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Smut: Chapters 10, 12, 13, 14

Rating: 8/10

First Sentence: “Harry Potter you listen to me this instant!”


On Whom the Pale Moon Gleams is a Harry Potter/The Walking Dead crossover fanfiction, set mainly in the Walking Dead universe. The prologue does take place in the Harry Potter universe but, after Harry, Sirius, and Remus fall through the veil in the Department of Mysteries, they find themselves stranded in the Walking Dead universe, and this is where the rest of the story takes place.

The first part of the story describes Harry, Sirius, and Remus’ lives as they establish themselves in a seemingly magicless world, with the knowledge that a major upheaval is imminent, but unaware of what form it will take. The second part of the story takes place months after the outbreak begins when Harry encounters Merle while he is handcuffed to the pipe. Joining the Grimes group, Harry accompanies them on their journey, all the time evaluating the individual members to establish whether they are worth bringing home to the haven he and his godfathers have established.

The timeline is established in the prologue author notes, and again in the first paragraph of the prologue, so you won’t be left wondering about Harry’s age in the story, and the few time skips are clearly indicated. The main ships are Harry/Daryl/Merle, Wolfstar, and the whole Lori/Rick/Shane debacle. Unsurprising to the Walking Dead fans, this story contains a lot of cursing and other foul language, including racial slurs and homophobic language, so if that’s going to offend you, best not to read it.

The story is well-written. Harry Potter fans won’t have any problems following the story, even if they haven’t watched The Walking Dead. Walking Dead fans may be a little lost in the prologue if they haven’t read or watched Harry Potter, but should be fine after that. It’s well edited, funny, and engaging, and the first sentence is brilliant, immediately catching our attention and forcing us to stand up and take notice. The merging of the two fandoms is believable and I was completely invested in the characters. I was particularly impressed that the Blacks were planning for the long-term survival of humanity – burning bodies, avoiding genetic bottlenecks, that kind of thing – rather than simply surviving the here and now.

I like the way the relationship between Harry and the Dixon’s developed. It’s sweet in that gruff, outdoorsy kind of way and none of the three dominate over the others, nor are they feminised or infantilised.

This isn’t a story for fans of Lori, Shane, or Rick as the trio are treated even more harshly than they are in the series. On the other hand, if you’re a fan of Daryl or Merle, you’ll love the opportunity to dig a little deeper into their characters. Merle is an absolute riot when dealing with the children, especially Harry’s siblings.

Harry’s interactions with Dr Jenner were poignant. I enjoyed their professional discussions and the respect Dr Jenner had for Harry, due to his association with his wife. Harry is probably my favourite character in this story. I love when Harry is written as a strong character, in charge of his own destiny. This Harry is intelligent, confident, assertive, and opinionated (and not afraid to show it). He isn’t without flaws, though. He’s kind, compassionate, and resourceful, but he’s also calculating and ruthless, and he can be cruel when riled.

Overall, I give this story eight out of ten. It’s a story I’ll reread frequently.


Favourite Quotes

‘Maybe it was over a dozen years of having to obey Petunia immediately or having Minerva McGonagall for his Head of House or being friends with Hermione Granger…sort of. But whatever caused it, Harry knew instinctively that when an individual of the female gender got that tone in her voice, he damn well better stop, shut up, and pay attention... Neville, growing up with his Gran, froze as well, being equally as well-trained as Harry regarding female tones.’ (Ch1: Prologue) Lol.

‘And then, two weeks after Harry returned from his first year at medical school, the Dead began to Walk.’ (Ch2: Chapter 1) Love this sentence. Dramatic.

‘“It’s happened.”’ (Ch3: Chapter 2) I Love this sentence. It’s ominous, with an aura of gravity and finality. It reminds me of the transition between books 4 & 5 of HP – it’s all getting darker now.

‘Raz was three now and Jamie two.

And they were growing up in a world where the dead came back to life and were hungry.’ As a parent this hit me hard. I am also reminded of Molly’s fear for her children during the second wizarding war.

‘”Lions or lambs.” Remus said philosophically. “Anyone will kick or bite if cornered. And locked up with the walking, biting, dead is one hell of a corner.”’ I like the metaphor used here, as well as the point Remus is making.

‘Part of him – the annoying hero-saving-people-thing part – complained over the loss of life that might result. It badgered him about playing judge and jury – the same as it had screamed at him over killing two of the prisoners. But Harry just found his inner Slytherin and beat up the hero and duct-taped it in a corner of his mind.

He made these decisions so his family would be safe – and so they wouldn’t have to.

His conscience could bare the burden of lost lives. Sirius and Remus – wonderful Gryffindors they are – were just too damned noble to weigh the cost of their family versus innocent lives. It was where Harry had no issues beyond a pesky conscience every now and again. The results of childhood abuse and being trained to make the hard decisions by a manipulative old goat.’ (Ch4: Chapter 3) Explains why Harry is the way he is and prepares the reader for cynical Harry. Also, I just like the way it reads.

‘Trouble as always, following Rick Grimes like fleas on a hound.’ (Ch6: Chapter 5) Love the imagery in this simile. Also, does this remind you of anybody?

‘The fuckers with their straight pussy talk and their straight macho attitudes and their straight…straightness.’ (Ch7: Chapter 6) Lol.

‘”Some days.” Merle told him gruffly, mesmerizing lust-soaked emerald eyes with his burning gaze. “I don’t know if you’re an angel sent to save me or a demon to tempt me down into my own hell.”’ (Ch10: Chapter 9)

‘Blood ran thick over his hands, spilling out onto the tile floor and scented the air to the point he could taste the sickly coppery taint on his tongue. (Ch15: Chapter 14) The imagery here is amazing.

‘…the midwifery book he’d consumed like a starving man…’ (Ch15: Chapter 14)


Hope, he sometimes thought, was more evil than hate or rage or despair.

At least those didn’t raise you up only to cast you down.

If sins and virtues were demons and angels, Hope would be the former masquerading as the latter.’ (Ch15: Chapter 14)
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