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Escape room (2017) 179 exemplares
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Fright night (2018) 73 exemplares
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Escape Room 2.0 (2022) 2 exemplares
No exit (2023) 1 exemplar
Escape game (2021) 1 exemplar
Verliefd op alle 3 (2013) 1 exemplar
escape room 1 exemplar


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Stoffels, Maren
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Stoffels, Maren Inne
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Stoffels, Karlijn (moeder)



Some stories dig in their claws and don't let you go, and some leave off in a murky place between what is right and what is wrong. This read does both.

Lexi has been handling the suicide of a friend better than her cousin and best friend has, but the aftermath has left its marks even on her. When she's invited by a strange woman in red to join in on a new Escape Room with her best friend as her partner, Lexi figures it's worth a go. The woman claimed it was an experience like no other, and Lexi soon realizes the dark truth behind the woman's words. But by then, it's too late. The game has already begun.

This is the second novel from this author on this theme, and while it might carry a tie or two to that one, it is a novel all of its own. The tale switches between various perspectives, allowing the reader to sink into three of the four players' heads. There's also an excerpt, every now and then, which comes from notes of a psychiatrist, who is handling one or two of the players in the aftermath. This switching around is no problem to follow and hits the needed views at the right times to give impact and depth. And there is depth.

Each of the characters comes with their own angles...and not only the four players. The wide array of difficulties they've faced and decisions they've made create an understanding for each one. No one is simply crazy but carries complexities. Still, this depth never bogs down or slows down the pace of the story as it heads from one dangerous situation to the next. The tension remains high the entire way through. The clues are very well laid, the situations unexpected, and the danger deadly. Underneath all of this is a driving goal, whose intentions leave food for thought.

This is a quick, grabbing read which had me unable to put it down until the last page. Even those who don't want to dive into a longer, deeper novel will enjoy this one. The moments are thrilling, the twists unexpected, and the ending whispers the haunting promise of more to come. I received a DRC and was caught up in the tale until the end.
… (mais)
tdrecker | 1 outra crítica | Apr 13, 2024 |
Two teams participate in identical escape rooms with a dark twist.

Readers will never look at escape rooms the same after reading Maren Stoffels take on it. Four participants receive business cards inviting them to an escape room challenge. They soon realize the dark sinister identical escape rooms is nothing like they thought. The participants are split into two teams and must use clues found in coffins. Welcome to the dark side of escape room 2.0.

I enjoyed this book with its heart stopping plots and twists. I highly recommend this book.… (mais)
wolfshirem | 1 outra crítica | Mar 26, 2024 |
Not the worst I’ve read, but certainly not the best either. It reminded me of the Fear Street books by RL Stine. The characters were one dimensional and had no personality so it was difficult to tell them apart. The “killer’s” reason for doing what they were doing was dumb. And no one actually dies? There’s also a forced outing of a gay character that felt gross. Would not recommend.
LynnMPK | 5 outras críticas | Jul 23, 2023 |


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