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Crude Sunlight (2011) 27 exemplares
Compressed Working Weeks (2006) 2 exemplares
The Jasmine Sari (2017) 1 exemplar
An Englishman in Terror (2013) 1 exemplar


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This book was free a few weeks back so I thought I would give it a try.
To start: I had high hopes for this story. The characters were interesting enough to keep my attention through about 70% in.
Then all of a sudden, things went downhill. This is not to say that the first 70% was fabulous, because it wasn't. There were numerous errors in this book-everything from misspelled words to words that were out of order or completely missing.
But, back to the story. I continued reading because I really did want to see what happened to the main characters in the end. To avoid spoilers, I will just say that the ending was very disappointing and irritating. We never did get to learn much else about the history of the abandoned asylum either. (Just a few tidbits here and there.) Also, there were plenty of other unanswered questions at the end. I don't need to have everything wrapped up for me with a pretty bow, but I do want to have some questions resolved by the time I finish.
I was considering rating this book at 2 stars, but I feel that the author deserves at least a half star for keeping my attention for as long as he did.
All in all, I think this book had potential, but at some point it drifted away and left me with a feeling of dissatisfaction.
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Charrlygirl | Mar 22, 2020 |


½ 2.7