Grimwood (2022) 1 exemplar
Bárbara tiene una rabieta (2021) 1 exemplar
Geoffrey gets the jitters (2023) 1 exemplar
¡Por los pelos! (Grimwood ; 2) (2023) 1 exemplar, 1 crítica
Lola y el dragón (2019) 1 exemplar


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¡Un zorro misterioso!
¡Una misión peligrosa!
¡Cañonazos de purpurina!

Los hermanos zorrillos Ted y Nancy están felizmente instalados en Grimwood con sus nuevos amigos. Pero un día llega un misterioso desconocido que amenaza con destruir Grimwood PARA SIEMPRE. ¿Podrá la pandilla proteger el hogar que aman?

El futuro de Grimwood está en juego… y se decidirá con un gran partido de ¡ARBOLPLOF!
bibliotecayamaguchi | Mar 8, 2024 |
Silliness, adventure, friendship, and all sorts of unexpected mishaps and moments create tons of ridiculous humor with animals to root for.

Ted and Nancy are sibling foxes, who lived in the city until a very obnoxious Princess Buttons (spoiled-to-the-max-cat) forces them to move to the Grimwood forest and stay out of her sight. Luckily, the great outdoors isn't quite as grim as its name. Although they're off to a rough start, have tons to discover, and are still running from a ridiculous cat, Ted and Nancy are in for all sorts of the most unexpected ways.

While this is a book with all sorts of animals, it is by no means a book just for animal fans. There is snappy dialogue, hilarious back-and-forths, edge-of-the-seat tension, and even heart. It's wacky and yet, holds so much more as Ted and Nancy have to deal with all sorts of situations around them, while also battling usual sibling problems. The other creatures add everything from help to irritation to threatening moments, and each of these has a very distinct personality, which pops off the page. And that with a guarantee of constant laughs and snorts.

The illustrations add to the humor and are sprinkled in generously. While the first pages had me wondering if it will be carried by illustrations, this is a true chapter book with tons of visual fun. The text sticks at a reading level, which requires a surety of words and strengthens vocabulary here and there. It's a read to enjoy and launches off the series in the right way. I received a complimentary copy and was surprised by how much adventure accompanies the humor.
… (mais)
tdrecker | 1 outra crítica | Jul 3, 2023 |
Picture books for children
Personal conduct
Senior women
kmgerbig | 7 outras críticas | Apr 15, 2023 |
Ted y Nancy son dos hermanos zorrillos. Buscan refugio en Grimwood esperando encontrar paz y tranquilidad. En lugar de eso se encuentran con águilas ladronas, patos melodramáticos, conejos revoltosos… y una aventura que no olvidarán jamás.
bibliotecayamaguchi | Mar 15, 2023 |


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