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Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley.
fernandie | 2 outras críticas | Sep 15, 2022 |
All the stars.
This manga is off to such a promising start.
Tsukasa age 26 is a retired ice dancer whose dreams were to be a singles skater. He keeps being turned down for ice shows but he is always auditioning. In the meantime he is offered a job as an assistant coach for the kids in his local skating club. Feeling a bit dejected about his past losses he feels he doesn't have the credentials to coach even though he has skated at the highest levels in Japan. This is where we meet Inori Yuitsuka age 11 who has only ever wanted to skate, but her mother has been reluctant to let her since her sister didn't get that far in the sport. Seeing her determination and love of skating has Tsukasa inspired and willing to become her coach.

Together they are aces. It’s full of encouragement, hard work, and joy.
In this volume we see their journey to earn her preliminary badge test, meet some child skate prodigies, and learn the basics of skating in a way that is easy to understand. Every character you meet is trying their best in their own way. It’s heartwarming to see Tsukasa becoming the best coach he can be for Inori and her trying her best to be a beautiful dancer like him and closing the gap between her and her competitors.

I hope we get to see this journey go all the way to the Olympics. I can’t recommend this enough. It’s beautiful.

Special thanks to NetGalley and Kodansha Comics for sharing this ARC with me in exchange for my honest review.
… (mais)
AndSkye | 2 outras críticas | Aug 23, 2022 |
3.75 out of 5 stars!

This is a sports manga focused on an ice skater and her coach at the start of their journey. Wanting to skate so much to escape from the hardships of her life, Inori meets Tsukasa, a former ice skater turned coach. Both encountered roadblocks and hope as Tsukasa begins his coaching career with Inori, who started her ice skating journey later than most of her fellow peers. This books gives glimpses of how support is needed from family and others as well as how people grows stronger in this skating arena.

This is an enjoyable manga series. The heroine really loves to skate and she has roadblocks in her journey towards advancement. This manga series has some light and dark moments, plus also showing how ice skating is like in Japan. One would really want to cheer for Inori as she learns more about ice skating through the adversity she encounters within the story. Though there were times that Inori's personality irritated

**Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the review copy. All opinions and thoughts in the review are my own.**
… (mais)
DilowRosas | 2 outras críticas | May 5, 2021 |



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