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Marilyn Singer was born in the Bronx, New York, on October 3, 1948, and lived most of her early life in North Massapequa on Long Island. She attended Queens College, City University of New York as an English major and education student, and for her junior year, attended Reading University, in mostrar mais England. She holds a bachelor's degree in English from Queens and a MA in Communications from New York University. Marilyn Singer had been teaching English in New York City high schools for several years when she began writing in 1974. Initially, she wrote film notes, catalogues, teacher's guides and filmstrips. She also began looking into magazine writing. Her article proposals were not very successful, but she did manage to have some of her poetry published. Then one day she penned a story featuring talking insects she'd made up when she was eight. Encouraged by the responses she got, she wrote more stories and in 1976 her first book, The Dog Who Insisted He Wasn't, was published. Since then, Marilyn has published more than 50 books for children and young adults. In addition to a rich collection of fiction picture books, Singer has also produced a wide variety of nonfiction works for young readers as well as several poetry volumes in picture book format. Additionally, Singer has edited volumes of short stories for young adult readers, including Stay True: Short Stories for Strong Girls and I Believe in Water: Twelve Brushes with Religion. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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On the Same Day in March: A Tour of the World's Weather (2000) — Autor — 486 exemplares
I'm Your Bus (2009) 462 exemplares
Nine O'Clock Lullaby (1991) 304 exemplares
Turtle in July (1989) 221 exemplares
Tallulah's Tutu (2011) 131 exemplares
Monster Museum (2001) 127 exemplares
Stay True: Short Stories for Strong Girls (1998) — Editor — 110 exemplares
Tallulah's Nutcracker (2013) 108 exemplares
Chester the Out-of-Work Dog (1839) 99 exemplares
Venom (2007) 92 exemplares
City Lullaby (2007) 90 exemplares
Tallulah's Toe Shoes (1812) 79 exemplares
A Full Moon Is Rising (2011) 75 exemplares
Fireflies at Midnight (2003) 75 exemplares
Quiet Night (2002) 74 exemplares
A Pair of Wings (1878)algumas edições68 exemplares
Minnie's Yom Kippur Birthday (1989) 67 exemplares
Best Day Ever! (2021) 66 exemplares
Eggs (2008) 64 exemplares
Tallulah's Solo (2012) 64 exemplares
Creature Carnival (2004) 61 exemplares
A Wasp Is Not a Bee (1995) 60 exemplares
A clue in code (1985) 58 exemplares
I'm Getting a Checkup (2009) 54 exemplares
Tallulah's Tap Shoes (2015) 54 exemplares
Face Relations: 11 Stories about Seeing beyond Color (2004) — Editor — 52 exemplares
Ghost Host (1986) 52 exemplares
Josie to the Rescue (1999) 49 exemplares
I Believe in Water: Twelve Brushes with Religion (2000) — Editor — 47 exemplares
The Dog Who Insisted he Wasn't (1976) 46 exemplares
What Stinks? (2006) 41 exemplares
Tarantulas on the Brain (1982) 38 exemplares
The Golden Heart of Winter (1991) 35 exemplares
The Maiden on the Moor (1994) 34 exemplares
What Is Your Dog Doing? (2011) 32 exemplares
Monday on the Mississippi (2005) 32 exemplares
The Painted Fan (1994) 32 exemplares
Shoe Bop! (2008) 32 exemplares
Miss Muffet, or What Came After (2016) 31 exemplares
Caterpillars (2011) 30 exemplares
Horsemaster (1985) — Autor — 30 exemplares
The Boy Who Cried Alien (2012) 29 exemplares
Didi and Daddy on the Promenade (2001) 27 exemplares
The Superheroes Employment Agency (2012) 25 exemplares
Let's Build a Clubhouse (2006) 25 exemplares
Tallulah's Ice Skates (2018) 23 exemplares
In the Palace of the Ocean King (1995) 22 exemplares
Archer Armadillo's Secret Room (1985) 19 exemplares
Deal with a Ghost (1997) 17 exemplares
What's an Apple? (2016) 17 exemplares
What's a Banana? (2016) 16 exemplares
Solomon Sneezes (Growing Tree) (1999) 15 exemplares
The Morgans' dream (1995) 15 exemplares
Exotic Birds (1991) 15 exemplares
In My Tent (1992) 14 exemplares
Fred's Bed (Harper Growing Tree) (2001) 14 exemplares
Block Party Today! (2004) 13 exemplares
Charmed (1990) 13 exemplares
Ways to Say I Love You (2022) 13 exemplares
Dog Says, Cat Says (2022) 12 exemplares
California Demon (1992) 12 exemplares
It Can't Hurt Forever (1978) 12 exemplares
Lizzie Silver of Sherwood Forest (1986) 12 exemplares
Boo Hoo Boo-Boo (Growing Tree) (2002) 12 exemplares
Good Day, Good Night (1998) 11 exemplares
Float, Flutter (Ready-to-Reads) (2019) 11 exemplares
The Pickle Plan (1978) 10 exemplares
Family Reunion (1994) 9 exemplares
The Circus Lunicus (2000) 8 exemplares
Gulp, Gobble (Ready-to-Reads) (2019) 8 exemplares
The Fido Frame-up (1983) 8 exemplares
Several Kinds of Silence (1988) 7 exemplares
Sky Words (1994) 7 exemplares
The First Few Friends (1981) 7 exemplares
The case of the cackling car (1985) 6 exemplares
A Nose for Trouble (1985) 6 exemplares
Leroy Is Missing (1984) 4 exemplares
Big Wheel (1993) 3 exemplares
The Case of the Fixed Election (1989) 3 exemplares
The Lightey Club (1987) 3 exemplares
Como se Diz Amo-te 2 exemplares
WaystoSayILoveYou (2020) 2 exemplares
Le Solo d'Emilie 2 exemplares
Solomon Sneezes 1 exemplar
Charmed hb 1 exemplar
No Applause Please (1985) 1 exemplar

Associated Works

Shattered: Stories of Children and War (2002) — Contribuidor — 146 exemplares
Twice Told: Original Stories Inspired by Original Artwork (2006) — Contribuidor — 111 exemplares
Sports Shorts (2005) — Contribuidor — 49 exemplares


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Queens College (BA)
New York University (MA)
high school English teacher



LizzieSanders | 37 outras críticas | Apr 28, 2024 |
1. I would recommend this book to early elementary school students.
2.This book goes through the ups and downs for dogs in one day. It explains what it feels like to be happy and sad in a day.
3.I didn't really like this book too much because it is advertised as an inclusive book but honestly really isn't inclusive. Yeah one of the secondary characters is a kid in a wheelchair but it really isn't all that inclusive.
Jennamh8 | 4 outras críticas | Apr 17, 2024 |
(89 pages) This book is about all kinds of animals from all over the world that are venomous. It goes into detail about snakes, spiders, scorpions and even into things like birds. I think that this book would be good at Middle Ages, a little older but not yet into middle school age, as it is a lot longer. I think that it would be a good read aloud book, only if you break it into sections as it is pretty long.
ChrisHoltGFU | 10 outras críticas | Mar 6, 2024 |
Super interesting book! Great visuals. I think that this would be a huge hit in 3rd-5th grade!
stewartj22 | 10 outras críticas | Mar 6, 2024 |



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