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Gary Soto was born April 12, 1952, and raised in Fresno California. He graduated from Roosevelt High School and attended Fresno City College, graduating in 1974 with an English degree. His poems have appeared in many literary magazines, including The Nation, Plouqhshares, The Iowa Review, Ontario mostrar mais Review and Poetry, which has honored him with the Bess Hokin Prize and the Levinson Award and by featuring him in Poets in Person. He is one of the youngest poets to appear in The Norton Anthology of Modern Poetry. Soto has received the Discovery-The Nation Prize, the U.S. Award of the International Poetry Forum, The California Library Association's John and Patricia Beatty Award twice, a Recogniton of Merit from the Claremont Graduate School for Baseball in April, the Silver Medal from The Commonwealth Club of California, and the Tomás Rivera Prize, in addition to fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts twice, and the California Arts Council. For ITVS, he produced the film The Pool Party, which received the 1993 Andrew Carnegie Medal. Soto wrote the libretto for an opera titled Nerd-landia for the The Los Angeles Opera. In 1999 he received the Literature Award from the Hispanic Heritage Foundation, the Author-Illustrator Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association, and the PEN Center West Book Award for Petty Crimes. He serves as Young People's Ambassador for the California Rural Legal Assistance and the United Farm Workers of America. Soto is the author of ten poetry collections for adults, with New and Selected Poems a 1995 finalist for both the Los Angeles Times Book Award and the National Book Award. His recollections Living Up the Street received a Before Columbus Foundation 1985 American Book Award. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Too Many Tamales (1993) 2,330 exemplares
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Chato's Kitchen (1900) 800 exemplares
Taking Sides (1991) 706 exemplares
Buried Onions (1997) 482 exemplares
The Afterlife (2003) 424 exemplares
Pacific Crossing (1992) 339 exemplares
Living Up the Street (1985) 325 exemplares
The Skirt (1992) 322 exemplares
Marisol (2005) 316 exemplares
If the Shoe Fits (2002) 311 exemplares
Local News: Stories (1993) 285 exemplares
Accidental Love (1600) 271 exemplares
Jesse (1994) 266 exemplares
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Novio Boy: A Play (1600) 220 exemplares
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A Summer Life (1990) 160 exemplares
Summer on Wheels (1995) 139 exemplares
Off and Running (1832) 138 exemplares
Mercy on These Teenage Chimps (2007) 136 exemplares
Snapshots from the Wedding (1997) 135 exemplares
The Cat's Meow (1987) 126 exemplares
Crazy Weekend (1994) 116 exemplares
Petty Crimes (1998) 109 exemplares
Gary Soto: New and Selected Poems (1995) 107 exemplares
Partly Cloudy (2009) 97 exemplares
Facts of Life: Stories (1600) 90 exemplares
Help Wanted: Stories (1600) 90 exemplares
Canto Familiar (1867) 74 exemplares
Chato Goes Cruisin' (2005) 64 exemplares
Big Bushy Mustache (1998) 54 exemplares
Nerdlandia (1999) 48 exemplares
Junior College (1997) 46 exemplares
My Little Car (2006) 43 exemplares
Hey, 13! (2011) 34 exemplares
The Elements of San Joaquin (1977) 31 exemplares
Who Will Know Us (1990) 30 exemplares
Worlds Apart: Fernie and Me (2005) 24 exemplares
The Pool Party (1993) 22 exemplares
Local News with Connections (2002) 21 exemplares
Boys at Work (1995) 19 exemplares
Nickel and Dime (2000) 18 exemplares
Small Faces (1986) 16 exemplares
A Natural Man (1999) 16 exemplares
One Kind of Faith (1777) 15 exemplares
Lucky Luis (2012) 13 exemplares
Black Hair (1985) 12 exemplares
The Tale of Sunlight (1978) 9 exemplares
Home Course in Religion (1991) 9 exemplares
Lesser Evils: Ten Quartets (1988) 8 exemplares
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Poetry Lover (2001) 6 exemplares
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Instant Winner (2013) 5 exemplares
A Simple Plan (2007) 4 exemplares
Human Nature (2010) 3 exemplares
Write Idea (1993) 3 exemplares
When Dad Came Back (2011) 3 exemplares
Meatballs for the People (2017) 2 exemplares
Chato's Day of Dead (2010) 2 exemplares
Amnesia in a Republican County (2003) 2 exemplares
The Marble Champ 2 exemplares
Tamales 1 exemplar
The Afterlife 1 exemplar
To Many Tamales 1 exemplar
Seventh Grade 1 exemplar
Chatos Kitchen 1 exemplar
Too Many Tomales 1 exemplar
Lead 21 Big Bushy Mustache (2011) 1 exemplar
Isolation Ward 1 exemplar
La Bamba 1 exemplar

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Independent Reading Level: 3rd-5th Grade
Awards: Booklist Books for Youth Editors' Choices of 1993
isabelcleveland | 159 outras críticas | Dec 5, 2023 |
A good short story about friendship and sports - basketball. Who shall lose, and who shall win? Sometimes losing is your option, and winning isn't. But how do you win? When you defeat your foes. How do you lose? When your friends lose. But what if, your friends are your foes? Well, that's what you call 'bullshit'.
qwteb | 4 outras críticas | Sep 25, 2023 |
Reading Level: 9-10
caitlynatkinson | 159 outras críticas | May 4, 2023 |
Humor, the value of friendship, and Mexican culture was all brought to life in this story with superior and vibrant illustrations. I would say the paintings or illustrations in this story was something that really set this book apart and held readers' attention throughout. The main character, Chato, exhibited true qualities of friendship, by learning that his friend, Novio Boy, strongly disliked attending birthday parties because it reminded him that he didn't know his own, nor had he ever had his own birthday party before. In attempt to uplift his friend, Chato decided to host a birthday party for Novio Boy, the very next day. Chato planned all the details that were typical in their birthday parties, including: ordering his favorite mouse cake, inviting all their friends, making traditional Mexican food, putting up a pinata, and setting up birthday games-not to mention that everyone had brought gifts! The only problem was, Novio boy was nowhere to be found on the day of his party and Chato forgot the most important part-to invite Novio Boy! At last, Novio Boy made his appearance after much searching and friends making statements about how much they missed him. Novio boy could not have been more excited or surprised! Novio boy told his scraggly cat friends that he brought with, "These guys are my familia (family)." The resolution to this story is what makes this relatable to children, as it gives hope that even though your family life or past experiences may not be pleasant, there can always be family found in friendship.… (mais)
AshleyNettleton | 42 outras críticas | Jan 16, 2023 |



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