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After being told by dates that she's a bit too much for them to handle, the heroine decided to stop dating for now and just focused on her job, the heroine prepares to be alone during the holidays. Yet an unforeseen situation before a major blizzard prompted the heroine to ask the help of her neighbor, the hero who ghosted her years ago. And as the storm raged on, the hero and the heroine must face their past and their simmering attraction for each other in this Jaqueline Snow book.

This book has a nice cover and title that definitely grabbed my attention. Though the book is set during the holiday season, the vibe doesn't reflect the holiday cheer so much as being mentioned in the story. The hero and the heroine are reflective of the grumpy/sunshine trope, which is one that I love to read about. I would have liked some more details added in the story, including a bit more about the hero to give a better image of this character in my mind. It would have also been nice if the story had shown the first meeting between the two main characters, rather than being told about it. Therefore, the book is an enjoyable read but it does feel like it needs a bit more to the story.

** Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own. **
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DilowRosas | 1 outra crítica | Oct 3, 2023 |
Snowed in for Christmas by Jaqueline Snowe
Contemporary romance. Grumpy sunshine troupe. Opposite attracts.
Becca Fairfield has the school holiday planned with hot cocoa and plenty of books. As soon as all the girls leave for home, she’ll have the sorority house to herself along with a break from her job duties as house Mother. What she didn’t plan for was a broken window, a once-in-a-century blizzard and a power outage.
When the power goes out, Harrison Cooper offers Becca a place to stay warm at his house next door. He has plenty of chopped wood for the fire and lots of blankets to keep them warm in front of the fire. He will need to apologize for not calling her after their date two years ago. He wasn’t ready for a relationship then. Now keeping warm in the blizzard may require some skin to skin heat. You know. Just to keep warm and pass the time.

A romance that will warm your heart. Becca is cheerful and helpful and driven to help people. Even though Harrison disappeared and disappointed her, she’s willing to be friendly and helpful to him. Maybe that means she needs to teach him a few things. And she does end up helping him see his current coaching method isn’t bringing his team together with any goal beyond winning. Her acceptance of his silence also makes him step up and do a better job of expressing his thoughts. I loved how she brought out his words.
It’s also a romance that is very hot and steamy. Sexy times three.
His sister and her family were bonus “aww” moments.

I received a copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher.
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Madison_Fairbanks | 1 outra crítica | Oct 2, 2023 |
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I tried really hard to like this story. I am a teacher and it started out the year with all the excitement of a new year. The enthusiasm of all the teachers was spot on. The love of teaching came through, but…. I just could not get into the love/hate thing going on between the main characters. I could not relate to the teacher using her own money to buy THAT much while the rest of us WISH we could have her throw-aways. On the other hand, I had trouble relating to him and his animosity for her money. Too much was going on for the love to be any more than passion.… (mais)
stacy.brown | 1 outra crítica | Jun 9, 2022 |
I love the World of True North that Sarina Bowen has created so I was beyond thrilled to find out that other authors would be writing books set in this world. This is my first book by Jacqueline Snowe and I cannot wait to read more by her because I LOVED this book.

Jonah and Ryanne's story was so good I could not put it down. This is definitely my favorite book in the Moo U series so far. I loved the two main characters as well as all the secondary characters and the story and setting fascinated me.

I am very excited to read more books that take place in the World of True North as I know there will be several by a variety of authors coming out soon. This is a relatable place with characters you truly care for and want to see a happy outcome given to.
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KateKat11 | 2 outras críticas | Sep 24, 2021 |


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