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William Trevor Cox was born in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland on May 24, 1928. He received a degree in history from Trinity College in 1950. Before becoming a full-time author in 1965, he worked as a sculptor, a teacher, and a copywriter at an advertising agency. He exhibited his sculptures in mostrar mais Dublin and England and was joint winner of the International Year of the Political Prisoner art competition in 1952. His first novel, A Standard of Behaviour, was published in 1958. His other novels include Other People's Worlds, Nights at the Alexandra, The Silence in the Garden, The Story of Lucy Gault, My House in Umbria, and Love and Summer. He won the Hawthornden Prize in 1964 for The Old Boys, the Whitbread Award in 1976 for The Children of Dynmouth, the Whitbread Award in 1983 for Fools of Fortune, and the Whitbread Award in 1994 for Felicia's Journey. His short story collections include The Day We Got Drunk on Cake and Other Stories, The Ballroom of Romance and Other Stories, Beyond the Pale, A Bit on the Side, Cheating at Canasta, and The Mark-2 Wife. The Hill Bachelors received the 2001 Irish Times Irish Literature Prize for Fiction and the PEN/Macmillan Silver Pen Award for Short Stories. He received the Allied Irish Banks' Prize in 1976, The Sunday Times Award for Literary Excellence in 1992, the David Cohen British Literature Prize in 1999, and the Bob Hughes Lifetime Achievement Award in Irish Literature in 2008. In 1977, he was awarded an honorary CBE in recognition of his services to literature. He died on November 20, 2016 at the age of 88. (Bowker Author Biography) mostrar menos

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The Story of Lucy Gault (2002) 1,740 exemplares
Felicia's Journey (1994) 1,217 exemplares
Love and Summer (2009) 931 exemplares
Collected Stories (1969) 731 exemplares
Fools of Fortune (1983) 605 exemplares
After Rain: Stories (1997) 588 exemplares
Cheating at Canasta: Stories (2007) 482 exemplares
A Bit on the Side (2004) 477 exemplares
Death in Summer (1998) 477 exemplares
The Children of Dynmouth (1976) 409 exemplares
The Hill Bachelors (2000) 326 exemplares
The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories (1989) — Editor — 247 exemplares
Selected Stories (2010) 239 exemplares
Last Stories (2018) 226 exemplares
The Silence in the Garden (1988) 208 exemplares
Other People's Worlds (1980) 157 exemplares
Mrs. Eckdorf in O'Neill's Hotel (1969) 156 exemplares
Nights at the Alexandra (1987) 141 exemplares
The Old Boys (1964) 131 exemplares
The Stories of William Trevor (1983) 131 exemplares
My House in Umbria (2000) 129 exemplares
Elizabeth Alone (1973) 125 exemplares
The Boarding House (1965) 121 exemplares
Bodily Secrets (2007) 108 exemplares
The Love Department (1600) 99 exemplares
Matilda's England (1995) 99 exemplares
Miss Gomez and the Brethren (1971) 93 exemplares
A Writer's Ireland (1984) 87 exemplares
Reading Turgenev (1991) 85 exemplares
Deadly Sins (1994) — Contribuidor — 83 exemplares
Ireland (1995) 81 exemplares
The Dressmaker's Child (2005) 77 exemplares
Family Sins and Other Stories (1990) 70 exemplares
Beyond the Pale & Other Stories (2010) 64 exemplares
The Mark-2 Wife (2011) 61 exemplares
Angels at the Ritz (1975) 59 exemplares
Beyond the Pale and Other Stories (1981) 51 exemplares
Juliet's Story (1991) 33 exemplares
The Day We Got Drunk on Cake (1967) 27 exemplares
A Standard of Behaviour (1958) 18 exemplares
The Distant Past (1979) 13 exemplares
Collected Stories: Volume Two (2009) 13 exemplares
Modern Short Stories 2: 1940-1980 (1982) — Contribuidor — 12 exemplares
Collected Stories: Volume One (2009) 11 exemplares
The Old Curiosity Shop [1979-1980 TV miniseries] (1979) — Screenwriter — 7 exemplares
Geborgtes Glück (2008) 5 exemplares
Making Conversation (1995) 5 exemplares
Scenes from an album (1981) 5 exemplares
Penguin Modern Stories 8 (1971) 4 exemplares
Going Home: A Play (1972) 4 exemplares
Seitensprung: Erzählungen (2007) 4 exemplares
Death of a professor (1997) 3 exemplares
The summer visitor (2000) 2 exemplares
Hôtel de la Lune oisive (2005) 1 exemplar
Mauvaises Nouvelles (2000) 1 exemplar
Dreaming 1 exemplar
Balvégzet Bolondjai (1987) 1 exemplar
The Women 1 exemplar
After rain 1 exemplar
the dance master 1 exemplar
Night with Mrs. Da Tanka (1972) 1 exemplar
Marrying Damian (1995) 1 exemplar
Low Sunday, 1950 (2000) 1 exemplar
Old school ties (1976) 1 exemplar
Trevor William 1 exemplar
За чертой 1 exemplar

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These ten stories are at once poignant and atmospheric. I'll need, I think, to re-read them. There are revelations, flashbacks, guarded comments which bring about an understanding of character, circumstance. And which also leave the reader wondering - what REALLY happened? Did that middle-aged woman really murder her disabled cousin? Or ...?

There's something of the formula about these stories, which all contain an unexpected twist. But Trevor's fastidious use of language keeps each story on its own track: yet it's not always certain exactly what took place, or when, or how. Each character remains in many ways unknowable.

And that's why I want to read these stories again. I'm sure they'll set me thinking just as much as they did first time round.
… (mais)
Margaret09 | 10 outras críticas | Apr 15, 2024 |
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”

Not William Trevor at his best, this short novel is still worth a read if you like his other books. Trevor’s prose is easy on the ear, and even at his most mediocre he manages to keep the reader interested.

There’s a garden, am old house, a loveless marriage and a death. The usual stuff and the usual mystery at the end. But it appears hastily done and lacks the depth of earlier Trevor novels.

I recommend this book for readers who enjoy Trevor’s writings, but it’s not for those experiencing a Trevor novel for the first time.… (mais)
kjuliff | 17 outras críticas | Mar 4, 2024 |
The Farmer Takes a Wife

Media: Audio
Read by: Jim Norton
Length: 5 hours 12 minutes

It’s summer in a small town in Ireland. There’s a chance meeting between a local lass and a young man on a bike. We know that these two, Ella and Florian have clicked. And then?

William Trevor builds up the cast chapter by chapter. We learn about the players, the farmer, the guesthouse proprietor and her husband, the salesman, the ex-librarian who has lost his mind. We learn about the town’s recent history and scandals. The farmer accidentally killed his first wife and child; the local cinema burned down, the guesthouse proprietor was forced by her father to have an abortion.

There are more chance encounters between Ella and Florian. These are fleeting until, amongst the ruins of an old manor house that is overrun with the sweet peas, peonies and lavender, a love blossoms.

Sounds clichéd at best, at worst a cheap Victorian “penny dreadful”. But it’s not. Trevor manages to weave a tale that brings to mind Thomas Hardy rather than Mills and Boon. Scenes are described in minute detail, so we can see every movement of the characters as they interact with each other and go about their daily tasks. From the farmer repairing a tyre tube to Ella folding her clothes ready for the next day, mundane details bring to life a world we are experiencing as we read on. A Vermeer in words.

I tottered between a 3.5 and a 4 for rating, as the book is slight in content and in length. Not an important book. Not a seminal Trevor work, so perhaps a 3.5? I gave it a 4. Love and Summer epitomizes everything that is exquisite about William Trevor’s books. He brings to life moments in time and builds up a world that we can enter, lavender and all.
… (mais)
kjuliff | 52 outras críticas | Feb 29, 2024 |
William Trevor’s stories are mosaics. They explore the actions, opinions and deeply ingrained views of people; the elderly, Irish, English, victims and perpetrators of The Troubles, those affected by war, the mad.

In the title story an illicit affairs smolders, gets hot, then sputters to an unsatisfying end over a number of years. War takes a toll on those at home in Matilda’s England, as Matilda grows from a young girl to middle-age and discovers her own cruelty that’s a reflection of the cruelty of war itself. In Torridge, an object of ridicule at an all-boy’s school gets revenge of sorts decades later.

Trevor depicts moral quandaries, and often the wrong choice has been made. In Death in Jerusalem a priest delays telling his brother about the death of their mother during a once in a lifetime trip to the Holy Land in an effort to not cut the trip short.

A strong collection of some of Trevor’s finest.
… (mais)
Hagelstein | 1 outra crítica | Jan 22, 2024 |



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