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Famous writer Gertrude Stein was born on February 3, 1874 in Allegheny, PA and was educated at Radcliffe College and Johns Hopkins medical school. Stein wrote Three Lives, The Making of Americans, and Tender Buttons, all of which were considered difficult for the average reader. She is most famous mostrar mais for her opera Four Saints in Three Acts and The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas, which was actually an autobiography of Stein herself. With her companion Alice B. Toklas, Stein received the French government's Medaille de la Reconnaissance Francaise for theory work with the American fund for French Wounded in World War I. Gertrude Stein died in Neuilly-ser-Seine, France on July 27, 1946. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas (1933) 2,649 exemplares
Three Lives (1909) 1,728 exemplares
Tender Buttons (1914) 870 exemplares
The Making of Americans (1934) 439 exemplares
Picasso (1938) 432 exemplares
Paris France (1940) 319 exemplares
How to Write (1973) 302 exemplares
Everybody's Autobiography (1937) 277 exemplares
Ida (1941) 241 exemplares
The World Is Round (1939) 240 exemplares
Lectures in America (1935) 162 exemplares
Three Lives and Tender Buttons (2003) 136 exemplares
Wars I Have Seen (1945) 124 exemplares
Lifting Belly (1989) 104 exemplares
Geography and Plays (1968) 99 exemplares
Lucy Church Amiably (1969) 80 exemplares
Stanzas in Meditation (1956) 80 exemplares
The Yale Gertrude Stein (1980) 80 exemplares
Last operas and plays (1949) — Autor — 76 exemplares
America and Alfred Stieglitz: A Collective Portrait (1934) — Contribuidor — 70 exemplares
A Novel of Thank You (1958) 62 exemplares
Brewsie and Willie (1946) 58 exemplares
A Stein Reader (1993) 55 exemplares
Narration: Four Lectures (1969) 54 exemplares
Mrs. Reynolds (1987) 51 exemplares
Gertrude Stein's America (1964) 49 exemplares
Gertrude Stein: Selections (2008) 42 exemplares
Not waving but drowning (2018) 40 exemplares
Useful Knowledge (1988) 36 exemplares
Food (Penguin Modern) (2018) 36 exemplares
Q. E. D. (1903) 29 exemplares
What are Masterpieces? (1940) 27 exemplares
Operas & Plays (1987) 24 exemplares
Portraits and prayers (1934) 21 exemplares
Ada (2005) 19 exemplares
Four saints in three acts (1934) 18 exemplares
History or Messages from History (1997) 14 exemplares
Ser norteamericanos 1. (1974) 11 exemplares
The Good Anna {from Three Lives} (1999) 11 exemplares
Gertrude Stein Reads (1980) 10 exemplares
Dix Portraits (1991) 9 exemplares
Mexico: A Play (2000) 8 exemplares
Melanctha (1988) 7 exemplares
Four in America (1947) 6 exemplares
Flirtare ai grandi magazzini (2008) 4 exemplares
The Gertrude Stein First Reader (1948) 4 exemplares
Milda Lena (2022) 4 exemplares
A Little Called Pauline (2020) 3 exemplares
Picasso Anciens Et Modernes (1938) 2 exemplares
Le livre de lecture 2 exemplares
If You Had Three Husbands (1915) 2 exemplares
Dikt og tekstar (1998) 2 exemplares
Melankta 2 exemplares
An elucidation 2 exemplares
The Gertrude Stein Collection (2010) 2 exemplares
Dobitnik gubi 1 exemplar
Paris France 1 exemplar
Dünya Yuvarlaktir (2021) 1 exemplar
Barriga ao alto 1 exemplar
Correspondance (2005) 1 exemplar
Conferenze americane (1990) 1 exemplar
O mundo é redondo (2020) 1 exemplar
Is Dead 1 exemplar
Motor Automatism 1 exemplar
Čitanka 1 exemplar
Texter 1908-46 (1981) 1 exemplar
la tierra natal 1 exemplar
EVA & ADELE: ADSILA (2014) 1 exemplar
Home 1 exemplar
PICASO 1 exemplar

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Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas em Legacy Libraries (Agosto 2015)


Stieglitz as receiver and medium of new cultural ideas in the USA regarding photography and modern art. An odd character, but influential in artistic circles of his generation.
sfj2 | Nov 25, 2023 |
I understand why this book is important to literature but I really did not enjoy it. This was one of a very small handful of books that made me look for excuses not to read. I forced myself to finish it because I was curious but it was not long drawn out process that I don't usually associate with reading.
jskeltz | 15 outras críticas | Nov 23, 2023 |
betty_s | 42 outras críticas | Oct 3, 2023 |
Tender Buttons Again
Review of the City Lights Publishers paperback edition (2014) edited with notes by Seth Perlow with an Afterword by poet Juliana Spahr of the original Claire Marie hardcover (1914).

Tender Buttons is written in what one might call prose, the word that tends to get used for sentences that do not follow realist conventions and instead have poetry's associational drive but not its line breaks. While it uses fairly simple language in that there are few words that require a dictionary, it indulges in a lot of grammatical variations. It runs on... it hangs fire in fragments... it frequently indulges in a fragmented listing... at moments it even manages to run on in fragments... it seems often to have a definitional desire. But it is a complicated desire. Things get defined all the time... and then Stein follows with a list of negatives... Sometimes all is grammatically set up for a definition but the words seem to have only the vaguest relation to each other. - excerpts from the Afterword by Juliana Spahr.

I read a public domain eBook of Tender Buttons earlier this summer and reviewed it as Bastardized Buttons. That was more a reflection of the lack of editorial care that went into that edition, even if it did have bonus poems included without any source references, which I then had to research for myself.

The contrast in this corrected centennial edition is immense. The editor Seth Perlow discusses the various correction sources (these are either Stein's own manuscript or her handwritten notes on either proofs or published copies) and provides a complete appendix section of the variances from the original as published in 1914. The changes are not major but there are over 100 of them. A lot of them are punctuation. It is the care and attention that went into this edition which really makes it stand out. The bonus is the wonderful Afterword by Juliana Spahr which puts Tender Buttons into the context of its modernist times in the early 20th century saying that "Tender Buttons says something feminist, something queer, something opposed to those big modernist epics such as T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" or Ezra Pound's "The Cantos", works that were being written at the time Stein was writing hers."

See the original painting at https://imgc.allpostersimages.com/img/print/u-g-PI4J850.jpg?w=1100&h=1100&am...
The cover art for this edition is cropped from the painting La Femme au Livre (Woman with Book) by Juan Gris, oil on canvas, 1926. Image sourced from AllPosters.com.

My 5 star rating is relative to the various free or cheap public domain editions which provide no additional information or context.

Trivia and Links
Tender Buttons is in the Public Domain and can be read online at various locations such as Wikisource and Bartleby [Note: the layout at Bartleby is entirely wrong with the texts all mashed together, rather than spaced out by each subject.].
… (mais)
alanteder | 14 outras críticas | Jul 17, 2023 |



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