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Charles Simic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, immigrated with his family to Chicago in 1954, and was educated at New York University. Although his native language was Serbian, he began writing in English. Some of his work reflects the years he served in the U.S. Army (1961--63). He has been mostrar mais awarded a MacArthur Foundation fellowship, a Guggenheim Foundation grant, and a National Endowment for the Arts award. "My poetry always had surrealistic tendencies, which were discouraged a great deal in the '50's," the poet said, but such tendencies were applauded in the 1970s and his reputation consequently flourished. His poems are about obsessive fears and often depict a world that resembles the animism of primitive thought. His work has affinities with that of Mark Strand and has in its turn produced several imitators. Simic was appointed the fifteenth Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress in 2007 (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Conhecimento Comum



Some of these short poems delight me with the poet's everyday metaphors and his sardonic wit like "Looking for a Soul Mate," a sort of dating app description "Recovering puff pastry and almond cookie addict,,,Now seeks a comfortable brownstone free of cats/..And where he'll be free to mingle with bankers and lawyers/And sit in their wives' laps like a much-pampered pet." Or "Meet Eddie" "Whose life is as merry as a beer can/Hurling down a mountain stream...Are you ready to meet your Maker?"
Others didn't work as well for me, like his soulful verse about God and Satan, each playing Solitaire ("Dark Night") or "Passing Through," but I like his dogs, his cats, his fish, his fleas and birds and poems of winter. My favorite was this one (perhaps the emblematic-of-the book?) line "About life being both cruel and beautiful" and "the sight of a dog free from his chain."

"So Early in the Morning"
It pains me to see an old woman fret over
A few small coins outside a grocery store -
How swiftly I forget her as my own grief
Finds me again - a friend at death's door
And the memory of the night we spent together.

I had so much love in my heart afterward,
I could have run into the street naked
Confident anyone I met would understand
My madness and my need to tell them
About life being both cruel and beautiful,

But I did not - despite the overwhelming evidence:
A crow bent over a dead squirrel in the road,
The lilac bushes flowering in some yard,
And the sight of a dog free from his chain
Searching through a neighbor's trash can.

If you want to read the best review of this book, see s.penkevich https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22752746-the-lunatic?from_search=true&fr...

… (mais)
featherbooks | May 7, 2024 |
Curiosando tra i nuovi arrivi in biblioteca, la mia attenzione è stata catalizzata da questo libretto di 150 pagine scarse. Sono rimasta colpita dal titolo: Il mostro ama il suo labirinto. Mi è subito venuto in mente il Minotauro, che, rinchiuso nel Labirinto perché Minosse si vergognava di lui, si suppone odiasse la sua prigione. Invece, Simic ci dice che lo ama: una sorta di Sindrome di Stoccolma dei luoghi. Forse il Minotauro è grato a Minosse per averlo nascosto dalle pubbliche manifestazioni di orrore nei suoi confronti. O forse è solo felice di poter svolgere il suo ruolo di mostro con l'approvazione del re.

Comunque sia, Il mostro ama il suo labirinto è un taccuino, un insieme di pensieri sparsi del poeta. Si va dai suoi ricordi personali a pensieri fulminei (e poco lusinghieri) su politici e intellettuali. A Simic piace stravolgere il modo comune di vedere le cose (e qui ricorda un po' Il dizionario del diavolo di Ambrose Bierce) e spesso ci ricorda la bellezza della corporeità e della carnalità che la religione e il cosiddetto amore puro amano demonizzare e svilire in virtù della presunta superiorità dell'anima e degli alti sentimenti.

”Ti fanno male” mi dicono i miei amici. Come se fra me e l'immortalità si frapponessero soltanto un paio di salcicce.

Non dimentichiamoci che anche Romeo e Giulietta ogni tanto scoreggiavano e si grattavano il culo.

La bellezza di un attimo fuggente è eterna.
… (mais)
lasiepedimore | 2 outras críticas | Aug 28, 2023 |
Un libro con in copertina una fotografia di Saul Leiter parte molto bene, dunque io lo compro a scatola chiusa, ignaro dell'autore e immaginando un saggio su temi di estetica o storia dell'arte. Scopro - prima ammissione di ignoranza - che Simic è un poeta. Leggendo i primi scritti, mi ritrovo in un mondo di filosofia letta di notte, salsicce, blues strazianti, casualità con cui fare i conti, fotografie misteriose. E le prime 100 pagine circa volano con gran piacere, fra un riferimento a Emily Dickinson e uno a William Carlos Williams (che conosco solo grazie a Paterson di Jarmusch - seconda ammissione di ignoranza). Le pagine successive - che non sono poche - diventano un po' più frammentarie in quanto maggiormente legate a recensioni (di esposizioni o testi). Emergono riflessioni nuovamente vitali - per esempio quelle autobiografiche o lo scritto su Cornell - ma su un tono minore rispetto a quello della per me folgorante apertura di libro. A ogni modo, lettura piena di libertà, ironia e meraviglia, che lascia almeno un paio di compiti a casa (leggere le poesia di Simic - e anche quelle di Williams e Vicente Huidobro, magari).… (mais)
d.v. | 1 outra crítica | May 16, 2023 |
The poems in No Land in Sight include those whose vivid imagery imprinted on my brain.


Slinky black dress
On a wire hanger
In an empty closet
its door slid open

To catch the draft
From an open window
And make it dance
As in a deep trance

The empty hangers
Clicking in unison
Like knitting needles
Or disapproving tongues.

from No Land in Sight by Charles Simic

And poems of insight into the common experience.

In the Lockdown

I might have gone stir-crazy,
If not for my memories,
Those lifelong companions
Cooped up with me for months
And eager to console me

With stories of men and women
Who withdraw from the world,
And endured years of solitude
And dark nights of the soul
Thriving in some hole-in-the-wall

Where they found lasting peace
Obeying a voice in their heads
Telling them to just sit quietly,
So that the quiet can teach them
Everything they ought to know.

from No Land in Sight by Charles Simi

There are personal memories of a life unlike my own.

Where Do My Gallows Stand?

Outside the window
I looked out as a child
In an occupied city
Quiet as a graveyard.

from No Land in Sight by Charles Simic

Many of the poems are reductions that pack a punch bigger than their size would indicate. Charles Simic writes of quietly falling snow, dogs barking in the night, the hopefulness of an old woman going to the mailbox. Commonplace visions reveal depths of emotion, a few overheard words paint a portrait.

The opening poem is Fate, consisting of one line: “everyone’s blind date.” We ruefully chuckle.

At first I was puzzled by these poems, seemingly so direct and transparent. As I read on, I realized their beauty and truth. I will seek out his earlier work.

I received a free book from A A Knopf. My review is fair and unbiased.
… (mais)
nancyadair | Aug 29, 2022 |



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