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Check, Please!, Book 1: #Hockey! (2018) 835 exemplares, 54 críticas
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(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through Netgalley. Content warning for violence, including torture.)

So I have to admit, I didn't know anything about Big Barda (or Darkseid, for that matter) going into this. (I'm a big comic book reader, I just gravitate towards more self-contained titles or series. The sheer volume of DC/Marvel lore is kinda intimating!) I just saw the title on Netgalley and thought it sounded like a badass comic about a badass woman. And that it is.

After some quick research on Wikipedia, I was ready to go. Like everyone on Apokolips, Barda serves Lord Darkseid - in her case, as leader of the Furies. Barda and her elite band of warriors travel the verse in search of variables to complete the Anti-Life Equation, with which Darkseid can conquer the world.

Life on Apokolips is one of suffering and cruelty. Love is not allowed, or even spoken of - yet, thanks to contraband books from other worlds, love occupies much of Barda's waking hours. (And they are many, thanks to the PTSD induced insomnia.) Nor is Barda the only dreamer on Apokolips: her friend Aurelie likes to dance when she thinks no one can see. (But Darkseid sees all.)

When Granny Goodness (rightfully) fears that Bard's heart is growing soft, she sends Barda to the X-Pit - not as a prisoner, but as a torturer. Her mission: break Scott Free, one of the few inmates who dares attempt escape. Instead, she falls in love.

BARDA is a fun and compelling introduction to the character, for newbies like me; and likely an engaging take on an old tale for longtime fans. The art is lovely, and the narrative is filled with heart, pathos, and even a tough of humor. (I positively cackled at the scenes where the Furies gossiped about Barda torturing a man.)
… (mais)
smiteme | Jun 22, 2024 |
tootall77hc | 53 outras críticas | May 9, 2024 |
Really sweet story! The depiction of the friendships between the characters was so heartwarming! There was also a lot of witty humor that I enjoyed!

I was let down by the romance though. It was a little too “12 year old gay boy’s daydream” for me. I only know this because I’m a gay man who, when he was 12, had daydreams such as these. The lines such as “Here, take my coat” and “Let’s take a...uh...what do they call it...selfie” had my eyes rolling in the back of my head. Keep it.

It was honestly the illustrations and the supporting characters that kept me reading!
… (mais)
Connverser | 53 outras críticas | Apr 25, 2024 |
Big uwu

Ted Lasso but if they had the balls to make it gay. Wholesome Southern ex-figure-skater bakes pies for his hockey team and falls in love with his captain. Good for fans of Heartstopper or Yuri on Ice. I appreciate that it doesn’t go hard on the hockey terms, and the vlogging was actually well integrated.
boopingaround | 53 outras críticas | Mar 6, 2024 |



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