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French writer and politician Alexis de Tocqueville was born in Verneuil to an aristocratic Norman family. He entered the bar in 1825 and became an assistant magistrate at Versailles. In 1831, he was sent to the United States to report on the prison system. This journey produced a book called On the mostrar mais Penitentiary System in the United States (1833), as well as a much more significant work called Democracy in America (1835--40), a treatise on American society and its political system. Active in French politics, Tocqueville also wrote Old Regime and the Revolution (1856), in which he argued that the Revolution of 1848 did not constitute a break with the past but merely accelerated a trend toward greater centralization of government. Tocqueville was an observant Catholic, and this has been cited as a reason why many of his insights, rather than being confined to a particular time and place, reach beyond to see a universality in all people everywhere. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos


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Democracy in America (1835) 5,793 exemplares
Democracy in America, Volume I (1835) 1,050 exemplares
Democracy in America {abridged} (1956) 1,021 exemplares
Recollections (1893) 190 exemplares
Memoir on Pauperism (1997) 86 exemplares
Letters from America (2000) 57 exemplares
Journey to America (1959) 44 exemplares
A Fortnight in the Wilderness (1998) 40 exemplares
Writings on Empire and Slavery (2000) 33 exemplares
Journeys to England and Ireland (1958) 33 exemplares
American Institutions and Their Influence (1851) — Autor — 31 exemplares
The Tocqueville Reader: a Life in Letters and Politics (2002) — Autor — 30 exemplares
Tocqueville's America (1983) 18 exemplares
Tocqueville : Oeuvres, Tome 3 (2004) 16 exemplares
Regards sur le Bas-Canada (2003) 10 exemplares
Minnen (2015) 7 exemplares
Cogunlugun Zorbaligi (2020) 6 exemplares
Democratie wezen en oorsprong (2004) 6 exemplares
Dizionario delle idee (1997) 6 exemplares
Le despotisme démocratique (2009) 4 exemplares
Discursos y escritos políticos (2005) 4 exemplares
Un Perfil de Norteamérica (1997) 3 exemplares
Inéditos sobre la revolución (1973) 3 exemplares
Democracy in America 3 exemplares
Seconde lettre sur l'Algérie (2003) 3 exemplares
Discorso sul diritto al lavoro (1996) 3 exemplares
Correspondencia (1985) 3 exemplares
Wspomnienia (1987) 2 exemplares
Democracy in America (abridged) — Autor — 2 exemplares
Viaggi (1997) 2 exemplares
Tocqueville au Bas-Canada (2017) 2 exemplares
Toqueville (2013) 2 exemplares
Oeuvres choisies 2 exemplares
De la colonie en Algérie (1837) — Autor — 2 exemplares
Viaggio in America, 1831-1832 (1909) 2 exemplares
Dawne rządy a rewolucja (2019) 1 exemplar
Listy (1999) 1 exemplar
Scritti politici (2013) 1 exemplar
Kleine politische Schriften (2014) 1 exemplar
Vita attraverso le lettere (1996) 1 exemplar
Das Zeitalter der Gleichheit (1954) 1 exemplar
Il vecchio regime 1 exemplar
Journey To America 1 exemplar
Memoria sobre el pauperismo (2003) 1 exemplar

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Lapham's Quarterly - The Future: Volume IV, Number 4, Fall 2011 (2011) — Contribuidor — 23 exemplares
The liberal tradition in European thought (1971) — Contribuidor, algumas edições17 exemplares
Sources: Notable Selections in American Government (1996) — Contribuidor — 10 exemplares
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Civiliser la démocratie (1998) — Contribuidor — 3 exemplares


Conhecimento Comum

Nome canónico
Tocqueville, Alexis de
Nome legal
de Tocqueville, Alexis-Charles-Henri Clerel
Outros nomes
DE TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis-Charles-Henri Clerel
DE TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis Charles Henri Clerel
Data de nascimento
Data de falecimento
Localização do túmulo
Tocqueville Cemetery, Normandy, France
Local de nascimento
Paris, France
Local de falecimento
Cannes, France
Causa da morte
Locais de residência
Cannes, France
Verneuil-sur-Seine, Île-de-France, France
Paris, France
Collège Royal, Metz
Lycée Fabert, Metz
political philosopher
Chamber of Deputies (1839)
Prémios e menções honrosas
Académie française (1841)

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Alexis de Tocqueville was a political thinker and writer still famous today especially for his Democracy in America, the classic work that appeared in two volumes in 1835 and 1840 following his travels in the USA. Also in 1835, de Tocqueville married Mary Motley, an Englishwoman, against the wishes of his family because she was not an aristocrat.



Excellent first-hand analysis of the early decades of the USA, and its imperfect attempts to create a genuinely 'democratic' state, from an intellectual who had also witnessed the near-parallel development of the French state from the revolution to the dictatorship of Napoleon and beyond.
sfj2 | 33 outras críticas | Apr 25, 2024 |
Alexis de Tocqueville compares with disinterested honesty 19th century Democracy, especially American democracy, with the European aristocracies that preceded it. In this two-volume work, he outlines both the benefits and dangers of both social orders. With the certain knowledge that the age of the aristocracy is passed, de Tocqueville writes with the ultimate hope that his book will serve as a warning to citizens under democratic rule, that they will not succumb to the apathy that is their greatest enemy, which would allow the government to pursue its natural tendency to metastasize into the private realm of citizen, governing an ever greater number of minutiae in the personal lives of its subjects, and annulling the freedom that was originally sought in creating a democracy… (mais)
Coffeehag | 33 outras críticas | Oct 5, 2023 |



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