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Rick Springfield has been writing and performing music for more than four decades. He maintains an active touring schedule, playing more than one hundred dates per year around the world. He lives in Malibu, California, with his wife, Barbara.
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I read this book as part of a literary dare of sorts. At a recent party I met a 20-something guy who revealed to me that he had been in rehab for six months during the pandemic. I told him that everyone I know who had been in rehab (regardless of what sort of addiction) had read The Heroin Diaries, and told me that everyone in rehab loved that book. He admitted that he had read a dog-eared copy he found in the tv room at the rehab. that he loved it, and that all of his rehab freinds had also read and loved it. Then he went on to say that he loved a lot of other rock star bios as well, even those by artists whose work he did not like or was unfamiliar with. And so we threw down, challenging the other to read a bio by a rock star they did not like or did not really know much about. He named three books he assumed would work for me by that measure. This book (I have NEVER been a Rick Springfield fan, and until I read this was not aware he recorded any song other than Jesse's Girl), Jewel's memoir (again, a solid choice), and the Autobiography of Gucci Mane (which was a bad choice because I already read it and LOVED it.) I chose this one and am happy I did so. (He is reading Keith Richards' Life at my behest, and he reports he is loving it -- I still marvel that I know people so young they really know nothing about the Rolling Stones.)

I guess it won't surprise anyone that our erstwhile heartthrob is not deep. It is also not surprising that this lack of depth is blasted into sharp relief when he is trying to show how deep he is. One moment he is bemoaning the toxic masculinity rampant in Australia, and the next moment there is elegiac tribute to the toned women and the men who live to drink and fight. One moment he is going on about how he is a good man fighting a sex addiction, the next moment he is going on about how his wife is everything to him and we should not judge her for staying with him when he has shagged hundreds (thousands?) of women while they have been together, though he knows it destroys her. (I am judging her tbh, but not 1/10th as harshly as I am judging him.) The moment after than he is writing tortured songs about the women he is shagging that his wife will have to hear. (Or maybe she won't? I mean does anyone listen to Rick Springfield other than Jesse's Girl?) And speaking of songs, I felt bad because Rick talks about how he works through his intense feelings through music and how listening to some of his songs is really hard for him as a result (not because they are so bad but because they really get to his heart.) Then he provided some of the lyrics. I laughed and laughed. Hallmark would fire him for being too simultaneously goopy and superficial. I only read the words, the tunes might be delightful, but holy hell those are some godawful lyrics. All of them! An example for you:

Oh my God!
It's my life
What am I doing kicking at the foundation?
That's right
My life
Better start looking at my destination.

I told you it was bad. And that really is one of the better lyrics quoted in the book.

Despite all this, I generally enjoyed reading this. Rick has a clear voice that I liked. No one is going to accuse him of sounding too much like an MFA. The man that wrote those lyrics above wrote this, and you can tell. Still, I liked it. The book also has some organizational issues. He repeats himself several times in later chapters, apparently forgetting he already told us some of those things. And Rick is a navel gazer. He is a self-help loving, Eastern religion appropriating, one-with-nature type of fool. And with all that he is perhaps the least self-actualized person whose memoir I have read. He says low-key offensive things about Asian, Black and LGBTQ+ people, and it is obvious he doesn't see it. He talks about busting out of his whore Madonna mindset, and then every woman in the book is a whore or a Madonna (or someone about whom he thinks nothing other than whether or not she is gay or straight -- bi appears not to be an option.) His wife is constantly referred to as his princess, as being perfect. There is never any indication he sees her as a dimensional human being. It is no wonder he cheats -- he has far less respect for her as a sentient being than he has for his dogs (whom he really loves and brings to life on the page.)

I don't mean to castigate Rick. He is who he is. He talks openly about his struggles with depression and sex addiction which is a good thing. He celebrates the noble things he does a little too much so it is clear then do not come from real generosity, but he thinks about trying to do the right thing (he doesn't really do the right thing very much, but he thinks about it.) In the end, this was generally fun and worth the read. Also, I owned it from some long ago library bag day sale, so I got one more book off the shelf winging its way to the donation bin. So it is a win! I alternated audio (read by Mr. Springfield), and hardback here, and both are worthwhile. It is hard to recommend one over the other, but i did like the pictures in the text version.
… (mais)
Narshkite | 13 outras críticas | Jul 31, 2022 |
Check out my review...http://shannonsbookbag.blogspot.com/2011/01/late-late-at-night-memoir-springfield.html
ShanLand | 13 outras críticas | Feb 28, 2022 |
Somewhere or other I ran across a mention of a memoir written by Rick Springfield of his life's adventures. It mentioned his struggle with depression and the ups and downs of an emerging rock star of his times. Sounded interesting so I checked it out.

I had really not known much about him other than name recognition and his biggest hit, "Jessie's Girl" which was deserving as a big hit. Not so familiar with his General Hospital gig, as I am not a babe.(joke alert) The book for he most part I found fascinating. If he truly wrote it himself without a ghost writer, impressive writing skills.

The one thing you can say about this guy is he lived a pretty full life with some amazing twists and turns. From his hardscrabble early days in Australia, to a rock tour of Vietnam in the day (wow), to his emergence in the US as I would say a minor to semi-major star. I had to chuckle at him being miffed by people confusing his name and being overshadowed by Bruce Springsteen. "Oh, yeah I have heard of him."

From the personal side we get a fair insight into his depression that plagues him to this day which he refers to as Mr.D that is constantly lurking ready to strike. Yet he does not go into what he is actually feeling that drives it. The second major issue he deals with is his clear sex addiction. Let's see, a good looking rock dude and TV soap star and he has to deal with all of these women strewn in his path. How challenging. Yet he makes the most of it despite his wife on the otherside of it. Then he fesses on his guilt and relapses yet again and again. A true sign of the addict. I made me think less of him and of course as any guy, envious. And his wife sticks with him which really makes her something special and lucky for him.

And on the flipside he also shares with us his caring for a very young fan and her heartbreaking story. A classy tribute to someone who touched many lives and fortunate for him, his.

His other consuming passion are the dogs in his life. No, real dogs. This guy truly loves his dogs which were always there for him non-judgmental, unconditional. Lethal Ron and Gomer probably saved his life when it comes down to it and were so much a part of his love of life. He hopes to be joined with or reincarnated as one it seems.

Overall I could not help liking him for his straight to the heart triumphs and defeats which he relays in an honest and human relatability. If that makes any sense. Rick made the big time and it wasn't easy. I think he discovers also, all that glitters, sometimes doesn't. A good story and hopefully a good ending.
… (mais)
knightlight777 | 13 outras críticas | Jan 1, 2022 |
What I love about this book is the candid honesty. Rick discusses his battle with depression, infidelity, death of his father, love of his life, his family, and the ups and downs in his life. I appreciate the fact that he is really in your face and no hold bar when he talks about what has happened in his life. I think this removes the star quality and makes him appears as normal as anyone else. This is a good insight to Rick and his music. I have to say that I truly respect him for being honesty. He already beats himself up for his mistakes in life as it is evident throughout his book; therefore I tried to read the book without judgment. I was able to relate personally to the death of his father and the loss of a baby as I have been there myself. This is a good read for any RS fan that wants the raw reality, not the sugar coated version of his life.… (mais)
MzKitty | 13 outras críticas | Sep 18, 2016 |


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