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Sherwood Smith writes fantasy and science fiction for young adult and adults. She received a master's degree in history and worked for twenty years as a teacher. Her first book was Wren to the Rescue and she has written more than thirty books since then including the Exordium series with Dave mostrar mais Trowbridge and two of the books in the Solar Queen series with Andre Norton. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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King's Shield (2008) 393 exemplares
Crown Duel (1997) 379 exemplares
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A Posse of Princesses (2008) 280 exemplares
Court Duel (1998) 277 exemplares
Treason's Shore (2009) 275 exemplares
Wren's War (1995) 264 exemplares
Coronets and Steel (2010) 251 exemplares
A Mind for Trade (1997) 230 exemplares
Derelict for Trade (1997) 223 exemplares
The Phoenix in Flight (1993) 201 exemplares
Banner of the Damned (2012) 195 exemplares
Echoes in Time (1999) — Autor — 194 exemplares
A Stranger to Command (2008) 185 exemplares
Atlantis Endgame (1967) 176 exemplares
The Trouble with Kings (2008) 174 exemplares
Stranger (2014) 162 exemplares
The Spy Princess (2012) 139 exemplares
Once a Princess (2009) 132 exemplares
Blood Spirits (2011) 122 exemplares
Senrid (2007) 116 exemplares
Ruler of Naught (1993) 116 exemplares
A Prison Unsought (1994) 94 exemplares
The Rifter's Covenant (1995) 86 exemplares
The Thrones of Kronos (1996) 86 exemplares
Wren Journeymage (2010) 85 exemplares
Revenant Eve (2012) 80 exemplares
Lhind the Thief (2013) 76 exemplares
The Emerald Wand of Oz (2005) 70 exemplares
Twice a Prince (2009) 65 exemplares
A Sword Named Truth (2019) 54 exemplares
Danse de la Folie (2012) 49 exemplares
Time traders III (2002) 45 exemplares
Trouble Under Oz (2006) 43 exemplares
Remalna's Children (2011) 41 exemplares
Rondo Allegro (2014) 34 exemplares
Hostage (2015) 34 exemplares
The Borrowers: A Novelization (1997) 34 exemplares
Journey to Otherwhere (2000) 29 exemplares
Augur's Teacher (2001) 27 exemplares
Fleeing Peace (2011) 25 exemplares
Visions from the Sea (1989) 23 exemplares
Sasharia En Garde (2015) 22 exemplares
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Rebel From Alphorion (1988) 20 exemplares
Sartor (2012) 18 exemplares
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Lhind the Firebird (2020) 13 exemplares
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Antiphony (2023) 4 exemplares
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Whispered Magics (2013) 3 exemplares
Beauty [Short Story] 2 exemplares
Summer Thunder (2007) 2 exemplares
Jane Austen After (2015) 2 exemplares
Dorothy of Oz (2002) 1 exemplar
Being Real (2012) 1 exemplar

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{first in Dobrenica trilogy; fantasy, Zenda, Ruritanian romance, adventure}(2010)

I like Smith’s Sartorias-deles series (starting with the Inda tetralogy) and was recommended this series. I recently re-read Prisoner of Zenda 💔and I really enjoyed Smith’s Crown & Court. I was in the mood for a fantasy with a (clean) romance so this is my first pick for the year.

Aurelia (named after her grandmother) Kim Murray - known as Kim - from Los Angeles has made a trip to Europe on a tight budget to try to solve the family mystery of where her mum and grandmother originally came from. While there she is kidnapped, having been mistaken for a missing duchess (also named Aurelia, though she prefers to be called Ruli) and consequently finds answers to her questions - which just lead to more questions. So she travels to the tiny, oft-overlooked kingdom of Dobrenica (where the missing Ruli hails from) to look for more answers and inadvertently becomes embroiled in their politics which leads to more adventures.

This is a modern day Ruritanian romance, but with a touch of fantasy, very much based on Prisoner of Zenda which book Smith mentions several times in her story, down to the nickname of the missing royalty: Ruli instead of Rudy. There were a couple of spots where I thought Kim jumped to a conclusion too fast, or maybe we just weren’t on the same wavelength, but that was a passing niggle.

While it may not be quite as rollicking as Prisoner of Zenda it still has plenty of swash and buckle, especially for a contemporary novel; Kim is an accomplished dancer and fencer (she has had to abandon her university team's fencing competition for her trip). The ending felt a bit abrupt but it is the first in trilogy and - because I had read the synopsises of the next two books - I was anticipating the twist.

So, if you haven’t read the synopses for the other books yet, then don’t.

I am looking forward to reading the sequels. (I just hope there's no Rupert of Hentzau plot waiting for me, though Tony (the character based on Rupert) is still lurking in the wings.)

(January 2024)
4.5 stars
… (mais)
humouress | 15 outras críticas | Feb 10, 2024 |
I loved this book. It was immersive and detailed, had sympathetic characters, competent women (even if the main character is male) and intricate societies. I always love descriptions of loyalty, and this book delivered. Reading about the bonds Inda forms with those around him and his own loyalty to others was deeply satisfying to me.
zjakkelien | 27 outras críticas | Jan 2, 2024 |
I love the characters in this book, and the story is interesting. The main characters are male, but there is good female representation. I think the book has some pacing issues, though. It can drag a bit, which makes it easy to lay aside.
zjakkelien | 14 outras críticas | Jan 2, 2024 |



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