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Date with Death (2017) 106 exemplares
L'Auberge (2011) 67 exemplares
Date with Malice (2017) 66 exemplares
Date with Mystery (2018) 55 exemplares
Date with Danger (2019) 34 exemplares
The Parisian's Return (2012) 34 exemplares
Date with Poison (2019) 33 exemplares
Date with Deceit (2020) 24 exemplares
Date with Betrayal (2021) 24 exemplares
The French Postmistress (2013) 22 exemplares
Date with Evil (2022) 21 exemplares
A Fête to Remember (2014) 13 exemplares
Last Chance in the Pyrenees (1800) 7 exemplares
A Christmas Wedding (2014) 1 exemplar

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Not my usual read, but I found the whole series in colourful paperback at a local bookshop and was intrigued. I didn't buy the paperback, of course, I 'borrowed' a copy from Kindle Unlimited, but the advertising certainly worked! Also, who can beat a good Yorkshire setting?

Samson and Delilah - see what she did there? - find themselves reluctantly working alongside each other in the small Dales village where they both grew up. She runs the DDA - Dales Dating Agency - and is a computer tech, while he also runs the DDA - Dales Detective Agency - and is on the run from his career in the Metropolitan Police. When three men who signed up for Delilah's speed dating evenings are found dead, Samson is hired to investigate, and Delilah also gets involved.

I did like the characters, despite the cute names, and the supporting cast in Bruncliffe as a whole. Everybody knows everybody else's business, which both helps and hinders the investigation, and very few people are happy to see Samson return after fourteen years down south. The murders kept me guessing, and reading, mainly because I'm useless at picking up clues, and I have already bought book two! (For 99p - now that's Yorkshire economics for you!)

Only one detail - I couldn't help but imagine Samson to look a little like a cross between Fabio, of the old Mills and Boon novels, and a Chippendale - must be the long hair (which I'm guessing is because of his name!) and all the stripping off he does!
… (mais)
AdonisGuilfoyle | 4 outras críticas | Jun 8, 2023 |
La pequeña comuna de Fogas en los Pirineos franceses se ha visto sacudida por la revelación de que el Auberge des Deux Vallées ha sido comprado por una pareja inglesa y no por el cuñado del alcalde como se esperaba. Con todos horrorizados ante la idea de un restaurante dirigido por ingleses y la certeza de los desastres gastronómicos, el alcalde Serge Papon está de humor para vengarse. A las pocas horas de escuchar la noticia, convocó una reunión del Comité de emergencia y comenzaron sus maquinaciones para expulsar a los nuevos propietarios. Pero el alcalde no ha contado con uno de sus adjuntos, Christian Dupuy, cuya conciencia siempre guía su política. Al negarse a tolerar los llamados del alcalde Papon a la compra obligatoria del Auberge, propone una solución alternativa que evitará que el alcalde se salga con la suya.… (mais)
Natt90 | 4 outras críticas | Jan 31, 2023 |
Cuando la oficina de correos se incendia, Veronique intenta influir entre sus contactos para recolocarse. Pero los habitantes de Fogas están demasiado ocupados para aliarse en su causa. El mayor Serge Papon, abrumado por el dolor de la muerte de su esposa, ha perdido su joi de vivre, así como su interés por la política de Fogas, y parece que el infatigable diputado Christian cuya tendresse por Veronique lo convierte en su habitual protector, muy pronto dirá au revoir al pueblo. Si a esto le sumamos la controvertida iniciativa del gobierno para reintroducir osos en el área, los habitantes de Fogas se convertirán en los testarudos que atenten contra el normal desarrollo del bendito Tour de Francia, y hasta contra la existencia de Fogas mismo.… (mais)
Natt90 | Dec 14, 2022 |
A new author/series for me, starting with no 3 in the series as the earlier 2 were unavailable at the time.

It is a cosy read, and like so many modern crime series, is equally a crime/mystery as well as a depiction of the development of the relationships of a small group of characters, this time living in the fictional town of Bruncliffe in the Yorkshire Dales in England.

The main characters are Delilah, who runs the struggling Dales Dating Agency, as well as a website maintenance business, and Samson, an undercover police officer who is currently on compulsory leave and running the Dales Detective Agency (which is run out of the same building as Delilah's businesses). Yes, Samson and Delilah!

There is a mystery as to a long deceased local as to whom a death certificate (or indeed any other evidence as to her death) can be found, and a will (newly made) which clearly names that local as a beneficiary. Why?

There are other locals, who bring a lot of colour, and sufficient hints as to both events that will have been addressed in the first two books of the series as well as unresolved hints of skull duggery which will be addressed in future books.

I expect that whether this series will appeal to you may be tested by whether you enjoy similar series such as:

- Kerry Greenwood's Corrina Chapman Mysteries (amateur detection by Corrina, a Melbourne based baker, who cooks up a storm)

- Martin Walker's Dordogne Mysteries (featuring Bruno of the local constabulary, who is not restricted to baking)

- Elly Griffiths' Dr Ruth Galloway Mysteries (forensic archaeologist who is called on to assist the local police to solve various mysterious deaths in what seems to be a crime ridden Norfolk.

I will try some more of this series, but will look for them in the used book shops rather that rush to buy them at full price.

Big Ship

29 November 2022
… (mais)
bigship | Nov 28, 2022 |

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