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Tantalize (2007) 1,424 exemplares
Eternal (2009) 706 exemplares
Jingle Dancer (2000) 544 exemplares
Ancestor Approved: Intertribal Stories for Kids (2021) — Editor — 298 exemplares
Blessed (2011) 275 exemplares
Rain Is Not My Indian Name (2001) 258 exemplares
Hearts Unbroken (2018) 257 exemplares
Santa Knows (2006) 212 exemplares
Holler Loudly (1656) 191 exemplares
Indian Shoes (2002) 184 exemplares
Diabolical (2012) 121 exemplares
Sisters of the Neversea (2021) 112 exemplares
Cat Calls [short story] (2010) 79 exemplares
Feral Nights (2013) 72 exemplares
Tantalize: Kieren's Story (2011) 59 exemplares

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BooksInMirror | 41 outras críticas | Feb 19, 2024 |
This was action-packed and very well-written. It lived up to the hype for me. I love that Peter Pan is the villain and that he has the opportunity to be somewhat redeemed.
LibrarianDest | 6 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |
I liked this book and I appreciate that it's a rarity: a contemporary everyday life YA novel by and about a Native woman (she is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation as is her main character). How many of those are published each year? Not many, which is a shame.

The writing was good on the sentence level, but felt choppy overall at times. Transitions between scenes and chapters were sometimes a little disorienting. You might be able to attribute that to the first-person narration. Louise has a lot going on in her life -- on top of all the stuff every teen deals with she carries that double consciousness that can come with belonging to a marginalized group. She doesn't just suspect that people around her are racist -- they full-on are. If I had a boyfriend who was straight up openly racist in front of me, I'd be worried about what I did to make him think that he could get away with it. Louise quickly ends the relationship, but it takes a toll on her.

As the title suggests, this is a story about resilience, not just Louise's but her family's. I loved Hughie her little brother and both of her parents. I was not as drawn into the love story, but I imagine it will appeal more to teenagers.
… (mais)
LibrarianDest | 21 outras críticas | Jan 3, 2024 |
Stories rated by enjoyment. While this anthology wasn’t for me, I’m always glad for more diverse stories.

What Is a Pow Wow (3 stars)
A cute, healthy portrayal of a mom’s boyfriend and a kid bonding.
Fancy Dancer (2 stars)
Grandad finds his love for dance again.
Warriors of Forgiveness (2 stars)
Feels way too good to be true. Not the part about some older people’s too-trusting nature. That was accurate.
Brothers (3 stars)
Rez Dogs (2 stars)
Strong ending
Secrets and Surprises (2 stars)

Wendigos Don’t Dance (3 stars)

Indian Price (3.5 stars or 4ish)

Senecavajo (2.5 stars)
Unlikely friendship with the school bully? I guess. Still, I liked this one.
Squash Blossom Bracelet: Kevin’s Story (3 stars)
Ohhh, a dual POV. Somehow, I liked Kevin’s narrative the slightest bit more than Alan’s.
Joey Reads the Sky (3 stars)

What We Know About Glaciers (3.5 stars)
If you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re no good to anyone else.
Little Fox and the Case of the Missing Regalia (2 stars)

The Ballad of Maggie (3 stars)

Bad Dog (3 stars)

Between the Lines (3 stars)

Circles (3.5 stars)
… (mais)
DestDest | 15 outras críticas | Nov 28, 2023 |



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