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Maggie Stiefvater is the author of the bestselling Shiver Trilogy (Shiver, Linger and Forever) and The Raven Cycle Series. She is also the author of a book in the Spirit Animals Series (Hunted). Her title Sinner made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2014. Maggie attended Mary Washington mostrar mais College, graduating with a B.A. in history. She is also an artist, equestrian, musician, and technical editor. She enjoys writing full time from her home in Virginia. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos
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Shiver (2009) 8,180 exemplares
The Raven Boys (2012) 5,972 exemplares
Linger (2010) 4,467 exemplares
The Scorpio Races (2011) 3,411 exemplares
The Dream Thieves (2013) 3,243 exemplares
Forever (2011) 3,175 exemplares
Blue Lily, Lily Blue (2014) 2,613 exemplares
The Raven King (2016) 2,384 exemplares
Lament (2008) 1,804 exemplares
Ballad: A Gathering of Faerie (2009) 1,097 exemplares
All the Crooked Saints (2017) 1,051 exemplares
Call Down the Hawk (2019) 972 exemplares
Sinner (2014) 911 exemplares
Hunted (2014) 855 exemplares
Mister Impossible (2020) 383 exemplares
Shiver / Linger / Forever (2011) 371 exemplares
Bravely (2022) 288 exemplares
Greywaren (2022) 190 exemplares
Opal (2018) 183 exemplares
Swamp Thing: Twin Branches (2020) 145 exemplares
The Anatomy of Curiosity (2015) 109 exemplares
The Raven's Prophecy Tarot (2015) 84 exemplares
The Raven Cycle (2019) 62 exemplares
Requiem 55 exemplares
Spirit Animals, Books 1-5 (2014) 9 exemplares
Scorpio Sea Tarot (2020) 9 exemplares
#girlnovel 6 exemplares
Valente: Um sopro de magia (2024) 2 exemplares
Lament / Ballad 2 exemplares
Non Quis, Sed Quid 1 exemplar
Shiver / Linger (2010) 1 exemplar
#foolishnovel 1 exemplar
Shiver, Part 2 (2010) 1 exemplar
Ve znamení Štíra (2013) 1 exemplar
œ: ơ ʻ ư 1 exemplar
#darknovel 1 exemplar

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Kiss Me Deadly: 13 Tales of Paranormal Love (2010) — Contribuidor — 253 exemplares
Demons (2011) — Contribuidor — 64 exemplares


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Outros nomes
Hummel, Heidi
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Harrisonburg, Virginia, Amerika
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Harrisonburg, Virginia, Amerika
Mary Washington College at the University of Virginia(B.A. History)

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Margaret Stiefvater (born November 18, 1981) is an American writer of Young Adult fiction, known mainly for her series of fantasy novels The Wolves of Mercy Falls and The Raven Cycle. She currently lives in Virginia.

Stiefvater was born in Harrisonburg, Virginia. She described herself as an "anxious child with many phobias." As a child, she wanted to be a fighter pilot and race-car driver and was a voracious reader who enjoyed writing. By age 16, she was submitting manuscripts to publishers. After being home-schooled from sixth grade on, Stiefvater attended Mary Washington College, graduating with a B.A. in history. By the time she had entered college, she had already written over 30 novels, including four thrillers about the Irish Republican Army, a historical blockade runner novel, and a high-fantasy novel about "impassioned enchanters fighting among civil unrest." At 16, she legally changed her first name from Heidi to Margaret. Her maiden name was Hummel. After graduating, she worked as a portrait artist, specializing in equestrian art. In 2010, she gave a TEDx Talk for NASA entitled "How Bad Teens Become Famous People", in which she reflects on her youth as a "Bad Teen" and how those years have impacted her.
Writing career

Stiefvater published her first novel, Lament, in 2008. Before Lament had been released, she sold the rights to Ballad, the sequel to Lament, and to Shiver, the first book in the trilogy The Wolves of Mercy Falls. Shiver spent more than 40 weeks on The New York Times Best Seller list. There are over 1.7 million copies of The Wolves of Mercy Falls series in print and more than thirty-six foreign editions have been licensed.





Finished at about 1:30am on New Years Day in a hostel bathroom in Vieques where I was brushing my teeth. I haven't known how I felt about this book the entire time I've been reading it and turns out I still don't. Will I read another? idk, the cliffhanger wasn't *that* strong.
caedocyon | 392 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
Meh, meh, a resounding meh. I'm giving it two because I don't care enough to give it one.

I don't care about any of the characters, and the plot doesn't have a lot to recommend it---the whole thing is very character-driven and interpersonal. Why does Kavinsky kill himself? It's a real cop-out as far as having to address conflict to advance the plot. Is it because we care about him? (I don't.) Because we care about Ronan caring about him? (I don't.) Is he going to come back from the dead? Probably. Are we being set up for a Ronan/Adam thing? Probably, and that should be a trainwreck and a half. Do they even talk to each other? Have they ever had a conversation longer than a sentence where one deliberately provokes the other? I honestly don't recall.

I like every other character more than I like Gansey, though. His motivations are bullshit. (Rich boy wants something (unspecified) from his quest that money can't buy? IDK.) His personal struggles to be accountable for his class privilege in relationships are uninteresting to me in the absence of a larger political vision motivating it. But at least he's an emotionally mature sensitive teen heartthrob, which is an improvement over most male love interests in YA lit.

The bits I got most engaged in were the tarot bits, and only because of my outside interest---I had fun trying to interpret the cards before turning the page to see how the characters interpreted them.

ETA 4 August 2017:

I think the problem with these books is that I would read the heck out of a version that was centered around Blue and her family, where Blue gets a bigger share of the interests and motivations that are currently allocated to Gansey, and where all the boys are secondary characters and love interests. Blue has a lot more obvious motivation to be interested in the Raven King than Gansey does: she's surrounded by magic but not magical herself, so a magical quest that requires her to do lots of research into myth and history and paranormal science and come up with ways for standard scientific equipment to detect magic would be tempting. It's plausible as "the reason all the other kids at school think I'm a weirdo," which could be a great source of tension---along with, "why do you spend so much time hanging out with the ultra-wealthy assholes from the private school?" and "ugh, Adam, that kid thinks he's too good for us." And Blue investigating the nature of her own curse/fate? Awesome.
… (mais)
caedocyon | 200 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
While the writing itself is as lovely and sharp as ever, and the Lynch brothers and Jordan provide a really fun story with plenty of chaos, the plot drags its feet and feels like a LOT of filler. I think "Mister Impossible" definitely is lacking of the same luster and excitement its predecessor had, mostly because 80% of the novel feels like the directors cut of "Call Down the Hawk". There was quite a bit that was frustrating to read (characters being introduced and then immediately killed off), or came out of nowhere (Farooq x Lilliana?!). Personally, I found the plotline of the sweet metals and their creation the most interesting aspect, but even the explanation/answers for that came so late in the book I felt like a lot of time had been wasted at that point.
I'm still definitely going to read the third and final book when it comes out, but I'm desperately hoping for more fresh material and less rehashing/restating of what we already know.
… (mais)
deborahee | 17 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |
Actual Rating: 4.50

Minus points for saying "Depending on where you began the story" way too many times; for the entire existence of the Laumonier triplets who added literally NOTHING to the story; wasted pages about Piper and her super lame husband; the disappointment of what was in that final cave; and for a rushed feeling climax.

Plus point for Henry Cheng (bless his soul); the wonderful friendship of this group; the lovely, haunting writing; Ronan's whole arc; the openness for future books; the bird chasing scene; and that my favorite character (for once!) DID NOT DIE.

I'm looking forwards to a reread of this series at some point. Definitely a completely original, gorgeous series that I'm sad to see come to a close...but it feels right.
… (mais)
deborahee | 114 outras críticas | Feb 23, 2024 |



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