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Space Odyssey (1983) — Editor — 138 exemplares
Masters of the Macabre (1999) — Editor — 67 exemplares
The Classic Horror Collection (2018) — Editor — 47 exemplares
Tales of Terror and the Supernatural (1994) — Editor — 44 exemplares
A Century of Creepy Stories (1934) — Editor — 42 exemplares
Lovecraft Mythos: New & Classic Collection (2020) — Editor — 37 exemplares
Letters from Home (1991) — Editor — 22 exemplares
The Man in Black (1990) — Editor — 9 exemplares
Tales of Imagination and Suspense (1982) — Editor — 9 exemplares
De dwarsgesneden wereld en andere verhalen (1978) — Editor — 9 exemplares
Stories by American Authors, Volume 5 (1884) — Editor — 9 exemplares
America's 50 States (2015) 3 exemplares
Philippians 2 exemplares
Ett skri ur mörkret — Editor — 2 exemplares
A Collection of Horror Stories (Hamlyn Anthologies) (1991) — Editor — 2 exemplares
Successful Photography (1984) 2 exemplares
Joking Hazard 1 exemplar
3 John 1 exemplar
James 1 exemplar
Hebrews 1 exemplar
Colossians 1 exemplar
Galatians 1 exemplar
1 Corinthians 1 exemplar
Shock [1948-03] 1 exemplar
Words Worth 1 exemplar
Ouija Board 1 exemplar
Twizmo! Words 1 exemplar
Turista Mexicano 1 exemplar
OK Play 1 exemplar
In my quiet space 1 exemplar
Girlfriends 1 exemplar
The Sun Soccer Annual 1983 (1983) 1 exemplar
Zeus on a Moose 1 exemplar
Doll's House (1960) 1 exemplar


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I like to listen to Dr. Creasy as a companion piece when I read a certain book of the Bible. He is knowledgeable, especially about history and this complements the study. He gives a lot of background about the social and political cultures at the time. I will use Dr. Creasy for future companion reads. I listened to this on audio. 2 hours 5 minutes
Tess_W | Nov 21, 2023 |
Monopoly with a circular board. No paper money is used, instead it uses a credit card setup with an electronic device that also substitutes chance cards and produces sound effects and music according to the events of the game.

(Taken from Board Game Geek)
UnboxedGamingCafe | Mar 21, 2020 |
The perfect travelling game for any player in any occasion. Just grab a stack of tiles and keep laying them down until you hit five in a row. Easy as pie… or at least it would be. Unfortunately, there’s another player opposite you who’s trying to do the exact same thing.

(Taken from Board Game Geek)
UnboxedGamingCafe | Mar 21, 2020 |
The rhyming charades game with the strange sounding name.
Inside the box you'll come across loads of weird and wonderful rhyming charades. Your job is to describe a rhyme, with your team trying to guess as many as they can in 30 seconds.

(Taken from Board Game Geek)
UnboxedGamingCafe | Mar 21, 2020 |


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