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Page-turner, pretty good. Thought I had it figured out but my theory got turned on it's head, was not expecting the killer to be who it was.
cactuscat | 47 outras críticas | Dec 31, 2023 |
3,5 stars rounded up
This was an easy one to get into. It was very reminiscent of the TV Show the Killing that the author screen wrote and produced. The main detectives reminded me a little of the main detectives in the show Broadchurch but without the humor.
I'm not 100% sure that this type of thriller is for me. Having read this and the Snowman earlier this year, I did like both a lot, but don't remember much about them after I've finished reading.
I would like to read another one though, maybe one I don't try to cast/dramatize in my head as I'm reading!… (mais)
Danielle.Desrochers | 47 outras críticas | Oct 10, 2023 |

Dark and suspenseful , The Chestnut Man is a gripping noir novel set in Copenhagen.
A series of gruesome murders appear to be connected with the presence of a 'chestnut man' left with the mutilated bodies of the victims at all the crime scenes . What complicates matters further is a partial fingerprint on the chestnut figures matching that of the daughter of Rosa Hartung, Minister for Social Affairs .The daughter was kidnapped and presumed murdered a year ago and though the body was not recovered , the man who committed the crime was captured and incarcerated.
Detective Naia Thulin and Mark Hess are tasked with finding the pepetrator . Hess , waiting for news of his fate on his career with Interpol and Thulin looking to tranfer out of her present department are not too happy with being paired in the investigation but they eventially work well together , doggedly pursuing a violent criminal who seems to always be a step ahead .
Though the book is on the lengthy side the author manages to keep it tight and fast paced.Tense and atmospheric , full of many twists and turns, The Chestnut Man by Soren Sveistrup is hard to put down. I watched one episode of the Netflix series before I decided that I needed to read the book and I'm so glad that I did.
… (mais)
srms.reads | 47 outras críticas | Sep 4, 2023 |
Despite being a book-loving, super-nerd, barely anyone recommends me books! It's kind of funny that no one does, but lucky for me I have a nerdy book loving friend who showed me The Chestnut Man. They recommended me the book and I decided that I would honour this once in a lifetime recommendation and read the book ASAP!

The Chestnut Man is an insane mystery book that is packed full of crime, murder, and brutality. If you love a great crime mystery that takes you on a roller coaster and has you guessing every step of the way, then this book is for you. It's even more shocking when you find out that this is the author's debut novel! This book feels like it's written by a seasoned professional. Regardless, here's the quick run down"

There's a murderer going around Copenhagen murdering people and leaving behind little chestnut men dolls. What's even spookier than dead people popping up with dolls made out of chestnuts and matchsticks is that each chestnut man has the finger print of a missing girl on them... And somehow, all of these crimes are going to be connected. This twisted tale will guide you down a path of curiosity, confusion, and crime.

I was glued to this book and could barely put it down! The book is absolutely gruesome and an R rated thriller, but man was it engaging, paced well, and just all around a great read. There are so many crime and thriller books, television shows and movies that sometimes it feels like we've already seen every story possible. The Chestnut Man didn't make me feel like that and I was guessing along the way about what twisted turn the plot was going to take next.

I recommend this book to those who love a good crime thriller and want something a little darker. Also, side note, this book has apparently been adapted by Netflix so I guess I'm going to have to watch that!

Five out of five stars.
… (mais)
Briars_Reviews | 47 outras críticas | Aug 4, 2023 |



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