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Born in Newark & schooled in his father's bar, Nick Tosches is one of the most original & individualistic writers at work today. He is the author of acclaimed biographies of Sonny Liston, (The Devil & Sonny Liston), Dean Martin (Dino), the Mafia financier Michele Sindona (Power on Earth), & Jerry mostrar mais Lee Lewis (Hellfire); of several books about popular music (Country & Unsung Heroes of Rock 'n' Roll); & of the novels "Trinities" & "Cut Numbers". Thirty years of his writing was recently collected into "The Nick Tosches Reader" (Da Capo). He is a contributing editor of "Vanity Fair". He lives in New York City, & his poetry readings are legend. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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Obras por Nick Tosches

In the Hand of Dante (2002) 643 exemplares
Dino (1992) 264 exemplares
The Devil and Sonny Liston (2000) 205 exemplares
Where dead voices gather (2001) 157 exemplares
The Last Opium Den (2001) 133 exemplares
Trinities (1994) 122 exemplares
The Nick Tosches Reader (2000) 109 exemplares
Me and the Devil: A Novel (2012) 105 exemplares
King of the Jews (2005) 101 exemplares
Cut Numbers: A Novel (1988) 89 exemplares
Under Tiberius (2015) 82 exemplares
Power on Earth (1986) 45 exemplares

Associated Works

Nightmare Alley (1946) — Introdução, algumas edições690 exemplares
The Cool School: Writing from America's Hip Underground (2013) — Contribuidor — 79 exemplares
The Italian American Reader (2003) — Prefácio — 25 exemplares
Penthouse Magazine | October 1988 (1988) — Contribuidor — 1 exemplar


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With a subtitle like "The Twisted Roots of Rock 'n' Roll", I was expecting a somewhat different book; perhaps a Country music version of Hollywood Babylon. Instead I got a sometimes hard to follow, potted history of Country music, with surprisingly meagre references to some big names of Country music (and in Johnny Cash's case, that reference isn't positive).

The characters that gain the most coverage in Country are Emmett Miller, who Tosches considers the true father of Country music, and Jerry Lee Lewis, who obviously caught Tosches attention enough that he would subsequently write a whole book about the Killer.

If nothing else, Country made me search out Emmett Miller on You Tube.
… (mais)
MiaCulpa | 2 outras críticas | Dec 19, 2022 |
Et si ?

Et si Jésus n’avait été qu’une espèce de petit bandit minable manipulé qui se serait retrouvé pris à son propre jeu ?

Rigolo, avec des longueurs et quelques bonnes tranches impies de grasseries blasphématoires. Et quand je dis ça…

Et quelques piques anticléricales, athées, agnostiques ou antireligieuses assez bien senties
noid.ch | 5 outras críticas | Mar 14, 2022 |
I'm going to give up on this one. Life's too short to listen to all this foul-mouthed egotistical babble.
I get the point, the author inhabits the caricature of himself to play with your mind and undermine the foundations of "literature" and the publishing industry, but I just got bored.
Phil-James | 13 outras críticas | Oct 1, 2021 |
A wealth of information about country and early rock music, but also bluegrass, soul, r&b, blues, rockabilly and any number of genres and styles that brushed up against each other and country.

Nick Tosches in the preface says, as far as country, he likes "the old stuff. At once so real and so fraudulent, so repressed and so uncontrollable." He lauds Emmett Miller, virtually unknown now, as "one of the most intriguing and profoundly important men in the history of country music." This edition has an appendix with more information about Miller that Tosches and others dug up since previous editions. That's the kind of book this is. Well-researched and in-depth.… (mais)
1 vote
Hagelstein | 2 outras críticas | Nov 29, 2020 |


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