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Thomas Sowell is the Rose and Milton Friedman Senior Fellow on Public Policy at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.


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The Vision of the Anointed (1995) 863 exemplares
Black Rednecks and White Liberals (2005) 822 exemplares
Economic Facts and Fallacies (2008) 740 exemplares
Intellectuals and Society (2010) 582 exemplares
Applied Economics (2004) 515 exemplares
Race and Culture: A World View (1994) 504 exemplares
The Quest for Cosmic Justice (1999) 461 exemplares
Knowledge & Decisions (1980) 364 exemplares
Discrimination and Disparities (2018) 341 exemplares
Ethnic America: A History (1981) 330 exemplares
Inside American Education (1993) 286 exemplares
The Housing Boom and Bust (2009) 266 exemplares
Marxism: Philosophy and Economics (1985) 240 exemplares
Civil Rights: Rhetoric or Reality? (1984) 222 exemplares
A Personal Odyssey (2000) 220 exemplares
The Thomas Sowell Reader (2011) 185 exemplares
Intellectuals and Race (2013) 167 exemplares
The Economics and Politics of Race (1983) 140 exemplares
Social Justice Fallacies (2023) 101 exemplares
On Classical Economics (2006) 92 exemplares
Classical Economics Reconsidered (1974) 84 exemplares
Charter Schools and Their Enemies (2020) 79 exemplares
Late-Talking Children (1997) 78 exemplares
A Man of Letters (2007) 77 exemplares
Markets and Minorities (1981) 55 exemplares
Race and Economics (1975) 33 exemplares
Say's Law: An Historical Analysis (1972) 17 exemplares
Some Thoughts about Writing (2001) 10 exemplares
American Ethnic Groups (1978) (1978) 6 exemplares
Economics : analysis and issues (1971) 4 exemplares
Race, Culture, and Equality (1998) 3 exemplares
Endangered Freedom (1988) 2 exemplares
New Black Voices (1924) 1 exemplar
Fakty i mity w ekonomii (2008) 1 exemplar
Applied Economics 1 exemplar
Patterns of Black Excellence (1977) 1 exemplar

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On the Firing Line: The Public Life of Our Public Figures (1989) — Contribuidor — 113 exemplares
Keeping the Tablets: Modern American Conservative Thought (1988) — Contribuidor — 58 exemplares
Good Order: Right Answers to Contemporary Questions (1995) — Contribuidor — 23 exemplares
Race Relations: Opposing Viewpoints (2000) — Contribuidor — 14 exemplares


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The second book in the Race, Migrations, Conquests and Cultures series, this book focuses on migrations, offering the reader a history of migrations in the history of the world, especially in the modern era. The purpose of the book is not to present a comprehensive history of migrations, however. Its purpose if to present the different causes of migration, their patterns and their commonalities, all with a reference to the cultures of the peoples involved. The differences and similarities between several, though not all, of the most important migration movements are clearly presented and explained. Particularly interesting is the fact that the original culture of the migrating peoples can have lasting repercussions in their performance within the receiving society. As usual, Thomas Sowell himself displays a breathtaking knowledge and culture. His style is very clear and engaging, making the reading (or the listening to the audiobook, as was my case) a real pleasure. Due to my own background, I was disappointed with the lack of a chapter about the migrations of the Portuguese, which is a saga well worth telling. I guess I will have to wait for someone with Sowell's talent to write it. I think I will have to wait a long, long time.… (mais)
MMSequeira | Apr 17, 2011 |
Another great book by Thomas Sowell. Though it is the third book in a trilogy, I have read it in isolation. It is as engaging, insightful, and clearly written as all the other Sowell books. I highly recommend it.
MMSequeira | 3 outras críticas | Mar 3, 2011 |



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