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This is a handbook for practitioners versed in the research behind hope. It includes sections on the fundamentals of Dr. Snyder's Hope Theory, how hope develops and can wane, measuring hope, and theory-based applications. It also contains chapters on hope in special situations, including raising children, aging, living with AIDs or cancer or acquired disabilities, hope in diversity, surviving trauma, in depression or panic attacks. Highly recommended for life and career coaches, educators, leaders and others who are willing to work to gain a stronger theoretical and empirical base for their efforts.… (mais)
DaveShearon | Jun 19, 2008 |
This collection of essays was quite satisfying to this serious layperson. This is not a fluffy self-help book, but rather a treasure trove of research on the mechanisms of coping. Different sections reveal different approaches to the subject, with significant listings of references for those who wish to study further. That said, the articles are well-written so as to be accessible to a suitably interested layperson with a minimum background in psychology. Carefully note the title: this is not simply a book on pathology but also describes positive findings, which I would imagine would be very useful for those in health professions other than psychology (e.g., nurses.) I got mine used, and I doubt a layperson would find it worth the full price new, but the text was definitely worth keeping around as a reference.… (mais)
WalkerMedia | Jul 18, 2007 |

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