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Science fiction writer Dan Simmons was born in East Peoria, Illinois in 1948. He graduated from Wabash College in 1970 and received an M. A. from Washington University the following year. Simmons was an elementary school teacher and worked in the education field for a decade, including working to mostrar mais develop a gifted education program. His first successful short story was won a contest and was published in 1982. His first novel, Song of Kali, won a World Fantasy Award, and Simmons has also won a Theodore Sturgeon Award for short fiction, four Bram Stoker Awards, and eight Locus Awards. He is also the author of the Hyperion series, and Simmons and his work have been compared to Herbert's Dune and Asimov's Foundation series. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Obras por Dan Simmons

Hyperion (1989) 11,318 exemplares
The Fall of Hyperion (1989) 6,499 exemplares
The Terror (2007) 4,562 exemplares
Endymion (1996) — Autor — 4,357 exemplares
Ilium (2003) 4,095 exemplares
The Rise of Endymion (1997) — Autor — 3,961 exemplares
Drood (2009) 2,939 exemplares
Olympos (2005) 2,851 exemplares
Carrion Comfort (1989) 2,066 exemplares
Summer of Night (1991) 1,859 exemplares
Song of Kali (1985) 1,734 exemplares
Children of the Night (1992) 1,247 exemplares
A Winter Haunting (2002) 993 exemplares
The Hollow Man (1992) 941 exemplares
The Hyperion Omnibus [2-in-1] (1989) 776 exemplares
Flashback (2011) 671 exemplares
The Abominable (2013) 651 exemplares
Prayers To Broken Stones (1991) 616 exemplares
Black Hills (2010) 611 exemplares
Phases of Gravity (1989) 562 exemplares
Darwin's Blade (2000) 501 exemplares
Lovedeath (1993) 481 exemplares
The Fifth Heart (2015) 455 exemplares
Hardcase (2001) 449 exemplares
The Crook Factory (1999) 441 exemplares
Fires of Eden (1994) 412 exemplares
Hard Freeze (2002) 331 exemplares
Hard as Nails (2003) 302 exemplares
The Endymion Omnibus [2-in-1] (1996) 265 exemplares
Hyperion, Part 1 (1989) 236 exemplares
The Fall of Hyperion, Part 1 (1990) 193 exemplares
Hyperion, Part 2 (1989) 185 exemplares
Muse of Fire (2007) 185 exemplares
The Fall of Hyperion, Part 2 (1990) 172 exemplares
Carrion Comfort, Part 1 of 2 (1992) 151 exemplares
Carrion Comfort, Part 2 of 2 (1992) 147 exemplares
Endymion, Part 1 (1995) 107 exemplares
The Rise of Endymion, Part 2 (1997) 106 exemplares
The Rise of Endymion, Part 1 (1997) 105 exemplares
Endymion, Part 2 (1996) 104 exemplares
Ilium, Part 1 (2003) 77 exemplares
Ilium, Part 2 (2003) 74 exemplares
Olympos, Part 1 (2005) 45 exemplares
Olympos, Part 2 (2005) 38 exemplares
This Year's Class Picture (2015) 29 exemplares
Carrion Comfort. Part 2 of 4 (1995) 28 exemplares
Carrion Comfort. Part 1 of 4 (1995) 26 exemplares
Carrion Comfort. Part 3 of 4 (1995) 26 exemplares
Carrion Comfort. Part 4 of 4 (1995) 25 exemplares
Summer Sketches (1992) 23 exemplares
Iverson's Pits (2003) 19 exemplares
Omega Canyon (2019) 13 exemplares
Going After the Rubber Chicken (1991) 9 exemplares
Banished Dreams (1990) 9 exemplares
E-ticket To Namland (1987) 8 exemplares
[unidentified works] 8 exemplares
Olimp (Ilium #2) (2010) 7 exemplares
Metastasis 7 exemplares
Entropy's Bed at Midnight (1990) 7 exemplares
Flashback {short story} (2011) 7 exemplares
The Great Lover (2014) 6 exemplares
The Terror: Volume 1 (2011) 5 exemplares
La mort du centaure 5 exemplares
Death in Bangkok 4 exemplares
Ilium and Olympos 3 exemplares
Carrion Comfort, Part 3 of 3 (1998) 2 exemplares
Carrion Comfort, Part 1 of 3 (1998) 2 exemplares
The Hollow Man / Muse of Fire (2011) 2 exemplares
Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos, #1) (2009) 2 exemplares
The Terror: Volume 2 (2011) 2 exemplares
Dying Is Easy Comedy is Hard — Autor — 2 exemplares
The Vanishing 2 exemplares
The Ninth of Av 1 exemplar
Pad Hyperiona : roman (1994) 1 exemplar
Hyperion & Endymion 1 (2008) 1 exemplar
The End of Gravity 1 exemplar
Summer of Night, Part 2 of 2 (1999) 1 exemplar
Summer of Night, Part 1 of 2 (1999) 1 exemplar
Carrion Comfort, Part 2 of 3 (1998) 1 exemplar

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The Living Dead (2008) — Contribuidor — 900 exemplares
Far Horizons (1999) — Contribuidor — 764 exemplares
Songs of the Dying Earth (2009) — Contribuidor — 614 exemplares
The New Space Opera (2007) — Contribuidor — 540 exemplares
Dark Visions (1988) — Contribuidor — 522 exemplares
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a ler (3,695) Americano (159) antologia (1,406) autografado (326) colecção (155) contos (1,101) Dan Simmons (308) e-livro (493) encadernado (258) Fantasia (1,259) Ficção (4,816) ficção científica (1,707) Ficção científica (8,055) ficção especulativa (209) Ficção histórica (582) goodreads (218) histórico (172) Hyperion (267) Hyperion Cantos (328) Kindle (198) lido (745) Livro de bolso (267) Mistério (398) Mitologia (183) own (295) por ler (529) possuído (178) primeira edição (178) Religião (167) Romance (592) Science Fiction/Fantasy (158) sff (424) Suspense (188) Século XX (149) Série (250) terror (3,376) thriller (401) Vampiro (357) Viagem no tempo (186) ópera espacial (608)

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Nome legal
Simmons, Dan
Data de nascimento
Local de nascimento
Peoria, Illinois, USA
Wabash College (AB|English|1970)
Washington University, St. Louis (MEd|1971)
teacher (high school English)
Prémios e menções honrosas
World Horror Convention Grand Master Award (2013)

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Dan Simmons (born April 4, 1948) is an American science fiction and horror writer. He is the author of the Hyperion Cantos and the Ilium/Olympos cycles, among other works which span the science fiction, horror, and fantasy genres, sometimes within a single novel. Simmons' genre-intermingling Song of Kali (1985) won the World Fantasy Award. He also writes mysteries and thrillers, some of which feature the continuing character Joe Kurtz.

Born in Peoria, Illinois, Simmons received a B.A. in English from Wabash College in 1970 and, in 1971, a Masters in Education from Washington University in St. Louis.

He soon started writing short stories, although his career did not take off until 1982, when, through Harlan Ellison's help, his short story "The River Styx Runs Upstream" was published and awarded first prize in a Twilight Zone Magazine story competition, and he was taken on as a client by Ellison's agent, Richard Curtis. Simmons' first novel, Song of Kali, was released in 1985.

He worked in elementary education until 1989.



Would you Drood with me? *Spoilers May Lurk Here* em The Green Dragon (Agosto 2022)
Historical Horror Novels by Dan Simmons em Thing(amabrarian)s That Go Bump in the Night (Abril 2009)
science fiction book em Name that Book (Dezembro 2008)


On the face of it, a book about the 'true' story behind the unfinished 'Mystery of Edwin Drood' which Dickens was halfway through when he died, sounded interested. The story is narrated by Wilkie Collins, known for 'The Lady in White' and 'The Moonstone', being a memoir which he intends should be read only long after his death in the 1880s. For this reason, he often addresses the 'Dear Reader' he imagines will read this in the future.

One unfortunate glitch early on and throughout is the use of American terms by a nineteenth century Englishman: sidewalk instead of pavement, drapes instead of curtains and various others including gotten, the use of which died out well before the nineteenth century. So that was irritating.

It's hard to review this book because it encompasses so many things. The core is the relationship between the younger, forty-something, Collins and Dickens who is about a decade older. Despite what appears to be a warm friendship on the surface - the two men went on various adventures together when they were younger and Collins is a frequent visitor to Dickens' home - Collins is eaten up with envy which develops into a hatred of Dickens that eventually becomes potentially murderous. His character is chockful of flaws, including casual racism (possibly endemic for that era so not unique to him) and misogyny - to him, women are animalistic and bovine - and he has a serious laudanum and opium addiction which worsens over time and eventually involves morphine prescribed by his doctor for his rheumatic gout.

Given that he is drinking enough laudanum to kill anyone who hasn't built up his tolerance level, and pays regular visits to opium dens, he is an unreliable narrator par excellence. Eventually it becomes impossible to believe anything he tells the reader because it becomes so extreme. He is also repellent as a character, especially to anyone with sympathy for either animals or downtrodden individuals such as his common law wife or the servants.

Another issue is that the writing is turgid - if meant to be an imitation of the style of Dickens etc, it doesn't come over as that. Whenever he mentions anybody, Collins gives their entire name, multiple times within a scene, and everything is spelled out repetitively, with constant reminders about things already mentioned, as if the author is being paid by the word. All this contributes to a book that is nearly 900 pages long, and has no need to be - it would have benefited from a lot of judicious editing. There are some powerful scenes of action, but most of the story is so overworked that it becomes tedious, especially with the unnecessary background research recounted in practically every scene. The style and info-dumping more or less kill any suspense that might otherwise attend the appearances of the supernatural Drood and his followers. And the scene on the stairwell involving a certain luckless maidservant is more reminiscent of 'Alien' than anything and has no explanation whatsoever.

I checked Wikipedia to see if any of it had a basis in fact: Collins did live with a widow called Caroline and her daughter, and would not marry her, and she did marry a man with the same name as her second husband in the book, but returned to Collins. Frankly, given how in the book he engineers for her to have such an unhappy marriage, that fails to convince, but of course the real story must have been quite different. He also had children with another woman, as in the novel, but Wikipedia disagrees on the number and gender. And the material on the ex-police chief Charles Field doesn't square with the facts, since he died four years after Dickens, not before him, and only had his pension suspended for four months - reinstated by the Home Secretary because he had already given up the private enquiry work to which the authorities objected.

The problem I find most extreme is that, if Dickens' apology late on in the book is meant to be "true" in the context of the story, it's difficult to know what actually does and doesn't happen. This makes the whole story rather meaningless. At the end, having forced myself through the last two or three hundred pages just to find out what happened, it wasn't at all clear if Collins broke the 'spell' he had been under. Given that I found the book so disappointing, I can only give it one star.
… (mais)
kitsune_reader | 155 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
There's already a blood bath by page 50 and a main character is killed off half way with the whole thing becoming more and more preposterous.
kitsune_reader | 50 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
Continuation of this mind boggling epic. There's a lot to keep in mind in these books and I found some aspects of the denoument rather unconvincing.
kitsune_reader | 116 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
I wanted to like this more. It has vast world building and complexity, and layers where religious imagery is played with, for example, an isolated community controlled by a cruciform parasite, and a pilgrimage to mysterious tombs by pilgrims who tell each other stories en route like a futuristic Canterbury Tales. It also reminds me in some ways of 'Dune'. The relationship between the man and his daughter who was aging backwards was moving.

Although I'm used to SF, there is a lot of mind boggling stuff in this book and its sequel. They also might not be a good read for people who don't like graphic violence.… (mais)
kitsune_reader | 264 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |


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