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In the smoky haze of Bobby Underwood's storytelling, there emerges another intoxicating breath of noir, a narrative that plunges you onto a Spanish Riviera beach shortly after WWII.
Join the young lovers, Jack and Amy, as the waves caress the shoreline. Let the story lap at the edges of your consciousness, teasing you with the promise of romance but concealing a twist that's as unexpected as a bullet in the dark. Underwood's noir undertow is more than a current; it's a riptide that drags you into the depths of passion, and what that passion may be capable of.

The echoes of Hemingway reverberate through the narrative, but Underwood surpasses the literary giant, infusing the prose with a vigor that sets it apart. It's like Hemingway on steroids, taking a detour through the dimly lit streets of noir, and the result is a tale that grips your emotional soul where love and darkness entwine like the vines of a treacherous vineyard.

This is noir at its zenith, a literary gem, leaving an imprint far more indelible than any footprints in the sands of the Spanish Riviera. Once you've tasted this bittersweet concoction of Underwood's storytelling, you won't soon forget this intoxicating blend of romance and noir.
… (mais)
1 vote
MickeyMole | Feb 22, 2024 |
In the realm of Western tales, where dust settles on the pages of legends, Bobby Underwood's WINSOME CREEK stands tall and resolute, a masterpiece in the lineage of Zane Grey and Luke Short. It's a journey into the heart of the Wild West, where the echoes of gunshots linger like ghosts, and the air is thick with the weight of a man's past.

Meet Brett Hollister, a thinking man's gunfighter, haunted by the acrid odor of gunpowder and the metallic tang of spilled blood. Determined to shed his violent history, he's a lone rider on a quest to outrun the shadows that cling to him like a curse. But the trails he treads are not just dusty dirt from one cowtown to another; they're the pathways etched into his soul, forever marked by the stench of death.

Hollister, a paradoxical blend of grit and grace, is more than a mere gunslinger. He carries a heart as expansive as the vast Western skies. In the rhythmic cadence of Underwood's prose, Hollister's journey unfolds like a dance, each step revealing the layers of a mystery that winds through the landscape like the sinuous bends of the Snake River.

As Hollister unravels the enigma surrounding his friend's assailant, Underwood weaves a tapestry of suspense with more twists than a mesquite branch in a desert windstorm. The narrative unfurls like a frontier ballad, resonating with the soulful twang of guitar strings beneath a starlit sky.

Romance blooms in the arid soil of Winsome Creek, reminiscent of the great Zane Grey novels. Underwood's pen paints love with strokes as vivid as a desert sunset, infusing warmth into the harsh Western landscape and Brett Hollister’s journey. Violence, ever a specter in this unforgiving land, becomes an undercurrent in Underwood's hands, a force that ripples beneath the surface with the subtlety of a current waiting to surge.

In a genre where gratuitous brutality often rears its ugly head in contemporary novels, WINSOME CREEK stands apart. Underwood's prose transforms violence into art, rendering each confrontation with a brushstroke of eloquence. This is not a tale of blood for blood's sake, but a nuanced exploration for truth, justice, and redemption.

For aficionados of both mystery and the Western frontier, WINSOME CREEK is a palatable feast, a literary summer picnic of good food and friends that linger long after the last page is turned. I wholeheartedly endorse this novel as one of the finest Westerns to grace my reading trail--a testament to Bobby Underwood's mastery of the genre. So, saddle up and ride into the sunset with Brett Hollister; the journey is as captivating as the Utah sky at dusk.
… (mais)
1 vote
MickeyMole | Feb 20, 2024 |
“Love never stopped being love no matter what was going on in the world.” --Matt Ransom

In this story of the 22nd century, where shadows dance and mysteries unfold, love remains the heartbeat, a pulsating rhythm that refuses to be drowned out by the cacophony of the world. Matt Ransom, a man of this age, guides us through the maze of his sixth adventure, where the tendrils of love wind through every twist and turn.

Hawaii, a paradise clinging tenaciously to its beauty in the distant future, becomes the stage for a symphony of tenderness and action. Matt, surrounded by a band of friends, confronts a malevolent plot threatening the very fabric of life on Earth. But it's not just about the impending doom; it's about the love that stands defiant, a beacon against the encroaching darkness.

Paris, the city of lights, emerges as a key player in this orchestration of love and danger. Described with an atmospheric language that paints the streets and alleys, it's like being there, feeling the pulse of the city beneath your skin. Paris isn't just a location; it's a heartbeat, entwined with Matt's love for LeAnn, his wife. She's his Paris.

“She’s unexpected wonder, like waking up to a spring-like day in the middle of a cold and dreary winter. She’s beauty in the blue sky and lazy white clouds. She’s the excitement of putting on a T-shirt for the first time in months to go read outside. She’s going for a bicycle ride after being cooped up all winter, and cherishing the experience because it reminds you of everything wonderful in the world. She’s…hope.”

Amidst the current turmoil, Matt delicately weaves the threads of his and LeAnn's origin story, a narrative only hinted at in the preceding novels. It's a dance through time, an exploration of roots that adds yet another layer to this intricate tale.

This novel isn't a simple melody; it's a symphony of diverse notes, a mosaic of stories seamlessly merging into a breathtaking tapestry. The prose flows like a river, carrying us through the currents of sorrow and joy, binding the disparate threads into a mesmerizing whole.

The poignant scenes, soaked in sadness, become the pillars that elevate the narrative, intensifying the impact of the action and echoing the ultimate themes of hope and love.
In my pursuit of an uplifting tale, this vibrant, thrilling novel becomes the answer, a breathtaking page-turner that leaves the reader in a transcendent place—a place filled with the warmth of hope and the enduring embrace of love.
… (mais)
1 vote
MickeyMole | Feb 15, 2024 |
Even though it’s only 27 pages, this shot of noir provides a hefty punch. It’s swift and sure, all the way to the last line, which delivers the real impact of the story. Underwood ventures into Fletcher Flora territory here with a classy, reverberating tale written with all of the author’s usual crisp prose. There’s the perfect amount of detail so intricately woven into the narrative, it feels like you’re reading something much larger and complex. The dialogue is pitch-perfect real. That’s something I continually marvel at while reading Underwood’s work. And, Oh, Boy, what a story this is. It surely deserves to be a classic of the genre.… (mais)
1 vote
MickeyMole | Nov 23, 2023 |


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